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Obama: Chapped by gradualism, lacks qualifications, touts Alinsky, radicalizes kids, H8s republics, hires union thugs to whip Dems, terminates debate, fawned over by Commies, keeps radical company.

Mismanagement: Authorities to predict crisis every day, worker-choice fail, astroturfing unionists for Obama, gov'tunion thugs take on Detroit, shame on Kennedys.

International: Unionists back LatAm leftwing thugs.

U.S. Progs have long-chafed under incrementalism ... For almost a hundred years now, international leftists have been carefully and quietly by incremental advances, systematically moving America away from its foundational principles and values and towards a belief system that better serves the global community. However, once leftist policies of the last forty years began to have the desired impact on the economy by 2008, the left saw an opportunity to seize the moment by “not letting a good crisis go to waste,” as White House Chief of Staff and long-time leftist organizer Rahm Emanuel put it. With full unbridled control of all three branches of government and the press, now was the time to leave behind the incremental strategies of old and embrace the opportunity to ram global secular socialism down American throats while they had no power to stop it. (examiner.com)

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Obamanation Nightmare: He's Unqualified ... Obama, while possessing many of the campaigning gifts of these presidents, has shown no ability to govern at all. This is a very dangerous situation for our nation. Our leader is a man whose ignorance, in many areas of history and policy, is simply appalling. He is rather like the "President in the Plastic Bubble." Obama's entire life has been insulated from any sense of reality of the nation he governs. When a black Marxist professor obviously blinded by intense racial rage has to be taken to a police station by a police officer nursed in all the nuances of political correctness, Obama cannot see his friend as the wailing bigot and the white policemen as the reasonable figure. At best, Obama calls it a moral draw. When millions of Americans spontaneously protest at Tea Parties and Town Meetings proposals for massive federal changes, Obama instructs his satrapies in government, the Democratic Party, and the media that the voters are simply uninformed. When citizens cite specific sections of federal bills, how serious does Obama expect to be taken? (americanthinker.com)

Obama touts Alinsky-style socialism to U.S. kids ... Florida's Republican Party chairman is objecting to President Barack Obama's plans to give a back-to-school address next week, saying Obama's real motive is to indoctrinate students with his "socialist ideology." (cnsnews.com)

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Obamalosi Dems: We don't need no stinkin' republic ... While the Constitution, as written and later amended, specifies that U.S. citizens shall elect representatives to their government by democratic vote, it requires that those representatives conduct themselves under the rules of the Constitution. Democratic vote does not, in any way, release the government from the limitations upon its actions that are written in the constitutional contract. Yet, we are now seeing extensive, arrogant and blatant abrogation of that contract by some of these elected representatives. Both Barack Obama and his press secretary have actually responded to questions about the rightness and constitutionality of certain actions they are taking with the simple – in your face, I will not discuss it further – words, "We won!" They consider themselves all-powerful because Mr. Obama received 53 percent of the vote in a national election and because his Democratic Party received majority votes in the majority of the congressional elections. They claim that, therefore, they can do anything they wish to the American people. This is unbridled democratic tyranny – a system of government that has never been agreed to by the people of the United States. Barack Obama and his congressional retainers have claimed for themselves the spoils of "democracy." They have rejected the constraints of the American republic. (wnd.com)

Obama uses power-mad union thug in Dem crackdown ... Richard Trumka, who is expected to become the next head of the AFL-CIO later this month, has earned plenty of headlines as he’s made the rounds in Washington over the last several days, thanks largely to his threat that the union won’t back any health care reforms — or any Democrats — that don’t push for a public insurance option. “The public option can’t go away — it’s essential,” said Trumka at a press briefing Wednesday morning sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor. “If you’re going to break the stranglehold (of the insurers), you have to have somewhere to walk to; it can’t be done without the public option.” Moreover, in a series of speeches and interviews pegged to Labor Day, Trumka repeatedly warned the President and Congressional Democrats that if the reforms don't include such a plan, they risk losing union support come the next election. (businessweek.com)

Axelrod: We don't need no stinkin' bipartisanship ... The speech's timing also suggests that top Democrats have all but given up hope for a bipartisan breakthrough by Senate Finance Committee negotiators. The White House had given those six lawmakers until Sept. 15 to draft a plan, but next week's speech comes well ahead of that deadline. It follows an August recess in which critics of Obama's health proposals dominated many public forums. Approval ratings for Obama, and for his health care proposals, dropped during the month. White House senior adviser David Axelrod told reporters Wednesday, "We believe this is the best way to kick off the final discussions, the final debate, and bring this thing to a close in a way that is meaningful." (chron.com)

Obama revels in Communists' support ... The Communist Party of the United States is begging for the health care being put forth by President Obama. Early in August, they implored the so-called "Obamajority" in the United States to take to the streets, and push health care reform on Obama's behalf. Obvious question(1): Should we support a plan for health care that the Communist Party would like to see? Obvious question (2): Should we support a president whom the Communist Party whole-heartedly agrees with? Well, at least the president doesn't have any Communistic folks advising him, right? Wrong. Let's take a quick look at the Green Jobs Special Adviser to the President, Van Jones. (examiner.com)

Let's not forget the Reverend Jeremiah Wright ... Disbelief about the company Obama keeps is also a familiar subject. It bothers some folks that Obama was mentored by Saul Alinsky, an avowed Socialist who shared his recipe for the downfall of our country. Is that enough to raise valid doubts about the motives of our Commander-in-Chief-of-the-Classroom . . . or is everyone just paranoid? It doesn't stop there. What are parents to make of Obama's Green Jobs Czar, Van Jones, - an admitted Communist who publicly uses expletives when referring to Republicans? What are parents supposed to think when Mr. Jones says things like, “The white polluters and the white environmentalists are essentially steering poison into the people of color communities because they don’t have a racial justice frame.” Sheesh, don't hold back, Mr. Jones - tell us how you really feel. And don't forget, senior citizens have been referred to as "domestic terrorists" by Obama loyalists when disagreeing with healthcare reform or attending Town Hall meetings and Tea Parties. Is it any wonder that Conservatives want to shield their children from an administration that holds conservative values in contempt? Did I leave anything out? Is there anything else bothering American parents? Oh. Reverend Wright. (examiner.com)

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Rhambo's Daily Crisis: Obamunists to predict climate change every morning ... The global need to cope with climate change is fueling a desire to make climate forecasts as common as weather forecasts, U.S. officials attending a U.N. conference said Wednesday. Jane Lubchenco, head of the National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration that creates weather forecasts for the United States, said the world needs better ways to share information about climate change. (newsmax.com)

Fat-cat union bigs: We don't need no stinkin' worker-choice ... Organized labor has all but given up on what was once its top priority. No, I'm not referring to card check. It's section 14(b) of the Taft-Hartley Act that's no longer being targeted by the AFL-CIO. If that provision sounds arcane, it's not. It allows states to enact right-to-work laws that are the bane of union organizers. They protect the right of workers not to join a union. In effect, these statutes outlaw the "closed shop," which forces all workers to sign up where a union exists, and the "union shop," requiring them to pay dues even if they aren't union members. Repealing 14(b) was labor's paramount goal for decades. But Rich Trumka, who is slated to become AFL-CIO president later this month, said Wednesday: "There's no active effort right now." Killing 14(b) is merely an "intention." At the moment, the labor federation's agenda consists of pushing for congressional passage of ObamaCare, card check, and labor law reform. (weeklystandard.com)

Shame on Obama's astroturfing union thugs ... Today the AFSCME and AFL-CIO co-hosted a block party to celebrate the end of their "Highway to Health Care" summer tour, in which they sent an RV to 19 cities in 10 states to spread the good news of the Democrats' health care plan. One of my first impressions of the event in Washington, D.C. was, appropriately enough, a man on a cell phone trying to rustle up more attendees. "We need some more bodies down here," he said, standing on the fringe of the crowd. "Can you holler around the office a little?" In case workplace coercion was not enough, the unions also provided a wide array of free t-shirts, signs and temporary tattoos. You know, to get that spontaneous, grassroots feel. The unions apparently didn't want their party to look lame in front of the photographers and television cameras milling about, which for some reason included Al Jazeera. The two main speakers were AFL-CIO president John Sweeney and AFSCME president Gerald McEntee. Both spoke about the "evil insurance companies" (McEntee's words) spreading misinformation and using the "teabaggers" as a front for their machinations. (weeklystandard.com)

Gov't-unions go to war in Detroit ... About 75 supporters attended an organizational meeting and rally this afternoon called by one of the city's unions to drum up support for a strike over Mayor Dave Bing's plan to cut their wages. "We can beat Bing. Bing has blinked," said John Riehl, president of Local 207 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees who represents about 950 workers from the city's water and sewerage and public lighting departments. "The battle for Detroit is on." (detnews.com)

Dynastic Kennedys make a strong impression ... On the occasion of Sen. Edward “Ted” Kennedy’s death last week, ABC News posted on its website the question: "What do the Kennedys mean to you?” and invited readers to comment. Most of the comments were severely critical of especially Ted Kennedy: a sodden, corrupt, hypocritical, power-lusting ogre, an appropriate climax of an elitist, disreputable succession of Kennedys. I had nothing positive to say about him, either, nor about any of the Kennedys. They were major movers of the nation in the direction of fascism. What they meant to me was the incremental destruction of this country. (familysecuritymatters.org)

International Collectivism

Unions lead charge to reinstate disgraced LatAm leftwing thug ... Even worse, under Zelaya Honduras joined ALBA—the Bolivarian Alternative, an international alliance initiated as an alternative to the U.S.-sponsored Free Trade Area of the Americas. It includes Venezuela, Cuba, Dominica, Bolivia, and Nicaragua. Micheletti, the coup leader, and big business created a storm against ALBA. Joining it meant that Honduras could pay 60 percent of the regular price of petroleum bought from Venezuela if the government put another 40 percent into a national development fund. That step freed up $50 million for the agricultural sector. Alegria said the government also got a $100 million loan for small business development, aid from Cuba and Venezuela to eradicate illiteracy, and aid for cataract operations, plus scholarships for students to study in those two countries. (labornotes.org)
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