Friday wrap

Obama: Claims fiscal discipline, issues obvious appeal, knows radicalism, mongers anger, turns against the poorest, frees corrupt Dem Gov., H8s prosperity.

Mismanagement: Voters on trial in labor-state, Andy Stern sneers, fascists in denial, fallen frauds easily replaced, typical Teamsters jailed, teacher strike in Kent, union sues County, Dem P2P rules.

International: Vene-Progs advance.

We don't need no stinkin' path to fiscal discipline ... A budget review released by the White House on Tuesday says that President Obama has “reoriented the Nation back to a path toward fiscal discipline” and then reveals that the administration is planning for the federal government to run cumulative deficits over the next decade of $9.05 trillion, meaning the average annual federal deficit will be $905 billion. (cnsnews.com)

Obama issues obvious appeal for Socialism ... President Obama is desperate to pass sweeping healthcare reform and now has resorted to pure socialist rhetoric to encourage Americans to support his plan. In his Saturday radio and internet address, President Obama encouraged Americans to call upon "what's best in each of us to make life better for all of us." Fortunately, an accurate account of history and a long line of great thinkers point out the contradiction in the President's remark, which is an obvious appeal for Socialism. (americanthinker.com)

Horowitz: Obama knows radical change ... I'm in NY where I'll be headed to the Fox studios in a few hours to tape the "Glenn Beck Show." The segment I'm doing will be aired Thursday as part of a week-long series called "The New Republic," which is Glenn's look at the radical agendas of the Obama Administration. Last night, with Pat Caddell as his guest, Glenn made the connection between the trillion-dollar deficits Obama is deliberately running up and the Cloward-Piven strategy devised by two Columbia radicals to bankrupt the welfare system in New York in order to create a crisis that would generate radical change. (rightsidenews.com)

Obama: I want you to get in their faces ... The small group of middle-aged homemakers took their little signs to an approved street corner, carried their small American flags and assembled to do their hour's vote-for-our-guy walk before heading off to the nearest coffee shop to divvy up coming-week duties of stuffing envelopes and making phone calls. But something had changed between the last election and 2008. My friend told of a morning from hell, in which the women were rudely accosted on the street by young male thugs (her word), who called them "c*nts," "whitey whores" and "stupid bitches." These young males got in their faces and jostled them with angry shoves. My friend said that in all the years she had been doing just this simple patriotic activity, she had never had such a frightening experience. It was to be the first of several, which have left her shaken to this day. (americanthinker.com)

Obama turns against the poorest ... The Obama Administration has decided to block travel by the people of Honduras to the United States to punish their country’s Supreme Court for refusing to back the return to power of Honduras’s ex-president and would-be dictator, Manuel Zelaya, who is backed by left-wing Latin American dictators like Castro and Chávez. The Obama Administration is now blocking the issuance of nearly all visas, meaning that a Honduran grandma who wants to visit her grandkids in the United States can’t. Obama’s decision came in response to a recent ruling by the Honduras Supreme Court, ruling that the removal of the country’s ex-president and would-be dictator was a perfectly lawful “constitutional succession,” and that he would face criminal charges for the crimes he committed as president if he returned. Obama’s action will further destabilize a country whose economy has been pushed to the brink by recent turmoil, and which is the third-poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. (Honduras has close economic links to the U.S., making it very vulnerable to sanctions). (examiner.com)

P2P Justice: We don't need no stinkin' rule of law ... Richardson, who had been named the new president's choice to lead the Commerce Department, stepped aside in January after determining that his Senate confirmation would be put on ice for months at a time when the economy was troubled. The FBI and a grand jury in Albuquerque had been investigating the award of a state contract to CDR Financial Products, a Beverly Hills firm that had contributed more than $100,000 to the governor's political action committees. CDR earned $1.48 million by advising the New Mexico Finance Authority on investment decisions in 2004. The largest of those contributions, $75,000, was made less than a week before CDR was selected. (philly.com)

We don't need no stinkin' Clean Government ... The Colorado Supreme Court will decide whether Amendment 54, “The Clean Government Act,” is constitutional. Passed as a ballot initiative in 2008, Amendment 54 bans political donations from people who have received sole-source government contracts. A group of nonprofit leaders filed a lawsuit in Denver District Court contesting the amendment’s constitutionality, arguing it violated the right to free speech. On July 17, Judge Catherine Lemon granted a preliminary injunction that stopped the amendment from taking effect until an appellate court ruled on it. On Aug. 21, the Colorado Supreme Court agreed to review the case. (statebillnews.com)

SEIU thug Andy Stern sneers at anti-socialists ... Some non-politicians also evoked Kennedy. Andy Stern, the president of the Service Employees International Union, called for the passage of health-care legislation to honour Kennedy. "Let us continue his cause," he said. "Let us take action this year to pass health-care reform. And let us continue to build Kennedy's vision of America." (winnipegfreepress.com)

Liberal fascist denies roots ... The use of the words “socialism” and “workers” in the name of Hitler’s political party (National Socialist German Worker’s Party, NSDAP, from which “Nazi” was derived) was a token concession to the leftist inclinations of voters such as poor farmers, the underemployed, poorly paid workers and the many impoverished people who had suffered so much under the hyperinflation, joblessness and hunger resulting from the German militarists’ gamble that started, and then failed, to win World War I. The use of those two words was a cruel joke that has confused many who haven’t taken the time to learn the sobering facts of world history. (duluthnewstribune.com)

Left mourns fallen hero ... Doris Brin Walker Roberson, a pioneering attorney and lifelong member of the Communist Party USA, who helped win victories in many of the 20th century’s most important civil liberties and civil rights cases, died Aug. 13 following a stroke. She was 90 years old. In the early 1970s, Walker was part of the legal team that successfully defended Angela Davis against murder, kidnapping and conspiracy charges, in a case called by Harvard University law professor Charles Ogletree Jr. “clearly the trial of the 20th century.” (pww.org)

Teddy Kennedy, 77, was term limits poster boy ... As the nation prepares to say goodbye to Sen. Ted Kennedy, his nearly 50-year stay in the U.S. Senate has voters on news14.com discussing the issue of term limits for elected individuals. When asked if Kennedy’s Senate longevity will ever be matched by future elected officials, 78 percent of news14.com poll voters answered ‘no’. The reasoning for many of those voters was that term limits are needed to ensure America’s leaders don’t become too ingrained in their powerful positions. “Career politicians have no place in governance,” argued poll voter, Angry Citizen. “Beyond two terms, they're so intermingled with Corporate America that they forget why they're in Government service. The idea behind that is to benefit the country, not yourself.” Added poll voter, L: “This kind of longevity in the US Senate just serves to foster individual power.” (news14.com)

Fallen socialist will be easily replaced ... Ted Kennedy and I are the same age. I followed him his entire career. He is a prime example of why we need term limits in all legislative offices. As a liberal, socialist Democrat from a wealthy family, his career was spent protecting the family fortune and enhancing the Kennedy name, while passing legislation that redistributed the wealth of ordinary taxpayers through government largesse and feeding at the public trough of government benefits. He is another example of a professional politician who never ran a business or had to meet a payroll, yet was willing to spend the taxpayers' money as though it was from an endless supply. There was no government program that was too expensive for you and me to pay for, as long as it wasn't Kennedy money being spent. (desmoinesregister.com)

'Social justice' fraud praised ... Sen. Edward M. Kennedy was a long-time forceful advocate for organized labor, but often butted heads with automakers. He was a staunch supporter of efforts like the Employee Free Choice act to make it easier for unions to organize. "The country has lost a great leader; the Senate has lost a master legislator; and UAW members have lost a devoted friend and true partner in the fight for social justice," UAW President Ron Gettelfinger said. (detnews.com)

Typical election fraud by Chicago Teamster bigs earns oppressive jail term ... Three former officials of one of the largest Teamsters locals in the country were sentenced to prison Thursday for rigging union elections in Chicago in 2004. A federal jury convicted them in April of fraud-related charges for diverting hundreds of secret ballots to family members and friends to prevent Teamsters Local 743 members from voting. Thaddeus Bania, 55, who changed addresses of members in a union database so ballots instead went to the homes of relatives and friends, was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in prison. Richard Lopez, 55, the local's former secretary-treasurer who provided addresses to send ballots, was sentenced to 2 years in prison. David Rodriguez, 37, a union organizer who picked up and returned ballots, was sentenced to 18 months in prison. (chicagotribune.com)

Labor-state kids get a lesson in collective bargaining ... A strike vote Wednesday evening brought teachers from the Kent School District out in droves early Thursday morning, picketing at the schools where they teach. When they might actually be back in those schools and teaching remains a big question. The strike vote - which passed with an overwhelming 86.4 percent of the teachers' union membership - tosses the Aug. 31 start date of the school year out the window, although the union, the Kent Education Association, has tentatively scheduled another vote for Aug. 30. (pnwlocalnews.com)

The Way to Prosperity Revealed ... Government spending is an expense or burden on total production and human satisfaction. Government taxes are personal economic sacrifices and should be paid only for the protection of life and private property. When taxes are so limited, they are an aid and stimulant to total production and human satisfaction. When they are collected to help some at the expense of others, they are a brake on both production and human satisfaction. Any reduction in government taxes and spending increases the goods and satisfactions available for all those who have dollars of their own to spend. (mises.org)

Gov't-union sues oppressive County ... The union representing Montgomery County government employees is trying to compel the County Council to vote on a plan to offer buyouts of $40,000 to dozens of its employees. In a lawsuit, the Municipal & County Government Employees Organization said the County Council had acted illegally by not indicating whether it supported or rejected a proposed buyout plan. But the county's attorney said the council made it clear that it was rejecting the buyout agreement between the union and County Executive Ike Leggett when it deferred a vote indefinitely. (washingtonexaminer.com)

Rep. Betty McCollum placed on Dirty Money Watch ... WHO: Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN), a co-sponsor of the Employee Free Choice Act (aka Card Check) WHAT: McCollum received the following dirty money: Communication Workers of America (PAC) $1,000 in 2010 election cycle; $10,000 in 2008 election cycle; $5,500 in 2006 election cycle. Boilermakers Union (PAC) $1,000 in 2010 election cycle; $2,000 in 2008 election cycle; $2,000 in 2006 election cycle. American Federation of Government Employees (PAC) $10,000 in 2008 election cycle; $2,500 in 2006 election cycle. The Service Employees International Union (PAC) $4,500 in 2008 election cycle; $2,500 in 2006 election cycle. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (PAC) $10,000 in 2008 election cycle. United Steelworkers of America (PAC) $5,000 in 2008 election cycle; $5,000 in 2006 election cycle. WHY IT'S DIRTY: Multiple officers and members of these unions, including division presidents, secretary-treasurers and business managers, have been convicted since 2001 of felonies ranging from embezzlement, falsifying official reports to government, mail fraud and conspiracy. The Communication Workers of America and the American Federation of Government Employees have had eight convictions, The Service Employees International Union has had nine convictions and The Boilermakers have had 10 members convicted, while the IBEW has had 14 members convicted. The amounts of embezzled funds range from over $5,000 to over $100,000. WHAT: PMA Group (PAC) $2,000 in 2008 election cycle. WHY IT'S DIRTY: PMA Group (Paul Magliocchetti and Associates) was a defense lobbying group that is now the focus of multiple federal investigations concerning allegations of influence peddling and other corrupt activities, mostly associated with earmarks. Before it was disbanded earlier this year, PMA Group's employees and its political action committee gave current members of Congress $3.4 million between 1989 and 2008, with 79 percent of that going to Democrats, according to OpenSecrets.org. WILL MCCOLLUM GIVE IT BACK: McCollum did not respond to The Examiner's request for comment. THE SCORE: Number of Democrats who have given it back: 0. Number of Republicans who have given it back: 0. Gave donation to charity: Rep. Steve Israel (D-N.Y.), Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.), Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas) (washingtonexaminer.com)

International Collectivism

Vene-Progs perfect democracy ... Caracas’ prefect, Richard Blanco, was arrested yesterday afternoon by agents of Cicpc. The arrest was carried out by six armed men who broke into the official’s offices. The controversial measure was ordered by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez. The opposition reacted immediately and the mayor denounced a political persecution, whereas the municipal head of Caracas, Antonio Ledezma, said Chávez’s government holds “a clear attempt to intimidate the Venezuelan people.” “This is a strategy to avoid protests,” said the dissident leader. Andreina Blanco, daughter of the Caracas’ prefect Richard Blanco, reported that she couldn’t talk to his father since the arrest. (momento24.com)
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