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Obama: Full-employment for SEIU thugs, wasting our money, fishy Town Halls, secret drug deals exposed, flunks economics again.

Mismanagement: Hubris grips D.C. Dems, socialists exploit the weak, Pelosi elitism governs Congress, deadbeat Uncle Sam, Ayers pimps leftwing indoctrination, no-choice unionism rules, union-only P2P.

International: Evils learn to play Obama.

Obama puts SEIU thugs to work ... Your Aug. 9 editorial, "Some basics on health reform," was unadulterated raw, Democratic liberalism, charging that citizens who dare to speak out in opposition are offering "drivel ... and just plain lies." Fallaciously, we're accused of being pawns of special-interest groups. Actually, unbiased people reading the bill can easily see the lies are not coming from the people; the wording of the bill makes clear the call for rationing and the inclusion of abortion. Americans have consistently rejected nationalized health care. But this time we have our president calling out Service Employees International Untion thugs to thwart free speech. (capecodonline.com)

Meet SEIU-Obamunist thug Rev. Elston McCowan ... It is laughable how the left-wing media is so quick to paint Kenneth Gladney as a liar. However, Gladney's story has never changed because everything he has said is the truth. The truth, on the other hand, is not something that comes so readily to SEIU thug and attacker of liberty, the "Reverend" Elston McCowan, yes the same Elston McCowan who accused St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay of blowing up his van during McCowan's unsuccessful bid for mayor earlier this year. So which story is it, Mr. McCowan, were you merely walking to your car and attacked out of "nowhere" as you first stated, or did you stop and antagonize Gladney, as Gladney has stated all along? Now you conveniently add that Gladney was selling racist merchandise. Mmmmm... a black man selling merchandise with President Obama in blackface? Last time we checked, President Obama was black. Was this why you called Kenneth the "N" word then punched him in the face? (examiner.com)

Wasting your money: What Obama wants ... Obama wants us to believe that his motivation is to help the small number of Americans who do not have health insurance. Those who have no health insurance will receive better health care from almost any hospital than from having Obama Health Insurance. Our health care system is not perfect, but is still the best in the world. Obama wants to waste something like a trillion dollars to have a single provider. Very briefly, he wants to socialize medicine, to have total control over all health care and the lives of the elderly. (reporternews.com)

O'Tripped up by Marxist hubris ... Ever since the "great" Karl Marx and Company proclaimed their superiority over all other social/political/economic thinkers because they claimed to have discovered the purely material principles that underlie "scientific" socialism, one of the defining characteristics of the political left has been the kind of ridiculous, pretentious pride being displayed in the healthcare debate by Democrats. (renewamerica.com)

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flag@whitehouse.gov: Obama's fishy Photo-Ops exposed ... Pundits are warning that a fact-challenged President Barack Obama is hurting his own credibility and further confusing the healthcare debate, after yet another litany of misstatements and dubious assertions during Friday's town hall meeting in Belgrade, Mont. His strategy of reiterating talking points that already had been debunked or challenged drew heat from analysts who fault tactics they say are long on presidential charisma but sometimes short on credibility. "Apparently he's more committed to 'selling' his plan than telling the truth," lamented Heritage Foundation spokesman Jim Weidman. "Clever might have worked on less important issues, at least if the president had taken more care to maintain his credibility, which he has badly shot on healthcare," commentator Andy McCarthy fired off on a National Review blog. The Montana crowd – which unlike the one in New Hampshire reportedly was not hand-picked by the White House – appeared no less Obama-friendly. "Something's a little fishy here," Jim Walters, eastern coordinator for Resistnet, a grass-roots organization affiliated with the Grassfire.org Alliance, told Newsmax prior to the event. "They weren't supposed to start handing out tickets until 9 o'clock. I had people up here at 8, and the tickets were already gone." (newsmax.com)

Social Justice Fraud: Obama-Pelosi Dems exploit the weak ... The left is already telegraphing its strategy to discredit the town hall movement. Conservatives must wise up and use a little jiujitsu of our own. It is important to note from the start that the struggle between liberty and socialism will never end, at least not in our lifetimes. If by chance it does, it will be because evil has triumphed. As long as people are free to make their own choices, some of those choices will always be for self-destruction or slavery (moral masochism). That is just the nature of human beings. However, once the slavery of socialism is self-imposed through trickery or stealth, there are no more choices. That is the weakness of a free people. The weakness of socialism is that it cannot be revealed for what it truly is until it is too late to stop it. Like all things evil, it cannot stand the light of day. The reason I say that the struggle will never end is that no matter how many times it is beaten back, the socialist left keeps returning. It is relentless. When their evil intent is revealed, the leftists retreat and then re-package it in different wrapping paper. Socialized medicine becomes Hillarycare becomes ObamaCare. Healthcare is a right for everyone, they say. Who would dare oppose that? Environmentalism becomes global warming becomes climate change. Who could be against saving the planet? The weakness of a free people is exploited. (americanthinker.com)

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It's the free-market economy, stupid! ... It’s hard to know why President Obama said what he said at Tuesday’s health-care town hall in New Hampshire. He actually stated: “If you think about it, UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. It’s the Post Office that’s always having problems.” Oops. Freudian slip? Subliminally speaking, was the president inferring that private health insurers are doing just fine? Government insurance is what’s in trouble today. Medicare is in the hole by about $40 trillion on a discounted present-value basis over the next 40 or 50 years. And if we’re going to equate government care to government mail, according to Steve Hayes of The Weekly Standard, the U.S. Postal Service is going bankrupt with a $7 billion net loss this year. With 633,000 career employees, the Post Office won’t be able to make $5.4 billion in retiree health-benefit payments. How many of these federal employees will populate the new government-backed insurance plan if it passes? So it’s something of a mystery why the president went down the FedEx/UPS/Post Office turnpike. (jaxobserver.com)

Elitist Pelosi all mobbed up ... To see the Democrats’ reactions to this summer’s town hall protests, one might think they’ve turned away from Cesar Chavez and embraced Edmund Burke. “Say No to the Mob!” declared one recent DNC ad, while Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer, in a USA Today op-ed, portrayed the populist protesters as uncivil rabble unwilling (unable?) to have a substantive discussion. Of course, Nancy Pelosi will never read Reflections on the Revolution in France. More broadly, Nancy Pelosi will probably never read. She certainly does not read her own bills. After all, the business of saving the masses from themselves is a full time job, which allows no time for philosophical introspection. It is interesting, though, to see the Democrats, those supposed champions of the working man, turn so elitist the moment they actually encounter the working man himself. (thedcwriteup.com)

Obama's secret drug deal goes unexposed ... What else went down in Obama’s drug deal? To find out, I called C-SPAN to get a copy of the videotape of the meeting with the drug companies. I was surprised to find they didn’t have such a tape despite the President’s campaign promise, right there on CNN in January 2008, “These negotiations will be on C-SPAN.” This puzzled me. When Dick Cheney was caught having secret meetings with oil companies to discuss Bush’s Energy Bill, we denounced the hugger-muggers as a case of foxes in the henhouse. Cheney’s secret meetings with lobbyists and industry bigshots were creepy and nasty and evil. But the Obama crew’s secret meetings with lobbyists and industry bigshots were, the President assures us, in the public interest. We know Cheney’s secret confabs were shady and corrupt because Cheney scowled out the side of his mouth. Obama grins in your face. See the difference? (gregpalast.com)

Deadbeats for Clunkers want to run your health care ... Auto dealers say they still haven't been repaid for the majority of "Cash for Clunkers" deals they have made, creating cash crunches for many as they wait for the government to reimburse them under the popular $3 billion vehicle trade-in program. Some dealers report they have hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of rebates they have submitted to the federal government for repayment that are still outstanding, including deals that were made in the first days of the program nearly three weeks ago. (lvrj.com)

EduThreat Watch: FOB Ayers back in the news ... Imagine your child's teacher telling you his days in jail and violent protesting were formative to his teaching philosophy. Most parents would have a serious discussion with the principal, at the minimum. But the teacher who brags about such beginnings is now a "Distinguished Professor of Education." Despite his specialty as "Professor of Curriculum and Instruction," he trains future teachers to dispense with curricula and discipline, as well as tests and grades. His many books appear on syllabi in education schools. Knowledge of the subject, he says, is unimportant; the teacher's willingness to "plunge into the unknown alongside their students" is. So is the teacher's "love." Yet, as he told the World Education Forum and President Hugo Chavez during one of several trips to Venezuela, education does have a goal: it is "the motor-force of revolution." This education professor also enjoys a lucrative sideline as invited speaker to education conferences, college and high school assemblies, and civic groups, in the United States and Europe, but has been barred from Canada on several occasions. This, of course, is William Ayers, Ed.D., who came into the news during the presidential campaign for his association with Barack Obama on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. (thetowntalk.com)

No-choice unionism plagues U.S. workers ... Will forming a union at St. Vincent mean better working conditions? I don't think so. If the poor working conditions are attributed to the nursing shortage, then how will forming a union increase the number of nurses in our area? Did you know: • You will have to pay "representation fee" every month meaning less take home pay. • If you are not a "clinical RN," you will not have a vote. • If a union is voted in, every clinical nurse will have to join. • Billings Clinic is an open shop so there is choice. If SVB brings in a union, Montana state law no longer allows this choice; all must join and pay union dues. Since I am not a "clinical RN," I will not have a vote on if the union will be allowed to enter St. Vincent's. I think this is unfair because I believe that this will affect me in the future. If I chose to return to clinical nursing I would be "forced" to join. I would it rather be my choice. (billingsgazette.com)

Obama SEC Advances Union-Only P2P Scheme ... The Securities and Exchange Commission hopes to crack down on "pay to play" practices by investment advisers through a proposed new rule under the Investment Advisers that would prohibit investment advisers who have donated to politicians from paid employment with a government client for two years. The new rule also would prohibit advisers from providing payment to any third party for a solicitation of advisory business from any government entity on behalf of the advisor. Additionally, the new rule would prevent an adviser from soliciting from others, or coordinating, contributions to certain elected officials or candidates or payments to political parties where the adviser is providing or seeking government business. (courthousenews.com)

International Collectivism

Setting up for P2P: Pro-Palestinian German rips Obama, U.S. ... Why has Obama accomplished so little in the Middle East so far? His alleged “anti-Israeli” rhetoric concerning a total halt of Israel’s illegal settlement extentions in the Palestinian Occupied Territories is going to be watered down by Israel. There is a “compromise” in sight. The U. S. is going to make another phony compromise where compliance with international law would be required. Why is Obama acting like he does? Obama is a “prisoner” of the American power elite and their corporate interests. He has to act according to certain rules to guarantee the military, imperial and global might of the U. S. Therefore he was elected. The only instrument left to get its way is America's military power. Financially, economically and morally the U. S. is bankrupt. (palestinechronicle.com)

Foreign Blunders: Obama secures U.S. drug flow at great cost ... President Hugo Chávez says Venezuela's ties with nations like Russia and China have gained importance as the U.S. moves to expand its military presence in Latin America. Chávez says there are now "much more significant reasons to accelerate cooperation plans with allied countries." The U.S. is negotiating an agreement with Colombia to use seven bases there for anti-drug operations. Chávez calls the plan a threat to the region, but Colombian and U.S. officials say there is no reason for concern. Chávez said Saturday he plans to visit Russia and the former Soviet republic of Belarus within the next month. He added that Venezuela hopes to triple oil shipments to China over the next four years to 1 million barrels a day. (sfexaminer.com)
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