Saturday wrap

Obama: Endows SEIU, hires ACORN, shows anti-republican malevolence, H8s Beck.

Mismanagement: Idealogues rule, parasites govern, ACORN rocks, God save the republic, two-faced Hoffa oppresses, Specter comes through for thugs.

International: New Progs unveil New Ed, Fidel hearts Hugo, Obama disgraced in Honduras, Chávez perfects democracy.

Obamunist SEIU thugs enjoy wealth, power ... But the reality is that when it comes to organizing angry mobs, the real professionals work at the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). This union has organizing resources and experience that ordinary citizens can only dream about. Their goon squads have heckled, harassed and even assaulted concerned citizens who favor less-costly private options to government-run health care. SEIU has a long history of partnering to generate angry mobs. The union helped fund the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN) Muscle for Money program that was set up to pressure corporations in shakedown campaigns, including demonstrations at the homes of corporate executives. Labor Department disclosure forms show more than $600,000 has changed hands between SEIU locals and ACORN affiliates under the Muscle for Money initiative. It is not an exercise in subtlety. How's that for coordination? (washingtonexaminer.com)

Hired leftwing thugs rule health debate ... The next response from the Democrats was to send in thugs to intimidate, assault and exclude anyone with a dissenting optinion who tried to attend a townhall meeting so that audiences would only ask approved questions and protesters would be kept out or scared away. Within a matter of days, union members and ACORN activists in matching shirts with identical printed signs were confronting grassroots protesters at every townhall. Now it has been revealed that these pro-health care advocates are not exactly what they seem. In fact, they are exactly what the left wrongly accused the grassroots protesters of being, a paid rent-a-mob made up of hired thugs an shills. (blogcritics.org)

Parasite Class wrecks U.S. ... "Free" government money is not free, but has been extorted from your neighbors. The other villain and the master at this extortion game is the modern Democratic Party, which might as well rename itself the Parasite Party. The road to power for the Democratic Party is by creating parasites of different groups, in essence, buying votes from the parasites by extorting from the hosts. By doing so, they pit one group of citizens against another. They manipulate the human emotions of compassion, greed, and envy for political gain. They make the claim to be compassionate, but never to anyone who has worked hard to produce wealth for themselves, instead promote hatred and envy of them. People are tiring of being forced to pay for someone else. Anger is growing against politicians who have become elitist and tyrannical, with nothing but disdain for us "common folks." The time is rapidly approaching when too many parasites kill the host. As the wise Benjamin Franklin observed about the new Constitution, "Once the people find they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the Republic." America has not been free, prosperous, and economically strong by magic. No other-worldly force guarantees us a high standard of living. We are economically strong only because our people have been free to pursue their own wealth. This year there are numerous examples of businesses not expanding or hiring because of an anti-business administration. History is full of examples of the failure of collectivized schemes, including the miserable failure of the initial communal structure at Jamestown. We are well down the road to ruining the nation. (americanthinker.com)

Idealogue Dems hoodwink, bamboozle moderates ... In a famous letter to The New York Sun, Mark Twain wrote, "Reports of my demise have been greatly exaggerated." I chuckled a bit and thought of Twain when I read Fergus Cullen's column last Friday in which he suggested that the vital, pragmatic center of the Democratic Party was in danger of being crowded out by more ideological voices. As a lifelong Democrat who is proud to be considered part of the vibrant and effective heart of the party, I strongly disagree. Wise Democratic leaders have always sought out this common ground, which is why I am confident that, far from being crowded out, passionate Democrats of the center have a bright future. (unionleader.com)

Don't mess with tax-funded, union-backed fraud group ... Finally, House Republicans are fighting back against this non-stop assault on representative government and the rule of law. As a news release from Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) explains, five letters have been sent to various federal departments and agencies (including the IRS) demanding answers regarding ACORN's illegal activities and, more importantly, the federal government's continued funding of such an overtly criminal enterprise. All indications are that this voter fraud racket will simply change names, re-organize, and continue on as always (we can't expect Democrats to win legitimately, after all), but at least the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee will now be regularly keeping them on the defensive as they wage their war on this country. (examiner.com)

U.S. politics plagued by abuse of power ... Members of government get too wealthy and powerful when we send them back to Washington time after time. They forget they are there to represent us, their constituencies, and begin to believe they know what is best. We need to impose term limits on all elected officials. Our representatives will not vote for any changes that will threaten their ability to retain power. (heraldtribune.com)

Obamanista malevolence explained: anti-republican ... The third explanation is malevolence. This characterization applies to the hard core leftists who believe the classic American political, economic and cultural systems are rotten and must be overthrown. I am thinking of revolutionaries like Saul Alinsky, George Soros, Michael Moore, and, yes, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. They don't care that the government to which they wish to assign more and more responsibility is a combination of ineptness and corruption. So much the better; it will bring the system down more quickly. Radicals like these thrive on a crisis atmosphere (as admitted by Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel). They seek to create a perpetual crisis, which leaves the people panic-stricken and easily manipulated by those who, under the guise of addressing the dangerous ills they have identified, will divert more power to the government, and who are in fact at work destroying the system under the false cover of crises like climate change and health care. If they can enact universal, federally-controlled health care and the business-crippling cap and trade bill, their malevolent objective might be attained -- America could be so fundamentally changed that there will be no hope of returning to republican principles. (americanthinker.com)

Typical angry independent voter backs republic ... I am an Independent, and I have voted several times for Republican and Democratic candidates in state and national elections. Nevertheless, I am also an angry American. Wake up, Americans! Demand term limits for members of Congress and one six-year term for president. Limit the activities of the influence peddlers, the lobbyists who represent the interests of the large corporations — big banks, big oil. etc. Demand short campaigns for presidential and congressional candidates. Restore the American representative democracy — a republic — to the people. (tiftongazette.com)

Obama cracks down on anti-socialist talk show host ... Is a left-wing attempt to scare off advertisers from Fox News host Glenn Beck’s highly rated cable news show being orchestrated with some high level help from the Obama White House? Perhaps. Newsmax has learned that the co-founder of the African-American political organization Color of Change, which is calling for Beck's ouster, is civil rights attorney Van Jones. In March, President Obama appointed Jones to serve as his so-called "green-jobs czar," responsible for stimulating job growth in the environmental sector. (newsmax.com)

Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. placed on Hypocrisy Watch ... In a strange turn of events, a rogue union, the Washington-based Office and Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU), has rebelled against its national union, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT), threatening to, yes, strike if contract disputes are not settled. This puts the IBT in the awkward position of having to negotiate with the unreasonable OPEIU. The chickens have come home to roost. An IBT spokesman lamented the situation OPEI has put them in, saying, “no amount of embarrassment will cause us to commit to a collective bargaining agreement that jeopardizes the financial health of your International Union." IBT’s critique of OPEI is the same claim businesses have levied against unions for decades; you can’t negotiate with these people. (atr.org)

Union thugs turn New Dem Specter ... Senator Arlen Specter, the self- described “decisive vote” on a union organizing bill stalled in Congress, reversed his position and said he will support efforts to bring the so-called card-check legislation to a vote. Specter, a Pennsylvania Democrat who left the Republican Party in April, said he expects a vote to occur on a “modified” Employee Free Choice Act, which would make it easier for workers to form a union. “I will support that cloture vote,” Specter, 79, told a bloggers convention in Pittsburgh today, according to his spokeswoman, Kate Kelly. (bloomberg.com)

International Collectivism

Progressive education reform advances ... Hundreds gathered in Venezuela on Friday to demand justice after a group of journalists protesting media regulations were kicked, punched and beaten with sticks. Attackers injured 12 of the journalists on Thursday as they passed out leaflets warning against a new education law that critics fear could lead to indoctrination in schools. Photos of the violence showed apparent supporters of President Hugo Chávez descending on the group, then shoving, kicking and beating them with sticks. The journalists, some bloodied in the confrontation, later reported the attackers shouted slogans in support of Chávez's government. (google.com)

Let LatAm leftwing despots eat cake ... President Hugo Chávez said Friday he found his close ally and mentor Fidel Castro in good health during a visit to Cuba to celebrate the Cuban leader's 83rd birthday. (washingtonexaminer.com)

Meet the LatAm New Boss: Leftwing power-elite ... Indeed, in Latin America today there are 14 representative democracies that allow presidential re-election: seven consecutively and seven discontinuously. But something new has recently been introduced in Latin America's political system: the notion of unlimited re-election. Hugo Chávez first achieved this in Venezuela, and there are other specters of potentially perpetual re-elections. The attraction of remaining in power is getting stronger across the region. In view of this, it is essential to seek better systems of checks and balances as well as to strengthen and sharpen public control of the executive. All of these tasks are domestic; the danger posed by the profusion of re-elected presidents will not be checked by external forces. Moreover, since Abu Ghraib and Guantánamo, the United States has lost its formerly strong authority in promoting democracy. (guatemala-times.com)

Honduras: Obama should back off ... For what it is worth, I view Zelaya with suspicion—he has been talking about launching an insurrection to contest his ouster—and believe he should have been held accountable for flouting the Supreme Court’s decisions. But his critics appear to have overreacted. My views shouldn’t matter, however. These are decisions for Hondurans, not Americans (and other people) to make. So too is it up to Hondurans on how to resolve the crisis, including whether to forge some sort of political compromise, such as that advanced by former Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, in order to minimize future conflict. Washington should back off. Even if the Obama administration wants to impose a solution, its options are limited. (nationalinterest.org)

Progressive Chávez seeks a more perfect democracy, without dissent ... The two-page Venezuela report -- labeled "Unclassified/FOUO" or For Official Use Only -- listed seven well-known examples of Venezuelan government efforts to crack down on or seize control of media outlets. It was first made public by Secrecy News, a web site of the Federation of American Scientists' Project on Government Secrecy. Although its conclusions echoed the complaints voiced in recent months by Venezuelan opposition groups as well as freedom of expression activists in and outside the country, its wording seemed unusually direct. Requests for comments left with the Venezuelan embassy in Washington were not answered. "Silencing his critics would allow Chávez to completely control the media message, but it would also deprive him of his long-standing scapegoat," the report noted. "He may be willing to give this up in order to clamp down on the negative news reporting and commentary, which have been hammering away at the country's economic problems and Chávez's increasing authoritarianism for the past year." "The government action against its media critics would also eliminate the only forums available to Chávez's other domestic critics, including local opposition elected officials, political parties and university students," it added. (miamiherald.com)

New Prog Chavez solves Venezuela's education crisis ... Lawmakers loyal to President Hugo Chávez gave final approval on Friday to legislation that has raised fears among government opponents of impending socialist indoctrination in schools. The law orders schools to base curricula on what it calls "the Bolivarian Doctrine" — a reference to ideals espoused by 19th-century independence hero Simon Bolivar, such as national self-determination and Latin American unity. Critics are quick to note that Chávez uses the term "Bolivarian" to describe his political movement, and some believe his socialist government intends to win over hearts and minds through classroom indoctrination. "They don't use the word 'socialism,' but that's what they want to introduce in our schools," said Ray Gonzalez, a 59-year-old engineer. (google.com)
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