Friday wrap

Obama: Worse than Nixon, rules by crony, divides nation, logs enemies, rattled by Radicals, sends in the SEIU-ACORN rent-a-thugs, ObamaCare fail: St. Louis and Tampa erupt, wedded to the collective, strikes fear in New Prog Dems.

Mismanagement: TIDES embezzlement de-funds the Left, AFSCME big backed into a corner like a rat, VA voters cling to regular change, Bing to save Detroit.

International: Putin hearts Chávez, Drill Comrade Drill!, Ecuador: The New Venezuela.

Is Barack Obama the worst President ever? ... With America in a furious uproar against Obama's blatantly unconstitutional war on free market health care, Democrats have decided to do what they always do when the chips are down-throw everything they claim to stand for under the bus for Democrat power. The AFL-CIO, whose members, along with those of other big union Democrat donors, conveniently will be exempt from some of the worst parts of ObamaCare, announced Thursday that their phony, orchestrated rent-a-mobs (actual astroturf) will now be showing up at these Town Hall meetings across the country to deal with the disturbances. Welcome to "the change we need"...or else. (examiner.com)

MM hits the bullseye ... If the Obama Administration’s historic over-spending, taxing and expansion of government in the past six months already have your blood boiling, take two aspirin and read Michelle Malkin’s Culture of Corruption. Could things be any worse for America than they are now? Malkin’s extensive research tells us that “Yes, they can.” Culture of Corruption lets the sunshine in on Obama’s Administration, which, Malkin tells us, is comprised, in good part of tax cheats, crooks and cronies. All during the era of Obama, “crony” is a term that America will become all too familiar with. (humanevents.com)

Divisive paranoia: Obama compiles shameful 'Enemies List' ... The White House recently requested to send any fishy information regarding the recent healthcare bill to flag@whitehouse.gov. Several conservative talk show pundits said that this was equivalent to the White House collecting information on those who oppose the bill. Certainly, Texas Senator John Cornyn seems to agree with this point of view. He accused the White House of collecting an "enemies list" based on those sources that are promoting information that goes against the bill and the president's agenda. (examiner.com)

Our two-faced Community Organizer-in-Chief gets rattled ... The candidate who told his supporters "to argue with them and get in their face" now finds the shoe on the other foot. So they're taking names and encouraging you to turn in your neighbors. So this is hope and change — telling American citizens who in a democracy disagree with you that they are mind-numbed robots participating in mob action and expressing "manufactured" outrage. Considering that upward of 80% of those hooligans like their doctors, like their insurance and like their care, anger over your government-run health care was not that hard to assemble. It was not that long ago that Barack Obama told a crowd of 1,500 supporters in Elko, Nev., to challenge those who disagree with them and him: "I want you to go out and talk to your friends and talk to your neighbors. I want you to talk to them whether they are independents or Republicans. I want you to argue with them." President Obama spoke then as the community organizer he was — a true disciple of Saul Alinsky who worked with and for Acorn in the days when they were storming banks and government meetings to force them to ditch creditworthiness as a criteria and forcing them to issue loans to those who couldn't afford them. (investors.com)

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Obamunists go off the deep end ... Indeed, the new narrative of the liberal left is that anyone who disagrees with government bailouts as a means of taking over corporate America, or continued trillion-dollar federal boondoggles wrapped up as health care or other government solutions for manufactured and/or exaggerated problems, is a radical right extremist. (townhall.com)

Leftwing demonizes anti-socialist dissent ... Gary Bauer sent out a special alert yesterday concerning how the liberal politicians and liberal media outlets are seeking to silence those who are speaking out against out of control spending and the take over of vital industries. The liberals are upset that common citizens like you are exercising their right to free speech, and are using it to let the liberals know they have had enough and are going to let their voice be heard. (canadafreepress.com)

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Obama puts socialism first, patients last ... Two sides presented their views about health care reform during a Patients First rally at the Stolley Park pavilion late Tuesday afternoon. There was no doubt, however, Patients First advocates far outnumbered the small number of people holding signs supporting federal reform of the nation's health care system. Patients First supporters, who numbered well more than 100 people, completely filled the pavilion. There were only about nine people holding signs favoring health care reform. The rally was part of a "Hands off my health care" bus tour making its way across Nebraska. (theindependent.com)

Tampa erupts against ObamaCare
Town Hall Protest

SEIU-ACORN thugs defend ObamaCare


Shoving the Obama agenda down America's collective throat ... Why does President Obama want to implement all at once radical changes in American foreign policy, environmental policy, education, health care and the tax code? The answer is easy: If he does not achieve these initiatives soon, he never will. Almost none of Obama's proposed policies any longer enjoy majority support among voters — and many of them were not clearly outlined to voters during the campaign. Current polls show more Americans are against than in favor of his version of health care reform. Nearly seven in 10 are wary of government takeovers of the economy, like the bank and car bailouts. Over half do not want more borrowing and higher deficits. In response, Obama and the technocrats around him insist they know better than the average voter what is in America's long-term environmental, health, educational and financial interests. So they're rushing to save us from ourselves by planning all sorts of legislation that would change our lifestyles. (ibdeditorials.com)

Obama sends in the SEIU-ACORN goon squads ... Over 1,000 St. Louis Tea Party Taxpayers showed up at the Russ Carnahan town hall meeting in South St. Louis tonight. They were Locked Out! But... The Carnahan staff was sneaking in SEIU members in the side door marked "handicapped." Here's the video:

In this video you see one Carnahan supporter allowed into the meeting at Bernard Middle School through a side door. There were 1,000 tea party taxpayers stranded outside the main door. When two SEIU members attempted to get in the same side door marked "handicapped" the crowd went nuts and blocked them at the door. Did you notice how nonchalant the SIEU members were about getting inside the door? Like they knew right where to go. After being locked out of the Russ Carnahan town hall in south St. Louis, the 1,000 strong Tea Party Mob broke out in song outside the meeting. The crowd was not pleased that the Carnahan people were sneaking in union thugs at this door on the side of building.


We don't need no stinkin' "Don't Tread on Me" signs ... St. Louis County police say six people were arrested. Two of those were arrested on suspicion of assault, one of resisting arrest and three on suspicion of committing peace disturbances. Carnahan was gone when the ruckus started. Kenneth Gladney, a 38-year-old conservative activist from St. Louis, said he was attacked by some of those arrested as he handed out yellow flags with “Don't tread on me” printed on them. He spoke to the Post-Dispatch from the emergency room of the St. John's Mercy Medical Center, where he said he was waiting to be treated for injuries to his knee, back, elbow, shoulder and face that he suffered in the attack. Gladney, who is black, said one of his attackers, also a black man, used a racial slur against him before the attack started. “It just seems there's no freedom of speech without being attacked,” he said. (stltoday.com)

MM: Shame on SEIU thugs ... In May, I told you how the Service Employees International Union’s $61 million investment in Barack Obama paid off with cabinet appointments, executive orders, key personnel slots, and legislative goodies. Now, the SEIU thugs are looking out for The Boss. In Tampa, Florida and St. Louis today, the Purple People turned out to give cover to members of Congress targeted by Tea Party activists and town hall protesters. For the first time, the town hall protests were marked by physical aggression. More on the St. Louis arrests of confrontational Obamacare activists here. (Just like Obama wanted: “In your face.”) This is no coincidence. I’m excerpting a portion of my Culture of Corruption chapter on the SEIU. This is what you are up against. (michellemalkin.com)

Cowardly New Prog Dems gripped by fear ... We are witnessing something really disturbing in America. Our Congressional members -- coming home to enjoy their taxpayer funded recess -- are facing angry constituents at town meetings. These people -- most of whom are voicing concerns we all feel about the economy and what the Democrats are doing to it -- want the congress to rein itself in. But instead of listening and understanding the constituents’ concerns, some congressmen and the Obama White House are condemning the voters and saying that they’re just shills for Republican groups. On Wednesday Congressman Ron Klein -- whom I will oppose in 2010 -- and his staff invited constituents to a townhall forum on healthcare issues forum in Lighthouse Point Florida. An email from his office stated that constituents could present Congressman Klein with their questions on healthcare. Some 200 people showed up, but Klein didn’t. What was he afraid of? (humanevents.com)

Tides Foundation: Defunding the Left ... Jason Sanders was an adviser to the Tides Foundation, a San Francisco philanthropy that for over three decades has been a major funding source for progressive-Left projects on issues such as global sustainability, reproductive justice, and AIDS treatment. What his employer didn't know is that his own favorite cause was himself. This past March 25, Sanders pleaded guilty in San Francisco federal court to embezzling $132,600 from the foundation over a three-year period. He had been indicted last August following an internal audit. From February 2005 to March 2008, federal prosecutors charged, Sanders, now 38, stole funds from the nonprofit group. The Tides Foundation, formed in 1976, has provided more than $400 million since 2000 alone to countless nonprofit groups around the world. It also generated some unwanted publicity for itself last summer, when The San Francisco Chronicle revealed founder and CEO Drummond Pike to be the unnamed donor who reimbursed, out of his personal wealth, the roughly $740,000 remaining balance of a nearly $950,000 debt owed to the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN. That debt was incurred by the theft of ACORN funds during 1999-2000 by the group's then-CFO Dale Rathke, brother of ACORN founder-chief organizer Wade Rathke. Suspected of covering for his wayward brother, Wade Rathke resigned under pressure last June. Small coincidence - Wade Rathke sits on the Tides Foundation board of directors. (nlpc.org)

Angry AFSCME big issues ultimatum, threat ... Organized labor has always been one of the Democratic Party’s most powerful and reliable allies, bankrolling candidates and turning out votes —­ even, at times, at the expense of the union agenda. But after nearly emptying their treasuries last year in pursuit of the White House and Congress, unions are pushing back, with a growing number of labor leaders threatening strict accountability if health care and labor law reforms fail. Seeing a lack of progress on those issues, one union has suspended donations to candidates for federal office and urged other unions to follow suit. “Accountability is a big word in the labor movement today,” said Gerald McEntee, president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees. “When these politicians come up for reelection, we’re going to look at their records and look at them close.” He added: “I don’t think our people are willing to wait any longer.” (lasvegassun.com)

Virginia voters suffer under oppressive term-limit rule ... Because the race is one of just two statewide elections this year — the other is for governor of New Jersey — it might be a referendum of sorts on Obama and an allied Democratic Congress. It's a race already awash in cash from both national parties, and the winner will succeed Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, the Democratic National Committee chairman. Virginia does not allow its governors to seek reelection. (newsleader.com)

New Mayor tries to save Detroit from oppressive gov't unions ... Public employees and members of several Detroit labor unions threatened to strike Wednesday in response to Mayor Dave Bing's plans to trim the city's budget through furloughs, layoffs and union concessions. Representatives from AFSCME Local 207, the Detroit Federation of Teachers and the activist group By Any Means Necessary threatened to strike if Bing and Detroit Public Schools Emergency Financial Manager Robert Bobb continue to lay off people and threaten bankruptcy and wage and benefit cuts. "These people mean to destroy the city," said Steve Conn, a DFT union official and teacher at Cass Tech High School. "Young and old together, we can save our city. We must save our city. We have no choice." (freep.com)

International Collectivism

Putin hearts Chávez ... Under the new deal, Venezuela would buy a modern battalion of "30 to 40" Russian-made BMP-3, T-72 and MPR tanks, Chávez said following a telephone conversation with Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. "Our army will continue to grow," vowed Chavez, who is leading a leftist surge in Latin America and repeatedly lambasts the United States for perceived "imperialist" policies in the region. (google.com)

Russia takes on Florida coast: Drill, Comrade, Drill! ... As Russian attack submarines patrol our eastern seaboard, Moscow signs a deal to help Castro's Cuba drill for oil off the Florida coast. In Moscow and Havana, the cry is "Drill, Comrade, Drill!" Two Russian nuclear attack submarines have taken up positions along our East Coast in recent days, another sign of renewed assertiveness by the former communist giant. The move comes as Moscow inks a deal with the communist relic of Cuba to drill for oil we refuse to go after. The submarines are of the Akula class, a counterpart to the Los Angeles class attack subs of the U.S. Navy. "I don't think they've put two first-line nuclear subs off the U.S. coast in about 15 years," said Norman Polmar, a naval historian and submarine warfare expert. The subs' appearance may be more symbolic than a real threat. More interesting, perhaps, are the four contracts Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin signed in Havana during his recent visit there. They allow Russia's Zarubezhneft oil concern to work with the Cubanpetroleo monopoly to explore and develop the oil riches of the North Cuban Basin off Florida. (ibdeditorials.com)

Ecuador lurches Left: We don't need no stinkin' term limits ... President Rafael Correa starts a second term on Monday promising "21st century socialism" for Ecuador, but his clashes with investors may jeopardize trade and deter financing he needs to reverse an oil output slump. Correa, a popular former economy minister, was re-elected in April for a four-year term under a new constitution that expanded presidential powers. (reuters.com)

Ecuador to Big Oil: Produce, or else ... Ecuador's Vice President Lenin Moreno said on Thursday the government would take charge of foreign oil operations if companies fail to raise output, stressing its hard-line as it seeks to renegotiate contracts. "They will have to raise production ... ," he told Reuters in an interview. "If a company refuses to do so, then the state will have to take charge of the activity and produce." "(We will) proceed to the legal exploitation of the fields," he added. (kyivpost.com)
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