Wednesday wrap

Obama: hearts LatAm leftist thugs, clings to socialized medicine like TARP, sets Taliban bailout, Manchurian-in-office, absorbs grievances from working class, hearts extra-constitutional Czars.

Mismanagement: Ex-Rep. Jefferson (D) on trial, Obama-ACORN unit ramps up, D.C. job-killers make adjustments, Byrd back, workers shafted by bigs' politics, Wade Rathke comes out, Atlantic City on edge, nightmare in Muncie, Toronto strike into week 5.

International: We don't need no stinkin' LatAm democracy.

A no-brainer for Obama ... (On a complete unrelated note, Brazil’s President Lula da Silva, a former union organizer, is a founding member of the Workers’ Party (Partido dos Trabalhadores, PT), whose main objectives are workers’ rights and land redistribution. According to da Silva’s Wikipedia entry, the Workers’ Party “was formed as a loose confederacy of trade unionists, grassroots activists, left Catholics, left-center social democrats and small Trotskyist groupings.” Da Silva still maintains a close friendship with Oogo Chávez.) See? International support for Zelaya has expanded far beyond just a couple of socialist-headed, U.S.-hating, Latin American countries — Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua — plus the socialist-headed, U.S.-hating Organization of American States and the socialist-headed, U.S.-hating United Nations General Assembly; it now includes two more socialist-headed, U.S.-hating, Latin American countries: Costa Rica and Brazil. It should be clear why the Obamacle chose up sides so rapidly; it was a no-brainer! (hotair.com)

Obama Rx: Turn doctors into slaves ... Obama's lie is a rhetorical con job designed to answer a concern with a technically correct formal positive that deliberately hides the massive negative. It is a bamboozling of which Machiavelli would be proud. And it shows that rather than simply being insanely mad, Obama/Pelosi/Reid and company know exactly what they are doing. They are staging an illegitimate, unconstitutional, immoral power grab via the outlawing of private sector insurance and medicine. It will turn doctors into slaves, forcing them to provide services at below-market prices or even for free. It will turn insurers and employers/individuals into outlaws for simply selling and buying. (northstarwriters.com)

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TARP exposed: License to steal ... Last fall, former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson told shocked Americans that the $700 billion TARP had to be passed immediately but not to worry because taxpayers would eventually make money on the investments as banks and other institutions getting bailout money paid it back. To the contrary, Barofsky said, not only are banks hoarding TARP funds, it is "very unlikely" that most of the TARP money will ever be repaid, let alone turn a profit. The hastily passed bill included minimal reporting requirements, so a third of all TARP recipients admit they used the money to repay loans, merge with other banks, and even purchase more mortgage-backed securities from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac - the two institutions at the heart of the housing market collapse. Some companies are even using TARP to pay off other government loans in what auditors call "bailout arbitrage." And it's all perfectly legal. (washingtonexaminer.com)

D.C. Culture of Corruption collides with social justice ... William Jefferson and his legal team now face the most difficult and fateful decision of his trial: whether the former nine-term Democratic congressman from New Orleans should take the stand in his own defense. "It's the last decision you make, " said James Neal, a prominent Nashville, Tenn., defense attorney. "It's just a terrible decision to make because the case then turns on it. You can forget about everything else that came before in the case. The case now depends on how well the defendant does." Jefferson is facing 16 counts of bribery, racketeering and other charges. For more than a month the prosecution has been presenting testimony, documentary evidence and audio and videotapes to persuade the jury that the congressman used his office to help American companies and investors do business in West Africa in exchange for payments and retainers for members of his family. (nola.com)

Obama takes on drugs: U.S. to bailout Afghan opium industry ... The Obama administration is considering whether to pay off Afghan farmers to stop them from growing heroin poppies on contract for the Taliban, senior officials said Tuesday. Paying farmers not to plant poppy would essentially supplant U.S. cash for the fees paid up front by the Taliban to its contract farmers. The idea seems to follow logically from the administration's policy of protecting Afghan civilians and eroding support for the insurgency, but skeptics say it won't work because farmers would take the money and plant poppies anyway. No decision has been made on whether to offer the payments, and time is short since some planting will be done in the fall. (newsmax.com)

Suspicious Obama-ACORN unit gets insider dibs on GovCare cash ... A Florence company that's promising to bring up to 3,000 jobs to the area has officially posted jobs listings with the unemployment office in Florence. Two weeks ago, the Smosska Corporation held a job fair in Florence. They charged applicants $40 to take an assessment test, but state commerce officials say that's perfectly legal. However, the Better Business Bureau is still investigating. (carolinalive.com)

Barack Obama: The Manchurian President ... In fact, a study from the United States Justice Foundation has released information showing that Obama has spent upwards of $950,000 in campaign funds with 11 law firms in 12 states for legal resources to block disclosure of any of his personal records. Gary Kreep of that foundation stated that the investigation is still going on and the final report will be provided to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder. Holder has refused to comment. Along with evidence that Obama was born in Kenya, there is no record of him ever applying for U.S. citizenship. His appointees and czars are in panic at the White House, and they are casting further doubts about Obama's legitimacy's and qualifications to serve as president. Under growing pressure from several groups, Justice Antonin Scala announced that the Supreme Court agreed to hear Obama's legal eligibility to serve as president in a case brought by Leo Donofrio of New Jersey. In addition Donofrio's case, another 18 suits have been filed by citizens demanding proof of Obama's citizenship and qualifications to serve as president of the U.S. Who really is Barack Obama? (hernandotoday.com)

Letter: Obama policies shaft the working class ... Six months have passed since President Obama was sworn into office -- a good time to reflect on his accomplishments and whether he is living up to his promises. He vowed in principle to bring an era of hope and change, an end to the Iraq War and a new and smarter way of running government, presumably free of partisanship and open to debate. [N.B. long list of grievances here] I ask independent voters who supported Obama: Was this your vision of "change you can believe in?" To me, it feels like Obama is taking a wrecking ball to everything that's decent and traditionally American. We'd be wise to call this president's bluff and demand he stop his ideological agenda and begin to represent working Americans. (hudsonhubtimes.com)

We don't need no stinkin' Czars ... If you know anything about history, then you know that the title Czar was derived from Caesar which meant emperor. In medieval times, a Czar was a ruler who claimed the same rank as a Roman emperor, with the approval of a supreme ruler such as a King or the Pope with all power and perks of a ruler. You are hearing about so called "Czars" being appointed by Obama every day. In the past, Presidents would appoint a selected few people to "oversee" the progress or to set up an aggressive campaign for a specific issue. It was usually a political move that showed the people that the President was concerned and passionate about it. So it should be a major concern and the American people must pay attention to this Czar Kingdom that is being developed under the disguise of showing a care for the issues. Anyone who knows me would understand that I would have serious alarms going off in my head and be compelled to research it. I mean, come on people! What the heck is going on? Thirty-something Czars have already been designed and/or appointed! What does this mean? I will tell you my not-so-humble opinion with several post as this search about Czars develop. Over the past thirty years, presidents have each had one or two czars for various issues, and once the number went as high as five. Furthermore, those past Czars have been ineffective, draining our tax dollars for poor results. Yet, we have stood by while our current President has appointed more Czars than ever in our "democratic" history. Listen to this and understand; he knows exactly what he is doing and is very confident that nobody will be able to stop him. This is the steady and relentless path of a power-hungry Man to get his people placed safely "under the radar" in order to make serious alterations to our government. As I've stated before, Obama is rushing to set everything in place before the citizens of this great country have time to rise up against him. He has pushed and pushed his agenda fast while his approval ratings were high. He is even more desperate to get these people in place as everyone can now see, approval numbers are declining. (mountainhomenews.com)

Dem job-killers to employers: Shut Up ... While the Senate seems prepared to drop the card check provision, there are reports that other provisions may be added to placate labor. One possibility is that the law will mandate that elections take place within 10 days after the union presents authorization cards from at least 30% of workers in an appropriate bargaining unit. Now, elections usually take place within 40-45 days of the petition. During that period, employers can present their case against the union to employees. Another idea being considered is to require employers to allow the union at the workplace to talk to employees about unionization. Currently, in most cases, employers can prohibit any outside organizations from entering their facilities to solicit, including unions. Finally, the Senate is reportedly considering a provision that would prohibit employers from holding mandatory employee meetings so that the employer can explain its opinion about unionization. Thus, employers would be severely limited in their ability to provide employees with their opinion about unions. (hr.blr.com)

Backed by union cash for more than 50 years in the U.S. Senate ... Byrd, who joined the Senate in 1959 after serving in the House of Representatives, said in his statement it was “wonderful to be back in the august body where I have served for more than 50 years, and to see all my colleagues who have been so supportive of me.” (washingtonexaminer.com)

Union operatives put political power first ... Congress is desperate to defuse the growing political firestorm over Card Check legislation. But just erasing the provisions that deny workers’ secret ballot rights won’t fix the problem. With one out of ten Americans out of work and union-dominated states on the brink of bankruptcy, people are justifiably fearful of giving unions and the federal government vast new powers over Main Street workplaces. As one national newspaper recently put it, "Card Check under any cover is still a job killer." And forced government arbitration would spread the financial pandemic inside union pension funds to the rest of the economy. Americans expect Congress to get the economy back on track - not make things worse through bad legislation. It’s time to stop the backroom deal-cutting on Card Check and advance solutions that actually help workers and jobs. (cbsnews.com)

Disgraced SEIU-ACORN founder turns the spotlight on himself ... SPOTLIGHT ON: Wade Rathke • What: The ACORN founder signs 'Citizen Wealth: Winning the Campaign to Save Working Families' • When and where: Thursday, 6 p.m., Octavia Books. (nola.com)

Casino honchos take UAW strike threat seriously ... The parent company of two Atlantic City casinos targeted for a possible dealers strike began planning yesterday to hire replacement workers in the event of a walkout. Harrah's Entertainment said it started implementing a contingency plan that includes hiring replacement workers for any dealers who go out on strike. Over the weekend, the United Auto Workers authorized a strike against Bally's Atlantic City and Caesars Atlantic City, but did not set a strike date. Previously, the union authorized a strike against the Tropicana Casino and Resort. "We take their threats seriously," said J. Carlos Tolosa, the company's eastern regional president. "There are 14,000 employees in Atlantic City who rely on Harrah's for their livelihood, and we are not going to let the misguided tactics of the UAW interfere with our guests or the employees who are working hard to keep Atlantic City competitive this summer." Company spokeswoman Alyce Parker said any actual recruitment and hiring would be done "when and if there is a strike." (nj.com)

Unionism takes down another storied employer ... A local tool-making plant will close, ending the jobs of 130 workers and a half-century-long tradition of community involvement that included helping disadvantaged children. Officials of Duffy Tool and Stamping confirmed Tuesday that the company's plant, 3401 W. Eighth St. in Muncie (IN), will close by the end of October. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, the company was involved in a years-long legal battle with the National Labor Relations Board, which had ordered the company to bargain in good faith with employees who wanted to form a union. (thestarpress.com)

City gov't strike: Who really needs Toronto's unions, anyway? ... As Toronto’s public service strike enters its fifth week, with no end in sight, an interesting social phenomenon is starting to unfold in Canada’s largest metropolis: In bars, over dinner tables and around water coolers, Toronto’s tax-strapped and recession-conscious denizen are all talking about how little their day-to-day lives have been effected by the strike. Yes, there is the inconvenience of having to pay $5 a bag to have garbage hauled away by the enterprising businessmen who come to your door. Yes, the city’s main thoroughfares are starting to look like the gritty set of a CSI: NY episode. And, yes, if you are a parent with limited means who was counting on city summer camps and daycare, the last month has been downright awful. But for the vast majority of Torontonians, this summer is much like any other. Given this state of affairs, more and more people are asking themselves: What exactly were the 30,000 strikers doing before they took to the picket lines? (network.nationalpost.com)

International Collectivism

We don't need no stinkin' LatAm democracy ... Thirty years after the Sandinista Revolution triumphed here over the Somoza dictatorship, many Nicaraguans, including some former top Sandinistas, say the revolution has gone astray and Nicaragua has a new caudillo — Daniel Ortega. Sandinista rebels victoriously entered this humid Central American capital on July 19, 1979, two days after Anastasio Somoza and most of his hated National Guard troops had fled. A revolutionary junta — with Ortega at the head — eventually took control. Later Ortega left power, but after 16 years of non-Sandinista governments he was reelected in 2006. He has said he hopes to change Nicaragua’s laws to allow himself to run again in 2010. Critics say that the system of dictatorial, one-man rule once known here as “Somocismo” has now been replaced by “Ortegismo.” “He who falls in love with power seldom gives it up,” said Bernard Hombach, the Roman Catholic bishop of Grenada, an old colonial city and tourist destination on the shores of Lake Nicaragua. Hombach is one of Ortega’s and the Sandinistas’ fiercest critics. He accuses them of corruption and electoral fraud. “If there were an independent legal system, they’d all go to jail,” Hombach said. “What Daniel Ortega wants is total control of the state,” said Marcos Carmona, director of the non-profit Nicaragua’s Permanent Commission on Human Rights. “Today, democracy is in danger.” (globalpost.com)

So why is Obama siding with Dictators? ... Why does he continue to speak, act and lay out his plans for America as if he were one of the LatAm dictators himself. Seems that he's rooting for the wrong team! Funny how things work out! Just yesterday in The Wall Street Journal "Opinion" section, an article by Mary Anastasia O'Grady seems to express the same feelings about how Obama is siding with the left in the Honduras situation. She says in part: * When Hugo Chávez makes a personal appeal to Washington for help, as he did 11 days ago, it raises serious questions about the signals that President Barack Obama is sending to the hemisphere's most dangerous dictator. * Instead President Obama and the State Department joined Mr. Chávez and his allies in demanding that Mr. Zelaya be restored to power. This has emboldened Venezuela. * Yet the U.S. continues exerting enormous pressure for the return of Mr. Zelaya. If it prevails, it is unlikely that Mr. Zelaya's mobs or Mr. Chávez will suddenly be tamed. (examiner.com)

ALBA Gold! Marxist Nicaraguan thug seeks a more perfect democracy ... The Ortega kleptocracy, rejected by voters in 1990 in the country's first honest election in a bazillion years, returned to power in 2006 with a plurality (38 percent) of votes. Now, following the lead of his fellow leftist leaders in the region like Hugo Chávez, Rafael Correa, Manuel Zelaya, and Evo Morales, Ortega wants to stay in power beyond what is constitutionally permitted. (reason.com)

Hondurans oust Chavistas ... Honduras' interim government Tuesday ordered Venezuelan diplomats to leave the country as the international community threatened new sanctions on the Central American nation if negotiations fail to resolve the crisis. Venezuelan Embassy charge d'affairs Ariel Vargas said he received a letter from the Honduran Foreign Ministry ordering his diplomats to leave in 72 hours. Venezuela's President Hugo Chávez has been the most vociferous critic of what he calls the "gorilla" government that overthrew his ally, Manuel Zelaya, on June 28. (google.com)

Molodva may lurch Left ... The ruling party in Moldova, the Communist Party, will win the early elections in the country, scheduled for July 29. The future parliament, on the other hand, will consist of four parties. This is what the latest sociological research states, RBC news agency reports. According to the polls, apart form the Communist Party, the future Moldovan parliament will consists of the Liberal Party, the Democratic Party and the Liberal-Democratic Party of Moldova. (focus-fen.net)
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