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Obama: Shaped by leftwing icons, curbs private investment in U.S. health, takes a midnight call from Hugo, praises fallen Leftist ... 'no comment' on Mary Jo Kopechne of The Boiler Room girls.

Noted: Public corruption from forced-labor unionism on the rise, ACORN-SEIU out of order, middle class workers betrayed in Nicaragua.

Obama inspired by Orwell, Alinsky ... George Orwell's "Nineteen Eighty-Four" tells of an advanced world where there are no individual freedoms, and the state uses fear to manipulate and control people to conform to a prescribed belief. In the book, the Party maintains absolute power, and power has become an end to itself. His book is as relevant today as ever. In the age of Obama, the freedoms that define American life are slipping away and being replaced with ever more state control. In Orwell's book, the Party constantly rewrites history and rewrites the language to restrict the true meaning of words and the ideas behind them. They eliminate words to reduce vocabulary and thereby reduce uncontrolled thoughts. Doublespeak makes people believe what they would otherwise know to be false, and is encapsulated by the phrase: "War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength." Orwell defined doublethink as, "The power of holding two contradictory beliefs in one's mind simultaneously, and accepting both of them." (renewamerica.com)

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Misoverestimating gov't monger calls for end to private investment ... President Obama told the nation yesterday that his healthcare overhaul is financially sound and Congress should not squander the chance to make meaningful change. Republicans didn’t relent in their criticism of his plan as a costly burden unwisely on a fast track. For a sixth straight day, Obama sought to keep the focus on his chief domestic priority in the face of mounting resistance on Capitol Hill, including conservative Democrats. White House officials are worried they face a tougher road to passage than anticipated. (boston.com)

Hugo don't lose that number ... The map of misreading that the Obama administration applies to American foreign policy is vividly on dispaly in our approach to Honduras. We find ourselves standing shoulder to shoulder with Fidel Castro, Hugo Chávez and Daniel Ortega, all of whom seek to reinstate the president who was removed from office with the support of the country's Congress and Supreme Court. Now come Monica Showalter and her colleagues on the editorial board of Investor's Business Daily to report that on Thursday last week, "Chávez really lost it, making a bizarre, out-of-protocol 11:15 p.m. phone call to U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs Thomas Shannon urging the U.S. to 'do something,' suggesting a military invasion. Seems Chavez was losing sleep at night over Honduras." (powerlineblog.com)

Disgrace: Teddy Kennedy's 2 months suspended sentence recalled ... His many doubters — pointing to Kopechne’s purse that she had left behind, Kennedy’s knowledge of the area, and his reputation for drinking and womanizing, assert that the senator was headed to the beach when he lost control of the car, and then spent the next 10 hours figuring out how to save his political career. The incident put Kennedy’s presidential ambitions on hold for a decade, and almost certainly cost him a chance at the office. He pleaded guilty to fleeing the scene of an accident and was given a two-month suspended sentence. It contributed to his ouster from the Senate’s No. 2 leadership position following the 1970 election, and marked him as a polarizing figure. (washingtonexaminer.com)

Obama Dems fine-tune Job Killer Act for union bigs ... Organized labor is nearing a deal to salvage legislation that could aid the union movement, but it had to drop “card check” — a key component of the original bill that would allow workers to form a union by signing cards instead of holding a secret ballot vote. A Democratic official familiar with compromise talks on a bill to make forming unions easier said union leaders are willing to drop the politically volatile card check plan to win over wavering Senate Democrats. A half dozen Democratic lawmakers have spent weeks in closed-door meetings trying to work out a compromise version of the Employee Free Choice Act that can muster the 60 votes in the Senate needed to overcome a GOP filibuster. The goal is to win over a handful of Democrats — like Sens. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas and Dianne Feinstein of California — who have said they have problems with card check and other parts of the bill. Those lawmakers and others have faced enormous pressure from business groups vehemently opposed to the bill. (nhregister.com)

Can workers do without forced-labor unionism? ... My metal stamping company in East Hanover faces many challenges to remain competitive in these tough economic times. The last thing we need is the jobs-killing Employee Free Choice Act. This bill is one of the most direct threats to manufacturers' ability to compete globally and create jobs in New Jersey and across America. At its core, the EFCA is a power grab by labor leaders to increase union membership by radically overhauling our labor law system to tilt in their favor. In my experience, employers and employees work closely together to ensure their company's competitiveness, with many existing government regulations providing the necessary balanced protections for workers. The need for unionization has diminished substantially as manufacturers foster positive employee relations in a spirit of mutual respect and fairness. Certainly, that's the success formula for Weiss-Aug Company and our 140 employees. The key provisions of the EFCA, however, threaten employees' rights and open the door for the government to set the terms of how employers can manage their own workforce. (dailyrecord.com)

Obama praises fallen Leftist as 'one of the family' ... President Barack Obama praised broadcasting icon Walter Cronkite as a newsman who "never let us down." The 92-year-old retired CBS News anchorman died Friday night at his Manhattan home after a long illness. In a statement, Obama described Cronkite as a trusted voice who calmly guided America through wars and riots, marches and milestones. "His rich baritone reached millions of living rooms every night, and in an industry of icons, Walter set the standard by which all others have been judged," Obama said. "But Walter was always more than just an anchor. He was family. He invited us to believe in him, and he never let us down." (washingtonexaminer.com)

Tax-funded ACORN-SEIU vote fraud unit loses local 'good standing' ... Community activists who provide support and training services for organized labor have neglected to file their annual report with the Louisiana secretary of state and are now listed as being “not in good standing,” according to public records. A non-profit affiliate organization of the Association of Community Activists for Reform Now (ACORN) that shares the same address with almost 300 other allied groups in New Orleans was suppose to file its annual report shortly after its anniversary in late May of this year, Jacques Berry, a press secretary for Louisiana Secretary of State Jay Dardenne said in an interview. “They have to file this report whether or not there are any changes in their leadership,” he said. “If they fail to file by their anniversary date, then they are listed as not in good standing. But our office does not regulate these organizations. We are merely a registration agency.” Labor unions have donated almost $10 million to ACORN and its affiliate groups with over $7 million from the SEIU alone, since 2005 according to LM-2 forms. (washingtonexaminer.com)

Out-of-state union cash floods Virginia ... In another sign of the national significance of Virginia's gubernatorial race, out-of-state partisan groups have pumped an estimated $6 million into this year's contest, compared with $61,000 at this point in 2005. Virginia and New Jersey are the only states choosing governors this year, in the first key elections after President Barack Obama's victory in November. Obama carried both states. (timesdispatch.com)

Labor-state stranglehold revealed ... Labor unions maintain a political stranglehold on legislation in Pennsylvania despite representing less than two out of 10 workers. Their strength is the product of decades of favorable federal and state laws that are extraordinarily resistant to reform. The result is that organized labor and collective bargaining play a dominant role in Pennsylvania's business climate, economic fortunes and government. Undoubtedly, the single most important union-related decision in Pennsylvania was choosing not to become a right-to-work state under provisions of the Taft-Hartley Act. In non-right-to-work states, employees of firms with a collective bargaining agreement can be forced to pay dues or fees to the union as a condition of employment. In right-to-work states, there is no such requirement. Not having the right to choose whether to join a union severely curtails economic freedom for both the employee and the employer. Indeed, a state's status regarding right to work correlates closely with the state's overall position on the role of government in the economy. (pittsburghlive.com)

Left Deep in the Heart: We want our freakin' benefits, now! ... Unprecedented unemployment and political posturing by Governor Rick Perry have forced the Texas Workforce Commmission into a complete breakdown. There were warnings from the Texas AFL-CIO more than a month ago, but the corporate media reported on July 15 that tens of thousands of jobless Texans will not get their check and tens of thousands of telephone calls for help are going unanswered. Reporter Robert T. Garrett of the Dallas Morning News estimated that 82,000 unlucky Texans won't get the federal 13-week extension of benefits when their state benefits expire, and 150,000 telephone calls couldn't get through in one day, July 13. (pww.org)

Labor-state risks uptick in arson ... Leadership for firefighters union in Freeport, IL has countered the Mayor’s budget proposal to eliminate four positions within the fire department by offering a wage freeze for the remainder of the current fiscal year. Union members were expected to meet this week and decide whether to support the offer, which Mayor George Gaulrapp has said would allow the city to maintain its current staffing within the fire department. Representatives of the policemen’s union and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) have not responded to Gaulrapp’s latest effort to cut $500,000 from the 2009-’10 city budget. The Mayor said Friday that he plans to meet Monday with representatives of the policemen’s union to discuss the city’s finances and department staffing. Gaulrapp met with representatives of the city’s three labor unions July 7 to outline a plan to cut five police positions, four firefighters, and request each street department employee take 18 non-paid furlough days during the next nine months to balance the budget. (journalstandard.com)

Privatization: Gov't union workers can re-apply for jobs ... The Algonac (MI) Community Schools Board of Education met Monday before about 30 district residents concerned with the board's decision to privatize. The drivers and custodians will lose their jobs if this decision goes through. The premise is to save $200,000 in retirement benefits -- a drop in the bucket of the district's finances. This is a convenient way to eliminate the union. There was not even a bid process for the selection. The district only had discussions with the Michigan Educational Transportation Service, and the "discussions went well, as reported in the June 31 Voice." It appears the contract was already signed. METS is currently advertising on the Jobs Talent Bank for Bus Drivers for six routes in Algonac. (thetimesherald.com)

Cokie Roberts sides with LatAm thugs, H8s citizen control of government ... Only one U.S. president held that dubious distinction. Before he was elected in 1844, James K. Polk announced that he would only serve four years. Even so, historians consider him one of our most effective presidents — greatly increasing the size of the country by waging the Mexican War and annexing the Oregon territory. Polk also convinced Congress to enact free-trade legislation and create an independent treasury. If hobbled officeholders really bother Palin, she should go after the real culprit — term limits. (jamestownsun.com)

International Collectivism

Nicaraguans betrayed by Marxist Ortega ... He is as old as the Sandinista revolution, 30 years. His father was such a true believer that he named him after a communist hero. Twice. "My father still believes," said Marx Lenin Martinez, an aspiring computer technician. "I admired the original goals of the revolution, but today the Sandinistas are just like all politicians." On July 19, 1979, a young Nicaraguan guerrilla commander with an idealistic swagger and a droopy black mustache helped overthrow a brutish dictator and captivate the world's imagination. Three decades later, older and not necessarily wiser, President Daniel Ortega has repulsed many followers and baffled others. (latimes.com)
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