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Officials, authorities licensed to steal ... It is time to treat the bloated pensions of public employees for what they really are, a criminal conspiracy to steal from the public. Any official who approves or facilitates these giveaways should be tried under the RICO racketeering law as should the workers who receive them. The same logic should be applied to corporate boards of directors, compensation committees and the multimillion dollar CEOs. (contracostatimes.com)

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We just don't get it ... Obama is an even bigger trickster; it's part of his show-off narcissism. He's Playing the Dozens with us, except that the voters don't get it. So here's the question. If Obama the Trickster just loves to stick it to middle class America -- why do you think he nominated Sonia Sotomayor? That's a serious question. This administration is just filled with racial anger. So why would Sotomayor be its first Supreme Court nominee? The Trickster's at it again. Sotomayor believes in the US Constitution like Obama does: not at all. But Sotomayor is not nearly as good as Obama at this double game, seeming rather dim-witted. She's given away her Hispanic Victimhood at least half a dozen times in public, not exactly what you expect from a Justice of the Supreme Court. She would be a living embarrassment to the US Constitution. Conservatives -- meaning the squares: normal, decent, honest people -- will want to give Sotomayor a fair hearing. Well, Stuart Taylor has done it for us in the National Journal, focusing on the reverse discrimination case by white firefighters in Connecticut. Taylor is a legal analyst, and plays it with scrupulous fairness. He writes: (americanthinker.com)

Narcissism defines our "Quid Pro Quo" President ... Barack Obama is a narcissist, which is never to be confused with a socialist. Obama cares not for the proletariat...his contempt towards average Americans is boundless. Rather, the Obama administration exists to benefit Obama. While the president is closer philosophically to Che Guevara than to Thomas Jefferson, it is not philosophy that dictates his policies. Obama governs using the Chicago model on which he was politically weaned: “You scratch my back, or I break yours.” While most Americans are suffering financially, Obama’s major contributors are enjoying taxpayer-provided prosperity. Some of his accomplices are corporate, while others are anti-corporate. The common denominator is that all have pledged fealty to Dear Leader. The diplomatic term is “reciprocity”, which sounds so much better than “pay for play”. It should come as little surprise that a Chicago machine politician governs like a mafioso. While the lofty rhetoric is that Obama seeks to redistribute wealth from greedy to needy, the putrid reality is that he redistributes wealth from foe to friend. (canadafreepress.com)

Sotomayor-Obama reflect our long-raging, racist civil war ... Sonia Sotomayor is waging war on “racism.” If you don’t believe me, just ask her. Why do blacks and Hispanics not do as well as whites on standardized tests? “Racism.” (Never mind about the Asians.) Why are more blacks and Hispanics in jail than whites? “Racism.” We can’t have capital punishment, either. As The Urban Grind observes, “Judge Sotomayor also believes that capital punishment is racist.” The Urban Grind observes, as well, that Judge Sotomayor “believes that denying felons the right to vote while they’re still in prison is racist.” The sophistry of “disparate impact” is central to the racial profiling myth. If it is declared unthinkable, the facts be damned, that blacks and Hispanics could commit crime at higher rates than whites, and whites are blamed for every social ill, higher rates of black and Hispanic imprisonment must necessarily be the fault of white racism. These are the logical consequences of disparate impact dogma, which Sonia Sotomayor and “Barack Obama” both embrace. If we accept disparate impact’s backwards theory of the law, whereby the law’s legitimacy is determined after the fact, based on whether its enforcement results in parity of imprisonment between minorities and whites, there can be no criminal law. It must be jettisoned, while anti-white civil rights laws must be retained. “Disparate impact” dogma demands that the worse blacks and Hispanics conduct themselves, the more whites and Asians must be punished, especially when the original black and Hispanic misconduct entailed victimizing whites and Asians! And there must be ever more blacks and Hispanics, and ever fewer whites and Asians. “Disparate impact” is a weapon of ultimately genocidal race war. “Disparate impact” is incompatible with science or any rational, fair, system of law. For Sonia Sotomayor, as for the man who nominated her, there is no law or science; there is only race war. (webcommentary.com)

Obama refuses to admit foreign policy blunders ... The Obama administration seems to have gotten just about everything wrong about the ouster of Honduran President Manuel Zelaya. Wrong on the law. Wrong on the politics. Wrong on the foreign policy. On the law, Miguel Estrada, the brilliant attorney whose nomination to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals was blocked by those who abhor a truly wise Latino conservative, actually has read the Honduran constitution. He finds that it specifies that it cannot be amended to change the limit on a single four-year term for the president. And it further provides that trying to amend the constitution "constitutes treason." As Estrada reminds us, "The rules are so tight because these are terribly serious issues for Honduras, which lived under decades of military rule." But Zelaya, who fancies himself the next Hugo Chávez, ordered himself up a referendum earlier this year with the clear purpose to amend the constitution to do what is prohibited and indeed treasonous. After all, such a gambit is precisely the mechanism his role model Chávez used in order to extend his rule in Venezuela. (realclearpolitics.com)

Will disgraced, U.S.-backed LatAm power-tripper face the music? ... Honduran interim leader Roberto Micheletti said on Sunday the ousted president, Manuel Zelaya, would not be allowed to return to power under any conditions but could be granted an amnesty if he were to come home quietly to face justice. "If he comes peacefully first to appear before the authorities ... I don't have any problem (with an amnesty for him)," Micheletti told Reuters in an interview at the presidential palace in Tegucigalpa. (reuters.com)

Good riddance to Chavismo ... The belligerent Manuel Zelaya calls the new government of Honduras a "repressive regime." Yet he is a pal of Raul Castro and Hugo Chávez, the two worst regimes in the Western Hemisphere. How can he complain and then have his arms around the Venezuelan dictator and sit next to Raul Castro? Mr. Zelaya deserved what he got by violating all Honduras laws. He wanted to remain in power a la Chávez. Good riddance. (sun-sentinel.com)

U.S. awakens to Post-Constitutional Era ... Republican Senator Jeff Sessions of Alabama said today that Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor's judicial philosophy, as articulated in her speeches, marks "a blow, I think, at the very ideal of American justice." "In a number of her speeches, for example, she has advocated a view that suggests that your personal experiences, even prejudices — she uses that word — it's expected that they would influence a decision you make," he told "Face The Nation" host Bob Schieffer. Sessions is the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee. Sotomayor's confirmation hearings begin Monday. "Every judge must be committed every day to not let their personal politics, their ethnic background, their biases, sympathies, influence the nature of their decision-making process," Sessions said. "When you show empathy for one party, Bob, you necessarily show a bias against another group." He told Schieffer that Sotomayor has "criticized the idea that a woman and a man would reach the same result," something he said is "philosophically incompatible with the American system." "I am really flabbergasted by the depth and consistency of her philosophical critique of the ideal of impartial justice," he said. Schieffer asked Sessions if he would really try to stop Sotomayor's nomination (which is widely thought to be likely to succeed), or if he would simply use it as a so-called "educational moment." "I hope it is an educational moment because I think we are moving at a crossroads in American jurisprudence," Sessions said. "Are we going to adhere to the classical view of the role of a judge as a neutral arbitrator not out to promote an agenda or an ideology, or are we going to have a restrained judge who follows the law in case after case?" (cbsnews.com)

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The Obama Doctrine finally comes into focus ... It's been hard to glean its form because for so long it seemed the president's most obvious guiding principle was "not Bush," particularly when it came to the Iraq war. Indeed, his anti-Bush stance has led him to stubbornly refuse to say the war has been won or to admit that he was wrong to oppose the surge. In the past, this unthinking reflex has caused Obama to take some truly repugnant positions. In July of 2007, Obama said that he would order U.S. forces out of Iraq as quickly as possible, even if he knew it would lead to an Iraqi genocide. This makes Obama the first president in modern memory to have suggested that causing a genocide would be in America's national interest. Obama himself insists that he's guided by nothing other than a cool-headed pragmatism. Indeed, Obama has a grating habit of describing any position not his own as "ideological," as if his is the only sober, practical understanding of the problems we face. Just days before he was inaugurated, he gave a speech in Baltimore in which he proclaimed, "What is required is a new declaration of independence, not just in our nation, but in our own lives — from ideology and small thinking, prejudice and bigotry — an appeal not to our easy instincts but to our better angels." So ideologues — i.e. millions of Americans who disagree with his policies on principle — belong in a list along with bigots and dim bulbs. At home, this attitude has allowed him to dismiss opponents of socialized medicine and the government takeover of various industries as "ideologues," and critics of trillions in debt-fueled spending as small-minded cranks. (kansas.com)

Fenton picks at Axelrod's scraps ... People who like the Ecuadoran President, Rafael Correa, describe him this way: environmentalist, speaker of five languages, Ph.D. (in economics) from the University of Illinois, solidifier of a once unstable country, writer of a new constitution, corruption fighter, canceller of debt, a “young, handsome, and shrewd” reformer who—as Fenton Communications, the Washington, D.C., P.R. firm that the government of Ecuador has hired to help Correa polish his profile in America, pointed out recently—has been called “the Obama of Latin America.” People who don’t like him have their own ideas: Chávez crony, wild card, antagonist of America, whom the Wall Street Journal has likened to Fidel Castro, and under whose rule, the paper said, “liberty has been evaporating faster than you can say bolivariano.” (newyorker.com)

Strike drags on v. oppressive capitalist icon ... More than a month after unionized workers hit the picket line at Saskatoon's Coca-Cola distribution centre, new talks between the two parties have yet to take place. Rocky Luchsinger, staff representative with the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union (RWDSU), said Friday there has been no movement on talks between the union representing the 53 striking workers and the international beverage company. (thestarphoenix.com)

UAW girds for long strike v. oppressive Texas helicopter maker ... UAW Local 218 had this to say: Your Bargaining Committee met with the Company today in an effort to bargain a fair and equitable agreement. This Company has strongly taken a position that they have no more to offer to this membership. Your Bargaining Committee has taken a stronger position that it is not enough. Brothers and Sisters we are fighting for not only ourselves but for each other's family and for quality of life for our future. In order to do this we must stay together as one. Your Bargaining Committee remains available to bargain seven days a week, twenty four hours a day. We will keep you informed on all actions as they happen, via this website. (aviationblog.dallasnews.com)

LatAm update: State-run media cheers foreign community organizers ... In the past, government officials have accused Telesur, which is financed by the government of Venezuela, of producing biased coverage that incited violence. Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has been one of Zelaya's biggest supporters. This is the second time that journalists from Telesur have been detained since the crisis began. García said that most of the company's foreign staff will be leaving the country Sunday, but local reporters would continue working. Early in the crisis, the government shut down pro-Zelaya stations. While coverage has since resumed, many broadcasters, including CNN en español, have their signals interrupted when the topic turns to Honduras. (miamiherald.com)
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