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Nightmare on Main Street ... Union campaigns are exhausting, deeply distracting events, and even though EFCA, as it has come to be known, promises to do away with campaigns, I'm willing to bet that the likely compromise will keep some sort of campaign in place, while making it easier for unions to organize. We've been through two campaigns, and know all about their ability to disrupt. About 13 years ago our company's employees voted to get rid of the union they'd had for nearly 30 years. But the six weeks before the vote were horrible. Union organizers, including one flown in from headquarters, descended on our company, pigeonholing employees on the plant floor. Production crashed, and our scrap rate tripled. Determined to stay neutral, we finally had to speak up once rumors began to spread that we'd close the plant if the union won. (newsweek.com)

Communist Party urges Obama to double up on Stimulus ... A top economist at the labor-backed Economic Policy Institute said today that this month’s jobless figures and other economic indicators show the “urgent need” for “a second stimulus package as large as or even bigger than” the $700 billion Economic Recovery Act passed in the opening weeks of the Obama administration. (pww.org)

Communists re-enact halcyon 'Century of Blood' ... China’s Uighur problem boiled over on Sunday in a wave of violence that left at least 156 people dead and more than 800 people hurt in Xinjiang province’s capital of Urumqui. State TV showed gruesome images of protesters attacking ethnic Chinese, kicking men and women on the ground and leaving them dazed and bloodied. Uighurs have accused the Chinese security forces of overreacting to peaceful demonstrations. (nydailynews.com)

Progs heart murderous tyrants ... Ironically, anticapitalist crusader and left-wing icon Che Guevara has turned into a brand name revered by people the world around, which brought me to Alvaro Vargas Llosa's The Che Guevara Myth and the Future of Liberty. Llosa, who is a senior fellow at the Center on Global Prosperity at the Independent Institute, has combined three previously published articles into a short book that evaluates the Guevara legacy and assesses the prospects for liberal reform in Latin America. (mises.org)

SEIU to take over Bank of America ... We’ve been saying for a long time that probably the most important foreshadowing of what politicized banking will look like came just a few weeks after the TARP was passed. It happened in Chicago, when protesting workers backed-up by threatening politicians got Bank of America to agree to extend loans to a failing window-manufacturer. Very clearly, banks operating on government funding would find themselves unable to resist the demands of powerful special interests. (businessinsider.com)

Kumar skips drug test ... Actor Kal Penn started a new job Monday as a liaison between the White House and Asian communities. The Indian-American actor is taking a break from Hollywood to work as an associate director in the Office of Public Liaison, with a focus on connecting Obama with the Asian-American and Pacific Islander communities, as well as arts groups. "I expect to be treated just like any other staff member," he told reporters on a conference call. He is even applying this quest for a fresh start to his identity, saying he will use his given name, Kalpen Modi, instead of his acting moniker while working for the Obama administration. (washingtonexaminer.com)

Height of Hypocrisy ... “Union leaders have claimed there have been cuts in healthcare benefits for security officers at Kaiser medical centers,” said Sam Singer, a spokesman for Securitas Security Services USA, which employs 1800 security officers at Kaiser facilities in five states. “That is a deliberate falsehood. Securitas USA has sought to apply a contract that currently covers thousands of union-member security guards to the personnel working at Kaiser facilities. For union leaders to suggest that this contract offer is unfair, after they praised it as a model labor agreement in 2007, is the height of hypocrisy.” (earthtimes.org)

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