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Obama completes Mission Impossible ... It’s taken barely half a year to make George W. Bush look good to a lot of Americans who experienced “Bush Derangement Syndrome” or, like myself, were critical of several of his policies while President. I imagine Bush watching the evening news these days and just laughing as he watches Obama just “step in it” every time he encounters the same or some new problem with which Bush dealt. On the issue of taxes, Bush was a dedicated tax-cutter. On the issue of spending, Bush never saw a spending bill he couldn’t sign until deep into his second term. He even advocated a prescription add-on to Medicare, raising its costs and hastening its bankruptcy. (canadafreepress.com)

Conservatives lag behind leftwing goons ... Five million minions identifying with MoveOn.org, and who knows how many lone assassins, who believe in their manifestos. Goonish tactics like anonymous emails, foul language and fantastic conspiracy theories, the arsenal for fighting their cause. It can be overwhelming for the unprepared. Conservatives do not compete in this arena, although there are scattered lone assassins claiming Conservative values as well. In recent years any respectability think tanks, advocacy groups and good government gangs like Common Cause, may have commanded has evaporated. These groups are funded by internet goons, wealthy liberals and a host of well meaning do-gooders. President Obama does not seem to grasp the danger in allying with these amoral forces. With no sense of right and wrong, the ally can spontaneously combust into the adversary. This is what is happening on health care, the peril of a pact with the devil. (examiner.com)

Chávez catching up to Obama ... President Hugo Chávez's government assumed control of Venezuela's third-largest bank on Friday - making the state the largest player in the nation's banking system. The purchase of the Spanish-owned Banco de Venezuela gives Chávez's government control over more than one-fifth of bank deposits as he tightens his grip over the economy. The acquisition will "strengthen the public banking system," which favors sectors including agriculture, energy, housing and tourism, Finance Minister Ali Rodriguez said in a statement. Under Chávez, Venezuela has nationalized major players in the steel, electricity and telecommunications sectors, as well as four major oil projects, since 2007. (thejakartapost.com)

Obama shows his militaristic Progressive cred ... US missiles struck a training facility operated by Pakistani Taliban leader Baitullah Mehsud and a militant communication centre, killing 17 people and wounding 27 others, intelligence officials said. They took place as US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano met government officials in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad. The drone attacks were the latest in more than 40 believed to have been be carried out by the United States against militant targets in the border area since last August. Washington does not directly acknowledge being responsible for the attacks, which kill civilians as well as militants. Most Pakistanis criticise the drone attacks, and Islamabad officially protests them as violations of its sovereignty. (news.ninemsn.com.au)

Anti-business Obama in denial about his Job Freeze ... The Obama administration Thursday insisted its $787 billion stimulus program geared toward job creation was working, despite new figures showing the nation’s jobless rate climbed to its highest point in nearly 26 years. (washingtonexaminer.com)

Skids greased for Job-Killer Act ... Sen. Al Franken’s victory in Minnesota means Democrats now hold 60 seats in the Senate, and increases pressure on centrists in the party to support card-check legislation sought by organized labor. Democrats have enough votes to pass card-check, and Franken’s vote means Democrats theoretically have the majority to quash a filibuster, which requires 60 votes. (thehill.com)

Obamanistas celebrate Dependence Day ... So many scams, so little time In a mere 130 days into his reign, President Obama has pushed us down the slippery slope of socialism. Here in the good ole' USA, what we grew up knowing as the land of the free and the home of the brave has abruptly become the mortification of the meek and the manipulated. Capitalism, in a down cycle because of a Democrat Party-induced sub-prime loan scheme, is diminished with every presidential czar, bailout, takeover, crap and charade, car and financial industry takeover. Coming soon to an emergency room near you is a universal health plan that will make you ill and the economy sicker, as it has many Brits and Canadians. In Congress, they're doing the Emanual pay-for vote. Example in point is the still unread Cap and Trade Bill recently passed by the House. This coal-powered plant killer, promised by Obama and Biden during the campaign, caused push-back by coal-rich Ohio Representative Marcy Kaptur. She didn't sell out cheap. The Obama administration offered her a $3.5 billion federally tax-funded "program" to give up her principles. The same thing happened time and time again in the form of pork via TARP, budget, and recovery acts. (jewishworldreview.com)

Take Obama's Word ... the Obama Administration and its fellow travelers who control the Congress are leading us on a course of action that will lead to the beginning of the decline of the United States, financially, militarily and morally, with the concomitant result of a less wealthy and less secure world and the further erosions of our domestic freedoms. Let’s recap just the financial suicide we’re heading for. First, an unneeded and ineffective $787 billion stimulus program designed to reward favored political allies. You remember the “stimulus;” it was going to keep unemployment under 8 percent and create millions of jobs. Current unemployment rate: 9.4 percent and rising. I guess they just got the timing wrong; it will work, only later; after all, the Administration says it has already “created or saved” 150,000 jobs. How they know this they’re not telling, but take their word. (recordernewspapers.com)

Chávez puts the hurt on LatAm's poorest ... Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez said his country is suspending oil supply to Honduras, which benefited from energy cooperation agreement Petrocaribe. The ruler announced his decision late Thursday during his weekly radio and TV program Aló, Presidente Teórico. "We have suspended shipments of oil," Chávez stated. He reported that Petrocaribe energy supplies to Honduras were scheduled for next week. "One of the effects of this measure is that gasoline prices in the Central American country are going to soar," Chávez said as reported by AFP. (english.eluniversal.com)

City garbage strike blamed on unionists ... We will see, but so far the city is not crippled and people are adjusting. But he is winning and he knows it. It seems the cancellation of Canada Day festivities, the garbage pileups in parks and the closing of pools and day care and summer camps are being blamed on the strikers. (torontosun.com)

Republican throws in with union thugs ... Brentwood Councilman Chris Becnel's aye vote on a union-friendly pact could cost him his seat as an alternate on the Contra Costa Republican Central Committee. The councilman ran afoul of the GOP when he cast the deciding vote to adopt what is called a project labor agreement, or PLA, for the city's civic center construction project. Becnel called the PLA the best tool to give local construction workers a shot at the new jobs. A PLA requires the contractor to hire the workers through the local union halls. "I make my decisions based on what's best for the city of Brentwood," Becnel said. Chuck Handwork, the Contra Costa GOP member for whom Becnel serves as an alternate, is displeased with his fellow Republican's vote. He wants the party to remove Becnel. "The California Republican Party (has) always opposed PLAs and supported free enterprise ..." Handwork wrote in an e-mail to Contra Costa GOP Chairman Greg Poulos.(contracostatimes.com)

Tea Parties Raise Issues ... The cap-and-trade program, national health care program, card check, and out-of-control-spending were just a few, she said. Her mother-in-law, Florence Thompson, gripped a cardboard sign that read “Socialism = Slavery.” “There are many unconstitutional things going on,” she said, but her main concern is the growing national debt. “The debt is unsustainable,” she said. “The graphs – it looks like a rocket taking off.” (rapidcityjournal.com)

LatAm Leftists On Trial ... The Catholic Church appealed for calm. Cardinal Oscar Andres Rodriguez went on the airwaves to beg Zelaya to "give us room for a peaceful resolution" and warned that, if Zelaya comes back Sunday, there could be "a bloodbath." "Over the last year, Zelaya's positions moved to the left. He pushed social programs and more attention for the poor who have no work," said Giuseppe Magno, the outgoing Italian ambassador. "This switch was not in line with the program he was voted in on. He was too close to Ortega and Chávez." (washingtonpost.com)

Obama, Chávez smack down Honduran Catholics ... Honduras is in dire circumstances at this time and it is about to get worse if the United Nations, the Organization of American States, and unfortunately, our current U.S. administration have their way. The long-term ramifications of this crisis are near immeasurable, and a great injustice, along with its potentially bloody fallout, appears imminent. There are many critical details in the sequence of events in Honduras that are important to know, and for that I would direct you to the web-log of our lead missionary in Honduras, Carol Restaine (http://missionersofchrist.blogspot.com/). Carol has lived in Honduras for eight years now, and has a good sense of the plight of the Honduran people. But for the sake of this article, a brief summary is as follows: President Manuel Zelaya, nearing the end of his four-year term, sought to hold a public referendum which would, among other things, seek to change the Honduran Constitution to eliminate term-limits for the Presidency. (catholic.org)

NYT takes on polarizing Trumka-in-waiting ... Expected to win easily, Mr. Trumka would bring a more combative style to running the federation at a time when organized labor seems to be growing weaker in the nation’s workplaces but stronger in Washington. With union leaders desperate to stop labor’s long decline, many are hoping Mr. Trumka will figure out a way to raise labor’s energy, profile and numbers. At the same time, some union leaders worry that Mr. Trumka will be a polarizing figure who might not be adept at building consensus among the A.F.L.-C.I.O.’s 56 unions, a crucial step in moving it forward. (nytimes.com)

Obama defends cocaine industry ... "Every night, three or four Venezuelan-registered planes land without the permission of appropriate authorities and bring thousands of pounds . . . and packages of money that are the fruit of drug trafficking," Ortez told CNN En Espanol. "We have proof of all of this. Neighboring governments have it. The DEA has it." If Ortiz is right, the U.S. effort to restore Zelaya to power would be suicidal for U.S. efforts to destroy drug organizations south of our border. It would undercut Mexico's and Colombia's savage drug wars and give drug lords such as the Sinaloa cartel's Shorty Guzman, who has bases in Honduras, reason to strengthen operations. (ibdeditorials.com)

State-run media in denial ... Thousands of Hondurans protested in support of democracy, the military and the Micheletti government this week in Honduras. The US media has been ignoring these protests. (gatewaypundit.blogspot.com)
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