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Team Obama silent as another rogue LatAm Leftist shreds Constitution ... Leftist president of Honduras has set up polling stations for a referendum despite opposition from Congress, the Supreme Court, and the military. Manuel Zelaya is trying to change the constitution to allow presidents to serve more than a single four-year term. However, the Supreme Court and the attorney general say the referendum is illegal because the constitution bars changes to some of its clauses. "We are in a struggle to show the strength of the people. It is a fight to encourage more (democratic) participation," Zelaya said at a news conference on Saturday. (presstv.ir)

Send in the union thug clowns ... I believe the biggest change in Washington with Democrats in power has to be the way that unions are systematically being enriched at the taxpayer's expense. It has now gone beyond rewarding organized labor for their massive, unprecedented help electing Obama and the Democratic majority as much of the stim bill sought to do. Now it is simply a matter of filling union coffers with taxpayer cash. Soon, it will be changing the law to make it much easier for unions to organize non-union shops. Then, the New Left's dream of a Government-Union coalition to run the American economy will be complete. Long ago, leftists recognized the potential of this symbiosis and it appears that after decades of patient effort, they are about to succeed. (americanthinker.com)

Anti-business President's vaunted Stimulus cannot thaw Job Freeze ... Republicans concerned about the Obama administration's big spending on economic stimulus, energy and health care are asking, "Where are the jobs?" "The president and Democrats in Congress claim this spending binge is necessary to put Americans back to work," House Republican leader John Boehner said Saturday in the Republican radio and Internet address. "They promised unemployment would not rise above 8 percent if their trillion-dollar stimulus was passed. But our nation has lost nearly 3 million jobs this year. Unemployment has soared above 9 percent. And now the president admits that unemployment will soon reach double digits. After all of this spending, after all of this borrowing from China, the Middle East, our children and our grandchildren, where are the jobs?" Boehner said. (washingtonexaminer.com)

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Exposed: Barack Hussein Bush ... The White House is considering whether to issue an executive order to indefinitely imprison a small number of Guantanamo Bay detainees. US President Barack Obama is considering the policy amid concern that Congress might otherwise delay his plan to quickly close the naval prison in Cuba. Under the proposal, detainees considered too dangerous to prosecute or release would be kept in confinement, said officials. (guardian.co.uk)

U.S. House smacks Obama: Audit the Federal Reserve ... Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) recently introduced the Federal Reserve Transparency Act to House, a piece of legislation that calls for a stronger audit of the Federal Reserve along with a “detailed report to Congress.” The bill currently has 241 co-sponsors. During a forum at the Cato Institute, Paul said he originally decided to run for Congress in the 1970s due to his interest in monetary policy, which is conducted by the Federal Reserve. “I’ve been talking about it for decades, and arguing that we had a financial system that was very fryable, very vulnerable, and it was the Fed that was creating the bubbles. Therefore we should be looking into it and preventing these problems rather than waiting for cataclysmic financial crisis to hit.” (talkradionews.com)

Why do these folks h8 workers?

Obama FDA: Treat Cheerios like a drug ... America's best selling cereal Cheerios, is now a target of the Food and Drug Administration for its health benefit claims. Cheerios makes the following statements on the packaging: 1. "Cheerios is clinically proven to reduce cholesterol 4 percent in 6 weeks." 2. "Cheerios can help reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, by lowering the 'bad' cholesterol." In a letter to General Mills, the manufacturer of Cheerios, the FDA said, "Based on claims made on your product's label, we have determined (Cheerios) is promoted for conditions that cause it to be a drug because the product is intended for use in the prevention, mitigation and treatment of disease." (modernmom.com)

Obama hearts Hugo Chávez ... Quietly, and as President Obama inched away from dialogue with Iran, the United States has reestablished full diplomatic ties with another thorn in Washington’s side — Venezuela. Fiery Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez’s ambassador returned to Washington Friday, while the US ambassador is expected to return to Caracas next week after nearly a year during which the two diplomats were “persona non grata” in their country of assignment. The mutual return of expelled ambassadors follows a toning down of Mr. Chávez’s anti-American rhetoric. Chávez, who once declared from the podium at the United Nations in New York that President Bush was like the “devil” leaving the scent of sulphur in his wake, now jabs Mr. Obama as being “more socialist than I am” over the “nationalization” of General Motors. At the same time, the US administration has taken steps to put meat on the bones of Obama’s policy of engagement over confrontation. (features.csmonitor.com)

Pay-to-Play: It's the union-backed Conyers 'family business' ... Monica Conyers remains a member of the Detroit City Council – for now – despite her pleading guilty this morning to federal bribery charges. A memo from David Whitaker, the director of the council’s Research and Analysis Division, said the conviction would not be official until sentencing, noting that Conyers has the ability to withdraw her plea up until her sentencing and said the city charter contains nothing forcing immediate removal if a city elected official is convicted of a felony. Unless Conyers resigns, the council would have to initiate forfeiture procedures under the city charter to expel Conyers from office. “Forfeiture is not automatic,” Whitaker wrote. “The convicted official is entitled to a public hearing prior to City Council’s adjudication.” Whitaker did not say so, but another option under state law would be to send a certified copy of Conyers’ felony conviction to Gov. Jennifer Granholm, who could then immediately remove her. (freep.co)

Powers-that-be: Obama-Rahmbo keep Conyers on the Alinsky reservation ... Who told House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, Michigan Democrat, to lay off the radical activist group ACORN? The 23-term congressman, who has been enamored of the aggressively partisan group for years, gave a truly odd explanation last week when he reaffirmed a May 4 statement that a probe of ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) "appears unwarranted at this time." "The powers that be decided against it," he said Wednesday, refusing to elaborate. His spokesman Jonathan Godfrey later said Mr. Conyers was referring to himself as "the powers that be." Unless you believe that "the powers that be" is a novel variation of the editorial "we," it's clear Mr. Conyers wasn't referring to himself and that somebody "got" to him. Judiciary Committee member Steve King, Iowa Republican, doesn't believe Mr. Godfrey. "Who are the powers that be?" he asked Friday. "Speaker Pelosi or President Obama, who has been both an employee and employer of ACORN?" We may have been naive to believe that Mr. Conyers, whose famously obstreperous wife Monica, a Detroit City Council member, pleaded guilty Friday to felony bribery charges, really wanted to examine ACORN's underbelly. After all, Mr. Conyers is a longtime ACORN ally who until recently fought demands to investigate the group. Mr. Conyers strained credibility in his incredibly ill-timed May 4 statement about the Saul Alinsky-inspired election-fraud factory, which habitually claims Republicans are out to persecute it. (washingtontimes.com)

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Andy Stern: Divider-in-Chief's polarizing P2P union big ... Andy Stern heads the SEIU, the union that helped corral the industry groups, and his presence at the White House was a fresh sign of his formidable clout with Obama. When the president met privately with the health industry leaders that day, Stern and a second Service Employees International Union official were the only labor representatives in the room. In a fractious labor movement fraught with rivalries and mutual suspicion, Stern's close association with Obama has given him cachet that may prove important in the fierce competition to lure new members. But Stern's access to the White House has also provoked jealousies. His opponents paint him as a polarizing figure that Obama elevates at his own peril. The Obama-Stern relationship has emerged as one of the most curious within the young administration.(latimes.com)

Shameful UAW bigs, high on the hog, seek to punish kids ... The auto executives have had to give up most of their perks in exchange for the federal bailout money. No private jets. No lavish sales outings. But the United Auto Workers seems to have slipped under the radar. The UAW still owns and operates a $33 million posh golf resort on Black Lake near Cheboygan that ostensibly serves as an education center but provides an elegant getaway for union leadership. And now the union is appealing to the state Tax Tribunal for $3 million in property tax relief from Waverly Township, disputing the assessment of the property. If the UAW wins, schools will be hurt. "Once again, the next generation is getting cheated out of a quality education -- a chance at a brighter future -- because the UAW doesn't want to pay its fair share of taxes," Drain Commissioner Dennis Lennox said. The waste watchdogs at the White House's auto task force should note that the resort has lost $23 million over the past five years, and has been kept alive by loans from the union's strike fund. (detnews.com)
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