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DKos: Get rid of Andy Stern's SEIU ... They've really been getting pelted as of late: "Staffers at Doctors Medical Center in San Pablo voted to join the new National Union of Healthcare Workers and dump the Service Employees International Union as their bargaining representative." It seems like the greedy union bosses at the SEIU are no better than the company bosses they "represent" workers against: "The breakaway union says SEIU has filed hundreds of frivolous charges with state and federal labor boards to delay elections at more than 360 facilities, noting that so-called "blocking charges" are a tactic commonly used "by employers and union-busting consultants" to stall union-representation elections." Looks like we may not need just an Employee Free Choice Act, but an in-tandem law that makes it easier for workers to get rid of their corrupt unions if they're being taken advantage of. (dailykos.com)

Obama the Leveler dines on $100/lb Kobe beef ... It’s not about you. It doesn’t matter who “you” are. It’s no longer about your rights as an individual, or the on-going need to safeguard the rights of all individuals. No, at this stage in the American story, It is now about Barack Obama’s need to save everybody, and, thus, it is the “collective good” that matters. It is now clear that President Obama is on a mission to convert the U.S. to “collectivism.” This, presumably, was part of what he was conveying during his campaign, when he promised “change” for America. And rest assured that a “change” in America’s governing philosophy is well underway, because collectivism is a philosophy that emphasizes human “interdependence” over the traditionally American notion of “independence,” and the “wellbeing of everybody” over the ‘wellbeing of the individual person.” So if the rights of a few hundred thousand individual investors get trampled on in the process of Barack Obama ushering-in the “American collectivist era,” well, that’s no big deal. Such sacrifices are worthwhile, as long as the greater good - the ‘collective good” - is enhanced. (townhall.com)

Chávez : Obama me gusta ... I originally asked if our system of government was A-Fascist, B-Socialist, or C-Capitalist. Actually the answer is none of the above. Under Fascism individuals did not have the right to use their property as they saw fit, government decided what was good for the country. Our system of government has not succumbed to Fascism, yet, because the government controls haven't infested all business sectors. Under Socialism, Marx and Lenin had envisioned a government which owned all property, controlled all aspects of the economy, and redistributed the wealth. Our system of government is not Socialist, yet, because the government doesn't actually own all of the means of production. And it certainly isn't free market Capitalism since the government has intruded into many sectors of the free market. It is disturbing that we are slipping away from a free market economy to a Frankenstein combination of all three economic systems. Unfortunately the Fascist and Socialist influence is beginning to smother the free market. Rather than promoting expansion of the free market economic base, the government is pursuing the Fascist/Socialist models. The federal government is picking business winners and losers, threatening investors, firing CEOs, voiding legal contracts, in a manner that would make Hugo Chávez proud. (postchronicle.com)

Must. Fund. ACORN. ... Under the guise of due process concerns, congressional Democrats have opened the way for organizations with criminal histories to gain greater access to taxpayer funds. Exhibit A here is the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN), now under investigation in at least 14 states for voter registration fraud. Earlier this month, House Financial Services Committee Chairman Rep. Barney Frank, D-MA, sponsored an amendment to the $140 million Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act. The Frank measure allowed organizations being investigated by state or federal authorities on corruption charges to receive federal funds as long as they avoid conviction. Frank argued that his amendment, which was approved by the House, protected the presumption of innocence in federal spending. But federal ethics rules have long stipulated that either an actual or apparent conflict of interest can put a government employee at risk of prosecution for ethics violations. So, if the Frank amendment becomes law, the federal government will have a double standard, ignoring the presumption of innocence for its employees with apparent conflicts of interest, but extending the presumption to its funding recipients. (washingtonexaminer.com)

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SEIU-ACORN's Rathke fakes resignation ... “In what might be the biggest financial political con in history, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, ACORN, is under the Factor microscope. Who are they? ACORN is a far-left organization that signs up voters, lobbies for the poor and promotes low-income housing.” Oh. My. God. Signing up voters. Lobbying for the poor. Promoting low-income housing. What are they thinking? Who runs that? Up until recently, Wade Rathke and his brother Dale held much power within ACORN. But last year, Dale Rathke was exposed. Apparently he embezzled close to $1 million from the organization. ACORN declined – stunningly – to press charges. A reimbursement deal was struck and the Rathke brothers resigned, but Wade is still deeply involved.” (examiner.com)

Memphis thrown under the bus ... Unsatisfied with triggering post-traumatic stress among thousands of Manhattanites, the Obama Administration sets its barnstorming sights on, well, flyover country. This time they conducted an unannounced low-flying, suspiciously orbitting exercise over downtown Memphis: (click here for video.) Granted, it lacked that extra special theatrical touch of a military interceptor screaming after it in hot pursuit, but you know, it's better to keep everyone guessing. DHS having the mysteriously sinister airliner linger like a bird of prey as it hunts for the choice target amps up the panic in its own special way. (perfunction.typepad.com)

Taking on worker-choice in Tennessee ... The lieutenant governor, who is running for governor, said he opposes the idea of borrowing money, saying that resembles how the federal government acts, and said the worst thing the state could do during economic troubles is to raise taxes. “Now, if the businesses are out there hurting, and the people are out there hurting, why should we as government reach in their pockets and pull out more because we don’t want to make the tough choices?” Ramsey asked. “I can assure you we’re not going to do that.” He spoke briefly at the Unicoi County Industrial Appreciation Banquet before he headed to another engagement in Bristol. He highlighted how seven bills the Tennessee Chamber of Commerce said were “job killer” legislation that finally had been approved in the House a couple of years ago died in the Senate. They included public employees getting collective bargaining, which Ramsey called “a direct assault” on Tennessee being a right-to-work state, and the state minimum wage being higher than the federal level and tying it to inflation. “We’re making sure that this state of Tennessee stays a very productive, very pro-business state,” Ramsey said. “Some people think that if you’re pro-business, you’re anti-worker. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you’re pro-business, you want business to grow and you want to have more jobs out there.” (timesnews.net)

IBEW strike boss picks Memorial Day weekend ... There have been no negotiations between management and Penelec workers since a strike started at 11 p.m. Thursday in 31 Pennsylvania counties, including Bradford, a company spokesman said Saturday evening. No negotiations between the two sides are scheduled, said the spokesman, Scott Surgeoner of First Energy, which is the parent company of Penelec. "Nothing has changed" since the work stoppage began, he said. Penelec employees with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 459 hit the picket line Friday in Bradford County. (tmcnet.com)

International Collectivism

Communists take 'exceptional measures' to jolt economy ... The Cuban government reduced from 6 to 2 percent the projected growth of the island’s Gross Domestic Product, or GDP, for this year, yet more bad economic news that authorities have given the country in recent weeks. The announcement was made by Cabinet vice president and Economy Minister Marino Murillo during a meeting at which “exceptional measures” were announced starting June 1 to reduce energy consumption, the official daily Juventud Rebelde said Saturday. (laht.com)

Maoist leaders subdued ... The Andhra Pradesh police Sunday gunned down two top Maoist leaders, including one allegedly involved in the assassination attempt on former chief minister N. Chandrababu Naidu. Patel Sudhakar Reddy, central committee member and K. Venkataiah, state committee member of the Communist Party of India (Maoist) were killed in a gun battle with police in Tadvai forests in Warangal district, police said. Sudhakar Reddy was one of the most wanted Maoist leader carrying a reward of Rs.1.2 million on his capture. On a tip-off about the presence of few guerrillas in the area to attend a meeting, the policemen launched combing operations in the forests. Police said a gun battle ensued Sunday morning and the two guerrillas were killed. (daijiworld.com)

OPEC tilts to Communism ... President Hugo Chávez 's government says it is forming a joint oil company with Vietnam to exploit Venezuela's heavy crude. State-run Petroleos de Venezuela SA, or PDVSA, will cooperate with Vietnam's state oil and gas monopoly, Petrovietnam, on oil exploration and production in Venezuela, according to a presidential decree in the Official Gazette issued Friday. The company, to be called PetroMacareo SA, will operate in Venezuela's eastern Orinoco River basin, and may also participate in transporting and selling oil, the decree said. (biz.thestar.com)
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