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Post-Constitutional 'order': The Final Frontier ... It is incomprehensible that any thinking citizen should want Obama and Marxist Democrats to succeed in changing this country into a collectivist “mediocracy.” It becomes clearer every day that Obama’s agenda is diametrically opposed to his soothing words. The absurdity that nationalizing health care, pauperizing the “rich,” enabling the unions, amnesty for illegal aliens, carbon dioxide caps, et al, will somehow restore the economy and improve national security is overwhelming. The triumvirate of Pelosi, Reid and Obama is dismantling the Constitution, article and bill, one after another. If you don’t believe it, take the time to compare articles and amendments with the policies being proposed by this administration. Many articles and amendments to the Constitution have been compromised by every president, Congress and court in the last 50 years. Examples are: Imposition of ex post facto law vs. Article I; abridgment of speech vs. Amendment I; infringement of security protections in Amendments II and IV; the taking of private property vs. Amendment V; usurpation of state powers protected by X; and, not least, disregard of Senators and Representatives giving aid and comfort to our enemies vs. XIV. President Obama seems bent on complete and final destruction of the Constitution. (blueridgenow.com)

Leftwing election reforms take shape ... Recently, liberal Democratic state House members, including Rep. Vida Miller, introduced the S.C. Clean Elections Act, a measure that would force taxpayers to pay for the election campaigns of politicians running for state offices. Under the proposed law, candidates would agree to limit the amount of money spent on their campaign and not exceed the amount of money spent by their opponent. The bill would require the state to issue debit cards to candidates to pay for campaign expenses. It would also create a whole new administrative and enforcement bureaucracy. Why would legislators want to pile the burden of paying for political campaigns on the backs of taxpayers - especially at a time when budgetary constraints are causing teachers to lose their jobs? After some research, it becomes crystal clear: Incumbent legislators want to ensure they hold their seats and are using their power to have taxpayers foot the bill. It gets better. The legislation reads, "The General Assembly finds that the current system of privately financed campaigns for election to statewide and legislative offices undermines democracy in this state." So, a private citizen using their own money and time to support candidates of their own choice undermines democracy? This bill is akin to union bosses taking union dues and funding political campaigns for politicians its members don't agree with. But it's not a union, it's our government. How is this democratic? How does this protect the First Amendment and the integrity of the electoral process? The answer: It doesn't. (thesunnews.com)

Beck takes on uber-organizer Wade Rathke ... Boy, isn't it awfully suspicious that people within the organization itself can't seem to get answers about where all the taxpayer money is going? There's no transparency and when people have asked questions, they've been tossed out — like another one of our guests, Karen Inman. We know there is smoke, but is there fire? I don't know because it's nearly impossible to unravel the web of organizations that are part of this massive group. All of ACORN apparently operates under the umbrella of Citizens Consulting Inc., whose Web site is completely empty aside from its address: 1024 Elysian Fields Ave., New Orleans. According to corporate filings, about 270 related organizations — which are a mix of corporations and non-profits from states from California to Louisiana — have filed from that location. Does that look like a building that holds 270 organizations? The $630,000 building that was once a funeral home is owned by Elysian Fieldscorp. But there's even more smoke there. The president of ACORN, Wade Rathke, is also a partner in Elysian Fieldscorp. And he and his brother Dale are listed as president or partner in dozens of companies based in that building in Louisiana. We've told you that Dale embezzled about a million dollars while serving as comptroller of CCI and was fired about a year ago over it — only after the scandal had been brushed under the carpet for about eight years. But is there fire? To give you an idea of what's going on at that address as far as size and scope, compare it to the United Way. The United Way has 1,300 local organizations, while ACORN has 1,200 — so they're roughly the same size. But, we found just 13 records of affiliated organizations at United Way's main address. ACORN has two hundred and seventy. So what's going on in that location? We don't know yet. We think it could be as harmless as an administrative letter drop. But there's plenty of smoke at that address in Louisiana and we're going to find out whether the fire department needs to be called in. (foxnews.com)

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Stimulus blackmail used to payback SEIU

Obama's leftwing pastor rallies colleagues for union bigs, against rank-and-file ... Prominent interfaith leaders today called on Congress to pass the Employee Free Choice Act, calling it a "moral imperative" and a civil and human right. The diverse group included Rev. Jim Wallis of Sojourners, Dr. Joseph Fahey of Catholic Scholars for Worker Justice, Bishop Greg Rickel of the Episcopal Diocese of Olympia, and Rabbi Mordechai Liebling, former Executive Director of the Jewish Reconstructionist Federation. Leaders of the new group, called Faith Leaders for Workplace Fairness, spoke on a conference call for press moderated by Kim Bobo of Interfaith Worker Justice. "We need to pass the Employee Free Choice Act because at the heart of this debate is the moral issue of fairness in the need to level the playing field between employee and employer," said Rev. Jim Wallis of Sojourners. (allamericanpatriots.com)

Union-backed, tax-funded fraud: Follow the Money ... MCCRAY: That is correct, Glenn. And don't you find it very interesting that even when after word that $1 million embezzlement came out and the fact that board members and executive committee members covered up the embezzlement, that the only people that had been punished were the people that were trying to get to the bottom of where the money go? BECK: OK. MCCRAY: Doesn't that seem strange? BECK: Oh, yes. That's why, you know, I was told on Friday by the two amazing women that were here, I was told on Friday, "Glenn, stop looking at this as politics. It's not politics. It's about money." Can you tell me — because what I'm trying to do is I'm trying to find — I'm trying to find the beating heart of this — this is like hydra. You can cut ACORN off but it just sprouts another head. There are all kinds of affiliated organizations. Can you tell me at all what CCI is? MCCRAY: Well, I'm glad you asked that, Glenn. Essentially, CCI — Citizens Consulting, Inc. — is basically the financial nerve center for ACORN and all its entities. So, if you really want to try to follow the money, that's why we requested a forensic examination and financial audit of CCI. BECK: OK. CCI — can you put that back up on the screen, please? CCI shows one — what a surprise, it's in New Orleans. There's no corruption down there. It shows one address. This is the address that has — that all of the other ACORN entities, they all list this as their address. So, if you are — correct me if I'm wrong here, Michael — but if you're in one of these organizations and you apply for federal dollars or any kind of dollars, the money goes there? MCCRAY: Well, Glenn, I'm glad you mentioned that. I mean, that's the main problem. As a matter of fact, the money goes there first. So, even if you are at a local chapter of ACORN that wanted to, say, you know, some good philanthropist wanted to write a local grant, the local ACORN chapter can't get the grant. Everything winds up being funneled through national and all of the monies come are dispersed from CCI. Now, CCI says that they pay a small administrative fee. But the problem is, is without an audit, you know, we don't know if CCI gets 1 percent, 50 percent, 90 percent — we don't know. And that's what Karen Inman and Marcel Reid were trying to get their hands on. (foxnews.com)

Progressive Style Points: New Progs back Obama over Lenin ... “That brought us to our essential difference, the difference of the Evolutionary Collectivist and Marxist, the question whether the social revolution is, in its extremity, necessary, whether it is necessary to over throw one economic system completely before the new one can begin. I believe that through a vast sustained educational campaign the existing Capitalist system can be civilised into a Collectivist world system;” - H.G. Wells, Russia in the Shadows. This quote comes from H. G. Wells’ conversation with Vladimir Lenin. Wells was highlighting the difference between Lenin’s radical revolutionary program and Wells’ own “Open Conspiracy” evolutionary collectivist program. What that means is that Lenin and H. G. Wells didn’t disagree on the final destination, a collectivist world system… socialism on a global scale applied to everyone and every single country. What they disagreed on was how to get there. Lenin favored a violent overthrow of the existing free market capitalist systems, putting an end to democracy and individual freedoms by armed force, and replacing them with a revolutionary people’s government that would administer social justice. (canadafreepress.com)

MM: Andy Stern's SEIU goons to the rescue ... “We spent a fortune to elect Barack Obama -- $60.7 million to be exact—and we’re proud of it,” boasted Andy Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union, to the Las Vegas Sun this week. The behemoth labor organization’s leadership is getting its money’s worth. Whether rank-and-file workers and ordinary taxpayers are profiting from this ultimate campaign pay-for-play scheme is another matter entirely. The two-million-member union, which represents both government and private service employees, proudly claimed that its workers “knocked on 1.87 million doors, made 4.4 million phone calls … and sent more than 2.5 million pieces of mail in support of Obama.” It dispatched SEIU leaders to seven states in the final weekend before the election to get out the vote for Obama and other Democrats. Through a series of local chapter takeovers and bully campaigns to destroy the reputation of executives who refuse to submit to their will, Stern and his scandal-plagued lieutenants have consolidated low-skill service workers to create a 21st century labor empire. The ubiquitous Stern now enjoys a prominent seat at the table of every major policy discussion at the White House, including economic recovery and health care radicalization. Obama champions the SEIU’s top legislative priorities: expansive government health care (paid for with regressive sin taxes) and the “Employee Free Choice Act” to do away with private-ballot union elections in the workplace. He has SEIU-blessed bureaucrats installed in every corner of his administration to carry out the agenda. (cnsnews.com)

Andy Stern: Still stoked about Card-Check ... You know you've won the language wars when the other side gives up and starts using your language. As, a reader points out, in the case of SEIU President Andy Stern and the Employee Free Choice Act. In an interview with the Las Vegas Sun, Stern -- perhaps the nation's most prominent labor leader, and a fierce supporter of the bill -- uses the business-side shorthand, "card check," no fewer than three times. "Card check is alive and well," Stern said, adding of Arlen Specter, "if he’s red on card check, I couldn’t get my members to vote for him. That’s like being against universal health care." Later in the interview, he seems to use it to refer more narrowly to the provision of EFCA allowing workers to join unions by signing cards, which could be dropped in a compromise. "Regardless of whether there is card check, we all agree this election process is broken and workers shouldn’t have to wait months to get an election," Stern said. (politico.com)

Oppressed workers at Obama's suitmaker use SEIU to fight back ... Another factory occupation to protest a plant closure could be taking shape in the Chicago area. Workers at the Hartmarx men's clothing manufacturer voted May 11 to sit in at their plant in Des Plaines, Ill., if Wells Fargo bank tries to liquidate the bankrupt company. The workers, members of the Workers United union, are demanding that Wells Fargo agree to finance efforts to maintain production and 3,600 jobs, either with current management or a new owner. They argue that the bank, which received $25 billion in government funds as part of last year's rescue of Wall Street, should be obligated to support workers whose taxes are being used to fund the bailout. "We'll stand up and take whatever action is necessary," said Joe Costigan, a Workers United official. "We're going to draw a line in the sand and fight back." The situation at Hartmarx parallels that of Republic Windows & Doors, a Chicago factory where workers' six-day occupation in December forced Bank of America to pay $1.35 million to settle the company's severance package obligations to workers--along with another $400,000 from JPMorgan Chase. Hartmarx workers have labor's big guns on their side at the outset. Their union, Workers United, a breakaway group from the UNITE HERE union, is affiliated with the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), which represents more than 2 million workers. (socialistworker.org)

Jumbo gov't unions set Pay-to-Play with Clintonista ... A local chapter of the labor organization SEIU today endorsed Terry McAuliffe for VA GOV, citing the strength of his jobs plan in a release issued by McAuliffe's campaign. The chapter -- 32BJ of the SEIU, which has over 3,500 members in VA -- also stressed McAuliffe's proposals to improve VA's health care, education and the state's transportation systems. This marks the fourth key labor endorsement for McAuliffe, who is vying with state Sen. Creigh Deeds and ex-Del. Brian Moran for the party's nomination. The American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME), the Int'l Brotherhood of Boilermakers and the Virginia Professional Firefighters have each announced support for McAuliffe. (hotlineoncall.nationaljournal.com)

Rep. Rick Boucher placed on Dirty Money Watch ... WHO: Rep. Rick Boucher (D-Va.), a co-sponsor of the Employee Free Choice Act, (aka Card Check). WHAT: Rep. Boucher received the following dirty money: Communication Workers of America (PAC) $7,000 in 2008 election cycle; $2,500 in 2006 election cycle. Boilermakers Union (PAC) $4,000 in 2008 election; $1,000 in 2006 election cycle. American Federation of Government Employees (PAC) $1,000 in 2006 election cycle. International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (PAC) $10,000 in 2008 election cycle; $7,000 in 2006 election cycle. United Steelworkers of America (PAC) $5,000 in 2008 election cycle. WHY IT’S DIRTY: Multiple officers and members of these unions, including division presidents, secretary-treasurers and business managers, have been convicted since 2001 of felonies ranging from embezzlement, falsifying official reports to government, mail fraud and conspiracy. The Communication Workers of America and the American Federation of Government Employees have had eight convictions, The Boilermakers have had 10 members convicted, while the IBEW has had 14 members convicted. The United Steelworkers of America, which includes Paper, Allied-Industrial Chemical and Energy Workers International Union (PACE), has had 30 convictions among its membership. The amounts of embezzled funds range from over $5,000 to over $100,000. WILL BOUCHER GIVE IT BACK: Boucher did not respond to The Examiner’s request for comment. THE SCORE: Number of Democrats who have given it back: 0 • Number of Republicans who have given it back: 0 • YOUR TURN: You can reach Rep. Boucher’s Washington D.C. office at 202-225-3861 (washingtonexaminer.com)

Exposed: How 'Social Justice' displaced 'Liberty' ... America is more than a country; it is the ideal of liberty. In economic terms, liberty translates into the entrepreneurial spirit of hard work, risk taking and self-reliance. And this spirit has made America rich beyond compare. Unfortunately, over the past four decades, much has been undone. Under the guise of a new, “social” justice, political leaders have turned our native ethics upside down. Profit-taking is now seen as gouging; success is greed; businessmen are predators. This creeping socialist transformation of our culture has finally broken the back of the American economy. The definitive fork in the road occurred in August 1971, when President Nixon ended the U.S. dollar's link to gold. The move allowed the U.S. government to issue money without the restraint imposed by gold-backed currency. For most countries, this would have unleashed a wave of monetary inflation and, consequently, skyrocketing prices. But, since the dollar remained the world's reserve currency, foreign central banks were compelled to subsidize U.S. expenditure, and our inflation was exported overseas. With global funding secured, Congress offered increasingly generous entitlements to an increasingly dependent population. This has resulted in the decay of America's productive sectors and a massive depletion of accumulated wealth. Now, socialist America subsists on the whims of the capitalist powers of the East. American consumption is dependent on loans from nations who just 40 years ago were economic afterthoughts. (news.goldseek.com)

Striking Teamsters disagree with oppressive employer ... Workers at Warren Concrete and Supply took to the picket line Tuesday morning. Seven workers, members of Teamsters Local 3-77, went to the picket line this morning saying they are upset by wage and benefit cuts. Rick Hamilton, one of the owners of the family owned business, says his company is facing tough economic times but they have still offered workers 100 percent company paid health care. He says they are doing whatever they can to stay open. However, union members disagree. (wytv.com)

Gov't union strike continues, public health threatened ... Negotiations broke off between the city of Windsor, Ont. and its nearly 2,000 striking employees Tuesday, setting the stage for what could be a long and bitter strike for pickets and residents alike. The mediator has left town and no further talks are scheduled to end the labour unrest, already entering its fifth week. "Unfortunately, this is entering into a long strike," Mayor Eddie Francis said Tuesday after talks stalled. "We had hoped we would be in a position whereby we could bring the workers back performing the valuable service they perform on a daily basis." Striking CUPE workers picket in front of the Parks and Recreation Department office on McDougall Avenue in Windsor. It looks like the dandelions -- and the garbage -- are here to stay for awhile. "It's not lost on us that the residents have been impacted, that the services that have been impacted are services that our residents deserve and depend on." Francis said the city will roll out new plans to deal with the mounting refuse -- garbage collection is one of many city services put on hold -- in coming weeks. (canada.com)

International Collectivism

Getting up in Obama's face boosts Chávez ... President Hugo Chávez remains popular among nearly two-thirds of Venezuelans after winning a February referendum removing limits on re-election and he's feeling emboldened, a private pollster said Tuesday. The socialist leader's popularity stood at 59% in March, just slightly down from the 61% recorded in February, according to a March 20-30 survey of 2,000 people by the Caracas-based pollster Datanalisis. Results of the survey, which had a margin of error of 2.7 percentage points, weren't unveiled until this week because a group of businesses that paid for the poll had not authorized its release to the public. Datanalisis said the latest figure is up from 51% in January, 2008. (usatoday.com)

Chávez displays linguistic cunning ... Even Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez couldn't keep the smirk off of his face when he announced the debut of the world's cheapest cell phone. At only $15, Chávez boasted that the new phone developed by the government came complete with a camera, internet access, an FM radio and MP3 and MP4 players. But what brought a smile to el presidente's face during the announcement was the phone's name, "Vergatario," which is derived from local Venezuelan slang for "penis." Chávez made a series of subtle jokes throughout the press conference playing on the slang terminology, such as "Whoever doesn't have a Vergatario is nothing." He then proceeded to shamelessly call his mother from his new penis phone. Watch the video below and tell us: Do you think it is inappropriate for the phone to reference that special part of a man's anatomy? (latina.com)

Would you buy gas from a despotic far-left totalitarian? ... A US advocacy group and a Venezuelan exile said Tuesday they have filed suit seeking five billion dollars in damages from Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and state oil companies for alleged human rights abuses. The suit, which was first filed in April by Washington-based Freedom Watch and exiled Venezuelan journalist Ricardo Guaripa, accuses Chávez of alleged acts in support of terrorism, torture and human rights violations. Freedom Watch president Larry Klayman said he increased the amount sought to five billion dollars on Monday and added Venezuelan-owned Citgo to the suit on grounds that it provides the funds that support the alleged terrorism. "We are going to wait and see whether Venezuela turns up for the proceedings. If it does not it will be easier to gain a verdict against it," said Guaripa. Guaripa worked for US-funded Radio Marti in Caracas until the end of 2004 when he went into exile, alleging he had been the target of death threats and intimidation by the Chávez government. "The people of Venezuela and the world have been terrorized by Chávez and his communist/terrorist henchmen for too long," Klayman said in a statement, adding that the president has taken several measures to "cement" his grip on power. "All the while he continues, through oil revenues and other means, to support terrorist countries and groups bent on destroying capitalism and the West in general." Freedom Watch accuses Chavez of supporting the leftist Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), as well as Middle East groups Hamas and Hezbollah. The US government has labeled all three groups terrorist organizations. (google.com)
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