Working Families Fraud, part 3

It's all In the corrupt Big Labor family

The Working Families Organization’s 2009 lobbying records also demonstrate relationships among the Party, the Organization and the Progressive America Fund—and not just through what were, until recently, common offices.

One of the two branches of the Fund is the Center for Working Families, a think tank founded in 2006 with co-directors Deirdre Schifeling, a former deputy director of the Party and listed lobbyist of the Organization, and Lisa Donner, a former Service Employees International Union and ACORN staffer.

Currently, the Center’s interim director is listed as David Palmer who has been identified in news articles as also being the legislative campaigns director for the Party. This makes him an employee of a 501 (c)4, a 501 (c)3 and a political party, all at once.
(from cityhallnews.com)

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