Recent Obama Hoax Exposed!

Does the President actually know anyone who is not a union thug?

The president called for a jobs summit, but didn't invite the National Association of Manufacturers, the American Small Business Association, the National Federation of Independent Businesses or a host of other private sector associations that could provide jobs.

Was this presidential clarion call one to beef up federal, state and local government employment and promote union membership? Welcome to socialism — where the responsibility for job creation rests with government and our unions, and the manufacturing sector is either irrelevant or in need of further regulation. (Let me suggest a distinction between the cowboy investment (Wall Street) sector, which is an arm of the Treasury Department, and the manufacturing people who actually make products.)

On the other hand the president invited the presidents of the American Federation of Teachers and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU), the invisible hand of ACORN — Obama's alma mater — not Adam Smith. All were in attendance, along with other labor leaders, liberal economists and environmentalists.

So union executives and academics were there, but not the people who actually provide jobs for companies that pay taxes. Go figure. It makes no sense.

(from hernandotoday.com)

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