Obama: Odd Man Out

The Emperor's New Speech Impediment

Disfluency: Noun 1. disfluency - lack of skillfulness in speaking or writing

Something's gone wrong. Something's gone off. Something's just not right with this most "not American" of all American presidents. You can sense it and now, if you pay attention, you can see it and hear it.

The always astute and detailed analyst of all the president's foibles neo-neocon has noticed "Suddenly, Obama's not so fluent any more."

Obama now seems to go off-teleprompter more often—perhaps because he’s been critiqued so much for its use—and when reading from notes on a lectern he stops and starts, as well as using a tennis-match-like repetitive back and forth movement of his head.
What’s more, Obama’s disfluencies have an odd cadence, coming at times that seem unnatural, as though he’s distracted and not even thinking about what he’s saying but rather merely reading it from a text he’s never seen before. Is he nervous? Lying? Nervous about lying? Nervous about being caught in lying? Aware that the gift he’s relied on his entire life is going or perhaps even gone, now that he needs it most?
"Disfluencies" is the perfect term for this current state in which the silver-plate seems to be peeling off this silver-tongued devil.

Blessed with success that stems from a rep for speaking he never deserved (a rep of oration that swept up the nation when he was scripted and never once swerved), he's now in that mess where he's no longer blessed; where his actions speak louder than words.

In this clip, it is both his actions (Try watching it for a bit with the sound off and see the almost robotic metronomic beat of the head moving to engage the left, the podium, the right), and his odd pauses on the off-beat when he breaks his sentences. It is, once you see it and hear it, very off and very odd indeed. In fact, the effect is "off-putting" when watching someone who more and more seems to be, in terms of other Americans of all races, creeds, colors, and national origins, an "odd man out."

(from americandigest.org)

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