Obama consigliere shields disgraced Desiree Rogers

The Chicago Way: Valerie Jarrett protégé a national laughingstock

The heat's on Desiree Rogers. Now, a lot of people in Chicago are wondering will they or won't they fire the nation's celebrity party planner. For those who don't know, Rogers has been under intense scrutiny since a Washington couple crashed the president's first state dinner.

Despite their names not being on a guest list, the uninvited managed to get up close and personal with President Obama and other Cabinet members.

A committee investigating how the Salahis did it want to talk to Rogers. That's not likely to happen. So far, the White House has dug in its heels -- ignoring threats from members of Congress that if Rogers doesn't voluntarily talk to them, she will be subpoenaed.

But the controversy has put Rogers in the headlights. What an untidy mess for an administration that likes things tied with a bow.

On Thursday, the director of the U.S. Secret Service, Mark Sullivan, threw himself and his agency into the flames by acknowledging to a House committee that "appropriate procedures" were not followed. The agents who waved the Salahis by all of the checkpoints have been relieved of their duties and most likely will be sacked.

Meanwhile, the White House social secretary appears to be immune to any punishment. As an early supporter of the Obama campaign, and the BFF of Obama insider Valerie Jarrett, Rogers has been instrumental in hooking up the first family with the right benefactors.

(from suntimes.com)

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