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Good morning! It's Friday, 19 degrees outside, and, like you, we're ready for the weekend! So, without further ado, we offer you this week's edition of Labor Shorts #7: Exposing Union Bosses' One Skid Mark at a Time.

Selling a 2" caterpillar as a 10" python: Three nurses' unions merged to create what union bosses and the media are touting as a "massive" union for RNs. As the rest of the country battles frigid temperatures, the National Nurses Union met in sunny Scottsdale for its founding convention and appointed non-nurse and former Teamster organizer Rose Anne DeMoro as the union's Executive Director. [Note to Nurses: A 150,000 member is rather puny by union standards…but, hey, if you want to believe it's massive, we won't burst your bubble.]

Bah! What Constitution? As Democrats in the United States Congress reaches the final stretch in nationalizing health care in the U.S., unions and liberal groups demand the public option, the Heritage Foundation points out a little problem that ObamaCare has: the U.S. Constitution.

Is America Killing Off Business? Even though 76% of Americans prefer a free-market economy, the Department of Labor has issued a 32-page wish list for 2010. Download Secretary Solis' 32-page wish list here.

Maids & Babysitters of the World Unite! Imagine, some day, when Buffy-the-Babysitter comes to your door to care for your kids, she could be coming with her union steward in tow. No. It's not a joke.

And Their Parting Gift Is… In Colorado, as ads for replacement workers are posted, accused nepotist and money mismanager, UFCW boss Ernie Duran, Jr. is leaving office with more than just a gold watch.

Don't Cross Our Picket Lines…Pleease...? After four months of striking Ontario's drive testing centers, Canadian Steelworkers are begging the public not to cross their picket lines.

Hoffa's Wall of Protectionism = Unemployment. As Hoffa calls for more protectionism, the ChamberPost points out the flaws in his logic.

Doomed? The votes are in, roughly 1,000 Chicago Teamsters may have just sealed the fate for 40,000 other workers at failing trucking company, YRC Worldwide. Teamster bosses were 'disappointed.'

Tired of being pushed around. Pulte Homes' subsidiary, Jones Company filed a lawsuit accusing the Laborer's International Union of North America (LiUNA ) of assault, battery, theft, destruction of property and intimidation. The suit includes an allegation that, at an October 19th company meeting, a LiUNA member, put his finger on a pregnant woman's abdomen and shouted "working here, you are sacrificing the future of your child."

Dues-Sucker Picket Blood Sucking Event. As a Teamster strike against the Red Cross ends its second week, striking members picketed outside a New Jersey blood drive.

I Can't Hear You! Teamsters stage a sit in at Spanish radio station in Washington state that is, according to Executive Director Maria Fernandez, an effort to take over non profits and a radio station.

The Job Killers. A partisan approach to killing jobs is reviewed by commentator Paul Moreno.

More SEIU Dirty Tactics in Union v. Union Battle? Monsignor John Brenkle says "SEIU has prevented any ground rules from being set, and workers are facing a hostile atmosphere in what should be a place of healing and caring."

Readers, that wraps up our Labor Shorts for this week. For more news & views on today's unions, join the LUR Group on Linkedin.

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