Working Families Gone Wild!

You just can't stop union-backed political fraud groups
Short of printing out the city's campaign-finance statutes, dumping the pages on the street, dousing them with lighter fluid and striking a match, it's hard to see what else the Working Families Party could've done to raise suspicions about its activities. Yet it looks like the party is getting away with it all.

That spells greater trouble for elections ahead, as the WFP tries to take over City Hall. The hard-left fusion party took quite a gamble this year. It played to win. And win it did -- electing Bill de Blasio public advocate, toppling incumbent lawmakers and seizing open seats.

But the WFP also turned the city's campaign-finance system on its head. With the help of a suspicious for-profit corporation, the party seemingly found a way around the strict spending and contribution limits imposed by the public-financing system, established a generation ago to put a damper on influence peddling.

Since the start of the year, the WFP has pumped $1 million into the corporation, which isn't required to file an expenditure report. The WFP, then, was able to conceal and maximize the support it provided city candidates, who still got to collect the taxpayer-funded matching funds.

So who's going to do something about it? (from nypost.com)
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