Valerie Jarrett fail

Leftwing grievance mongers, now in power, just don't get it
The administration wants to speak “truth” to common people? To everyone who doesn’t support their policies? The American left has a long history of using character attacks against opponents and aggressive protests to gain clout, and we’re already seeing those same tactics employed again.

For example, videos have surfaced of Service Employees International Union members, a group Obama himself has called a valued ally, violently beating protesters outside of town hall meetings across the country.

We have also seen congressional Democrats including Nancy Pelosi try to identify opposition members as gun-clinging racists or Nazi-invokers — even after it was identified that many reports were overblown, or could be linked to extreme sources like Lyndon LaRouche.

It seems that the administration has forgotten one important piece of information: the left is now running the show, not the right. The rhetoric of speaking truth to power works when you are in the minority, but it cannot be used in the same way now. That, however, is just what it seems Jarrett is suggesting that the administration is doing, and this drastically changes the impact. What could have been spun as aggressive protesting while out of power now looks highly suspect — more like aggressive attempts to suppress the opposition — while in power.

The Left needs to rethink its tactics in order to appropriately engage the public at large. The onus of responsibility to lead — not to protest — rests with them. And while the president and his staff may not like the newfound ire focused upon their policies, stiff opposition comes with the territory. That is a truth that does hold power.

David Giffin is a College senior from Charleston, Ill.
(from emorywheel.com)

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