Tactics for our post-Constitutional Era

Rules for Radicals replaces our antiquated, failed founding ideology
We have seen Alinsky’s strategies at work for many decades now in the community organizers like ACORN. Quite obviously, the state controlled media has for years fed the people propaganda, using brainwashing techniques and discontentment and made them open to a desire for “change.” One can do a small amount of research on the web or get Alinsky’s book from the library and understand his entire strategy for revolutionary change. I’d suggest it, as it’s wise to know your enemy.

My friend JB says it quite clearly, “The Marxist strategy is simple ... attack on every front at once. Constantly probe for soft spots where they can advance unchallenged. When they meet resistance on one front, they simply advance on another front and return to that issue when the people are looking the other way.

It's brilliant and VERY affective!

Meanwhile, the right is divided across a thousand second tier issues, unable to defend itself on any front, so fractured that they can't even agree on the fundamentals today.

Divided, we are sitting ducks! We have only days, weeks, a few months at the outside, to unite and mobilize in a real way. We fail to do that and this thing is OVER!”

Unfortunately, no one is stepping up to guide the many disenfranchised American constitutionalists and patriots as to how they can fight this administration and their Marxist policies that will totally destroy America and her freedoms. The infiltration of the neo-conservatives (former communists that claim conservatism, but still hold to way too many communist tenets) into the RNC has destroyed the original platform of the Republican Party.

As I mentioned in my last article, MORE REPUBLICAN DECEPTION, when the RNC backs the likes of Dede Scazzofavo against constitutionalist Doug Hoffman, we are really in dire straights. We have way too many like Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, John McCain, Lamar Alexander, etc. etc. ad nauseum. (from newswithviews.com)
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