SEIU local makes it big

Extreme unionist thugs know no limits

It's been a tough couple days for the president of Allentown's largest union, Nick Balzano.

Last week, he said the local Service Employees International Union was considering filing a grievance against the city because officials allowed a local boy scout to do some work in a park. Those comments were featured in a Sunday Morning Call story.

Here's audio of the meeting so you can see for yourself. Download Balzano.

The boy scout, Kevin Anderson, 17, was doing the volunteer work to earn his Eagle Scout badge, he says.

The comments sparked outrage nationally, most notably from Conservative pundits Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity, who both dedicated portions of their Fox television shows to the issue. They said the story illustrates the extreme measures unions, specifically SEIU, take to protect their jobs.

Congressman Charlie Dent, R-Lehigh, weighed in on the issue, calling on Balzano to issue an apology to the family of the boyscout and to the residents of Allentown.

Attempts to get into contact with Balzano have been unsuccessful.

(from blogs.mcall.com)

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