Pro-union Pay-to-Play corruption: The Fix is In

Transparency interferes in Obama's allocation of union political power
If "transparency" is the keystone of the Obama administration, why is the Department of Labor softening new regulations that have exposed corruption by unions?

Under former Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, new rules required unions to itemize receipts and expenditures and disclose the full value of benefits received by union officers and employees, reminds The Heritage Foundation.

And then, the fallout: Increased scrutiny exposed at least two high-ranking officials within the Service Employees International Union who spent union cash quite lavishly among acquaintances -- and for no apparent benefit to the rank and file. Tyrone Freeman, boss of the SEIU Los Angeles local, and Annelle Grajeda, an executive vice president of the national SEIU, both resigned.

So, if something works, why "fix" it -- unless the administration's fix is in?

Apparently "transparency" and what ends up getting exposed are quite subjective matters under President Obama. Last month Labor rescinded enhanced union financial-reporting requirements implemented in January. And more curtain-pulling is expected, allowing union bosses to spend without the glare of enhanced scrutiny.

If Mr. Obama is unwilling to restore transparency to organized labor, then Congress must. (from pittsburghlive.com)
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