New Progs gain in Nicaragua

Ortega's Sandinista Partisans Attack Protesters
Followers of Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega, leader of the official Sandinista party, attacked dissident Sandinistas who were protesting on the one-year anniversary of nationwide municipal elections they consider “fraudulent.”

The brawl took place outside the Supreme Electoral Council, or CSE, located in front of the central headquarters of the national police in Managua. The protesters sought refuge in police headquarters, where the Ortega followers pursued them with rocks and tubes for shooting firecrackers, according to video reports seen on television.

An Efe photographer witnessed Ortega loyalists in an SUV throwing eggs at a television news crew and a dissident who was being interviewed. The president’s followers, some with their faces covered, threw rocks and firecrackers at the police facilities and broke a glass door. (from laht.com)

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