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Oct. 31, 2009
Have They Severed Ties? Following our discovery last week of the hypocritical use of a "union-busting" law firm by the Democratic establishment (including the Democratic National Committee and POTUS), we've been waiting for the establishment to sever their ties to this firm ... We're still waiting.

Whose Driving America's Bus? Apparently, its Andy Stern and his purple-clad comrades. With 22 visits to the White House, Andy tops the list. What else has Stern & the Gang directed the White House to do?

United Against Work. The ever-shrinking UAW has voted to deny Ford Motor Co. a competitive contract, following the contracts of GM and Chrysler. Did the UAW just kill Ford too? Could there also be a conflict of interest?

Your Taxes at Work. Chrysler Offers 23,000 workers early retirement. Guess who's subsidizing that?

Boeing, Boeing ... Gone! The wait is over. Earlier this week, despite making its demands clear to a defiant IAM, Boeing announced its decision to locate its second production line to South Carolina, sending a strong message to an anti-business Washington State and its 'Fighting Machinists'.

Teamsters Celebrate Anniversary on Strike. Despite employees voting to decertify last May and the plant doing fine, those crazy horses over at the Teamsters continue picketing Metalworks.

Yankees or Phillies? [Who cares in the West?] Both are playing under the threat of (another) SEPTA strike in Philadelphia.

Pickets a Go-Go…? Not yet. UFCW members in Colorado are feeling a bit frustrated that the UFCW national bosses haven't released them to hit the streets yet.

Harley-Davidson, our favorite V-Twin makers, announce a plan to outsource approximately 400 more Machinists' jobs in Pennsylvania.

Union Corruption Corner:

* Sticky-Fingered Steelworker gets one year for swiping $48k.

* Where'd the Money Go? AFSCME Local 1324 is searching for $13k of its members' money ... Apparently it just walked away.

* $13K Will Get You Six Months ... If you happen to be former CWA President Belinda Woods.

* Machinists' Money Pit? And 27 months in federal prison was the sentence for former pension manager Harvey Keil for stealing $341,000.

* How Do You Plead? Apparently former SEIU boss Alejandro Stephens is set to plead guilty on two counts of mail fraud and one count of filing a false tax return.

* Just the usual: Union fraud in Detroit (even Kwame is involved)

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