Obama burned in effigy

Overexposed President's image takes another global hit

2010: U.S. business creeps to halt

Liberty becomes a federal law enforcement, collective bargaining issue
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Goodbye 2009

Can we survive Obama's fundamental transformation of the U.S.?

Administration ball drops

2009 marks a failed Presidency

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President's inspiration exposed

Rathke, Alinsky: Obama's ideologue-activist heroes

When I hear President Obama complain about "fat-cat bankers" and the harm they've done to our economy vis-à-vis the economic implosion that became manifest in fall 2008, for example, once again I experience that grim amusement.

I am amused (as well as appalled and incensed) because Obama knows that it was socialist oligarchs such as Sens. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, and communists such as himself and Wade Rathke who poured sugar into America's economic gas tank.

Those who surround our president (to whom he admonished us to pay attention, by the way) are among those unproductive, mediocre and larcenous few as well, as are many of our lawmakers. As this Politburo polishes so-called health-care reform measures that aren't really health-care reform measures (see the quote from Sen. Harry Reid in linked article), members of the establishment press now feel eminently comfortable disclosing their political biases.

Last week, Chris Matthews, the incomprehensibly vapid and obsequious commentator for the MSNBC television network, called radical communist-nihilist Saul Alinsky "one of our [America's] heroes."

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Obama denies ACORN fetish

But White House visitor logs indicate otherwise

This afternoon, on arguably one of the slower news day of the year, the Obama White House released another document dump of “visitor records.” According to the White House, today’s batch total more than 25,000 records, covering meetings between September 16-September 30th.

You can scroll through the list of records on the White House site OR you can download the raw data. Interestingly, the full download uncovers almost 30,000 records, including many from outside the mid-September time-frame detailed on the White House site. In other words, only the records from the specific two week time period are viewable on the White House site. Many other visitor records were released today…they are just much harder to find.

Like, for example, the visitor records for Bertha Lewis.

According to the visitor logs, on September 2nd Bertha E. Lewis made an appointment on to visit the White House on September 5th at 12:30. (We usually need to plan further ahead to get our hair cut.) On the evening of the 4th, that appointment was cancelled so Bertha could move her appointment earlier, to 10am.

And it doesn’t seem to have actually been a work visit, as her appointment indicates she was visiting the Residence within the White House. Also, September 5th was a Saturday. Nice.

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Union thug cops busted in labor-state

Exposed: Ugly underbelly of public union racism

Oppressed Obamunists Act Up

Emboldened criminals ready to breakout in 2010

Control-click Icon Gallery.

Obama Administration.


#1 union-backed, tax-funded political fraud group.

Historic social-justice activists and celebrities.

Signs of the times.

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