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SEIU's psychopathic genius exposed ... Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich and I ran into each other at least once a month while he was campaigning for re-election in 2006. My impression at the time: He was either a corrupt madman or a psychopathic genius, with no middle ground. Now it appears my instincts were correct. The Democrat, who's fighting for his political life after being charged by the feds with trying to sell President-elect Obama's U.S. Senate seat, was hot and bothered and wanted to meet me after I wrote a glowing column about a political rival of his in January 2006. (hernandotoday.com)

Unions can buy any politicians they can afford ... Christmas came a little early in Illinois this year and U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald was Santa Claus. What better present could Illinois residents have than accusations of wrong doing by the governor, backed up by 76 pages of taped conversations. The governor has been under investigation for five years, but it was not until a couple weeks before Christmas that the U.S. Attorney made his move. Most of what concerned him did not happen five, or three, of even one year ago, but only since Barack Obama was elected president ... If we want to change the law, just legalize pay-to-play politics. In the future, all state jobs and contracts will be up for bids. It would bring the law more in line with reality. All of this is about money and donations to political campaigns. (morrisdailyherald.com)

Congress: Bailout unpersuasive unions ... Virginia’s small businesses are struggling right now because of the recession. They’re struggling to get customers, pay bills and keep the doors open. The last thing Virginia’s family-owned businesses need is some bureaucrat dictating the wages and benefits they pay their employees. But that’s exactly what the labor unions and some members of Congress want to see happen. Union bosses and their friends in Congress are trying to pass something called the Employee Free Choice Act. This woefully misnamed bill would replace secret ballots with a process known as card check. If the bill were to become law, unions could organize a workplace simply by “persuading” a majority of workers to sign authorization cards. There would be no subsequent secret-ballot election and no chance for management to present its case as to what the ramifications might be for employees’ futures. (suffolknewsherald.com)

Founders' republican vision hailed ... Kathleen Parker's commentary a week or so ago about the American voters' ignorance is a sad but true observation. Because of the ignorance, apathy, tolerance and cowardice of many voters, we as a nation elected an individual as president of the United States who admitted by his voting record, as well as public statements on national news networks, that he supports freedom of choice and therefore rejects the basic moral principle - sanctity of life. His close associates, such as Bill Ayers and Bernadette Dohrn Ayers, have been closely associated with the Communist Party. Obama promotes redistribution of wealth of legal plunder, and we shall soon understand why our founding fathers founded a republic - not a democracy. (theadvertiser.com)

Pay-to-Play corrupts Oregon, too ... Could it happen here? Could Oregon be the next state to make national news in a corruption scandal? Many people don't realize that Oregon has no limits on political contributions. One person or group can contribute a million dollars or more to any candidate. Can any rational person think that large contributions are given for free, with no strings attached? (oregonlive.com)

Stern protégé wrecked SEIU ... "Freeman takes a lot of our money, and we don't even have medical insurance," said Bustamante, 55, a Los Angeles area resident who is being treated for lymphoma. "We have to get to the bottom of it and find our where all our money went. We have to get it back." ... Sherman said he encountered Freeman outside a hearing that led SEIU officials to place his local in trusteeship. "I said, 'You messed up and you have to come clean.' He said, 'That's your version of it. You don't know the bottom line.'" Folding his hands resolutely, Sherman added that Freeman had nothing more to say. "I know what he did to us," he said. "He ruined our union." (latimes.com)

Workers' Comp fraud in Ohio revealed ... To hear Marc Dann tell it, this week's scathing report on his 17 months as Ohio attorney general really was the second chapter of a story that began more than three years ago, when Dann railed against corrupt investment practices at the Bureau of Workers' Compensation ... In a follow-up interview this week, Dann pointed to comments that Edward P. Waters, a deputy inspector general, made during an interview of Anthony Gutierrez, the former Dann aide at the center of the scandal that drove Dann from office. Waters minimized Dann's role in exposing corrupt coin investments during the 2005 scandal at the Bureau of Workers' Compensation, according to interview transcripts released this week. "The one thing I remember about the workers' comp investigation is that we collectively, along with many others, put an awful lot of work into that," Waters said. "But every time there was a news camera around, Marc Dann who, I'll be frank, did nothing on that investigation, but he was out front with the news camera talking about pay-to-play, all this kind of stuff." (dispatch.com)

SEIU goldmine compares to organized crime ... In the months since the Los Angeles County Civil Grand Jury found that "scam artists" are "embedded" inside the county's in-home care program, an investigation has uncovered widespread fraud, including county employees involved in the schemes. More than 700 instances of suspected fraud have been referred to the state Department of Health Care Services for investigation, and arrests of In-Home Supportive Services employees are pending, prosecutors said. "I think the extent of the fraud is greater than anyone ever realized," said James Baker, assistant head deputy in the Welfare Fraud Division of the county District Attorney's Office. ... "It's the old Mafia game," said Gleiter, a retired businessman who lives in North Hollywood. "You look inside to see who is watching the chickens, and it's the fox who is watching the chickens." (contracostatimes.com)

Hoffa hungry for FedEx dues

International Collectivism

Chávez snubbed ... Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez is not invited to the inauguration of Puerto Rico's new governor. The president of the organizing committee for Luis Fortuno's ceremony has not said why the South American leader was left off the guest list. Marimer Olazagasti refused to say Friday who had been invited but confirmed that Dominican President Leonel Fernandez would attend. Chávez attended the 2001 inauguration of former governor Sila Calderon, but did not attend the 2005 inauguration of governor Anibal Acevedo Vila. (etaiwannews.com)

Collectivism's broken promises ... Socialism and its twin partner communism cannot be separated, and in fact socialism has its modern roots in the Communist Manifesto. It was there that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels laid the blueprint for a type of socialism that called for total social change and class warfare. "Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians [laborers] have nothing to lose but their chains. They have the world to win," wrote the two socialist revolutionaries in 1848. They promised the world to laborers; they would take the property from capitalists (whom they call bourgeoisie) for the benefit of laborers: "The distinguishing feature of communism is not the abolition of property generally, but the abolition of bourgeois property.... In this sense, the theory of the Communists may be summed up in the single sentence: Abolition of private property." (thenewamerican.com)
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