Obama backs unpopular secret-ballot ban

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U.S. small businesses to rebuild middle class the Obama Way - via instant, no-vote unionization

For decades, workers’ decisions on whether to unionize have been expressed in secret-ballot elections supervised by the National Labor Relations Board. At stake in the presidential campaign is whether to do away with that process — by passing a misnamed bill called the Employee Free Choice Act.

Unfortunately, the issue hasn’t drawn much attention even though the candidates hold opposite positions. Barack Obama is in favor of the bill. John McCain is against. No doubt McCain has avoided raising the issue for fear of alienating supporters who happen to be union members. But polls consistently show overwhelming opposition to the measure.

Under the Employee Free Choice Act, a workplace could be unionized if union organizers persuade a majority of the workers to sign cards to that effect. Once that happens, there would be no need for an election in which workers express their views in private.

Even George McGovern, the Democratic presidential nominee in 1972, has come out against the idea. “We cannot be a party that strips working Americans of the right to a secret-ballot election,” McGovern wrote in a Wall Street Journal article. “We are the party that has always defended the rights of the working class. To fail to ensure the right to vote free of intimidation and coercion from all sides would be a betrayal of what we have always championed.”

Certainly, some companies have such lousy labor relations that they deserve to deal with unions. But given the opportunity for face-to-face intimidation and pressure, EFCA — also called the card-check bill — would greatly increase the number of union shops in the country, retarding economic growth.

It’s no accident that many of the innovations we take for granted today largely arose from companies that were not unionized. Unions oppose technological changes that upset the status quo. They seek to keep work confined within existing categories. They undermine productivity, the source of rising living standards.

As blogger Mickey Kaus aptly put it, unions are “engines of adversarial bureaucracy and the mainspring of the wage-price spiral.”

The card-check bill would open workers to peer pressure from their fellow employees or intimidation by union organizers.

If EFCA ended at card-check, it would be bad enough. But the bill also mandates binding arbitration if union and management fail to agree on an initial contract. Coming up with an initial contract often takes many months. The bill, however, would give the two sides only 90 days.

When the clock runs out, federal officials would be called in to mediate. If mediation fails, the dispute would go to binding arbitration, a process that would drastically tip the balance in favor of labor. Instead of bargaining in good faith, union negotiators could simply wait out the 90 days, knowing they’ll probably get a better deal from arbitrators with no stake in the future of the business.

Card-check passed in the House in 2007 after the Democrats took over, but stalled in the Senate. If the coming election is a worse-than-expected disaster for Republicans, and Democrats pick up six or seven seats in the Senate, making filibusters impossible, the card-check bill could become a reality.

This is one more reason why I think Obama is not right for the presidency. With the next Congress expected to be even more Democratic and liberal than the current one, a president from the opposing party — McCain — is needed to balance the worst instincts of the congressional majority.

Given the stakes involved, it’s a shame this issue hasn’t been aired more thoroughly.

- E. Thomas McClanahan


Interlocking ACORN dumbfounds media

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SEIU and ACORN founder Wade Rathke, ace Alinskyite organizer, is at the center of Obama scandal

The mainstream media is so in the tank for Barack Obama that only in the last few days has it begun to do some serious shoe-leather reporting and trace the connections between ACORN, Barack Obama, William Ayers, ACORN founder Wade Rathke and his embezzling brother Dale, the Weather Underground Organization, and the Democratic Party.

The MSM is still largely downplaying Americans' justifiable fears that ACORN is attempting to steal the election through massive voter fraud. As NewsBusters has exhaustively documented, MSM talking heads say: fears of voter fraud are overblown, ACORN is just an innocent community group, Obama never technically "worked" for ACORN because when he worked for Project Vote it was allegedly an independent organization (that's a fave of Seth Colter Walls at the Huffington Post), and so on.

Sometimes the MSM needs some help.

I wrote the paper, "ACORN: Who Funds the Weather Underground's Little Brother?" for the November issue of Capital Research Center's Foundation Watch newsletter.

Read it here or read on for a summary.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) has become America's most prominent left-wing community group. Little-known until now, ACORN has played a major role in the subprime mortgage mess that has undermined Americans' support for free market problem-solving and set off a worldwide chain of financial troubles. It is also implicated in vote fraud schemes from coast to coast. ACORN aims to give America change that socialists can believe in - by any means necessary. It is deliberately organized to avoid scrutiny. But with an FBI probe underway and a racketeering lawsuit pending, it may finally have to answer for its many misdeeds.

And an excerpt:
ACORN's Interlocking Directorates

Understanding how ACORN activists hold key positions in the ACORN network is crucial to understand how ACORN operates.

The term "interlocking directorates" describes how individuals can serve as directors on multiple corporate boards. This practice is common in the ACORN family; it is widespread and lawful. But it raises questions about the quality and independence of board decision-making.

ACORN's interlocking directorates suggest that even though each ACORN affiliate may be legally separate, it is subject to centralized control. The ACORN network appears to be a "family" of organizations, embodying the ethos of community organizing, which stresses local action and decentralized authority. In fact, ACORN is tightly controlled from the top.

News of ACORN's embezzlement scandal has finally begun to stir debate over its structure and organization. Until recently, it's been hard to find public debate about ACORN or criticism of ACORN "chief organizer" Wade Rathke. Pablo Eisenberg, a senior fellow at the Georgetown University Public Policy Institute, has written that Rathke "sought to put the national organization in control of operations of the group's affiliates." ACORN bylaws gave Rathke "the power to appoint the head organizers of both local and state affiliates."

Eisenberg notes although local boards "technically had the authority to overrule his appointments, they rarely did, according to senior staff members," He added: "The decision to keep so much control over the affiliates seems at odds with Acorn's mission - its goal is to empower local people to fight their own battles - but some organizers agree with Mr. Rathke that it is important to centralize operations. They say only a unified network led by headquarters has the power and speed needed to wage successful national advocacy efforts." (Chronicle of Philanthropy op-ed, October 2, 2008)

And centralize Rathke did.

Capital Research Center discovered that the crowded house on Elysian Fields Avenue is owned by ACORN affiliate Elysian Fields Corp Inc. A filing with the Louisiana secretary of state's office reveals that Wade Rathke is the corporation's president and the ubiquitous Donna Pharr is its treasurer.

Ironically, ACORN and its affiliates, all reliable cheerleaders for higher taxes, are longtime tax deadbeats. A search of public records found more than 200 tax liens adding up to more than $3.7 million are associated with groups that share ACORN's address on Elysian Fields Avenue in New Orleans. The most recent lien, in the amount of $23,383, was filed by the IRS against an ACORN affiliate, American Workers Associates Inc., on September 9, 2008.
- Matthew Vadum is Editor of Organization Trends and Foundation Watch at the Capital Research Center.


Union political power drives U.S. socialism

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Community organizers refute capitalists' arguments

A socialist educational weekend on “Trade Unions and the Working-Class Fight for State Power” took place here October 18-19, sponsored by the New York and Newark, New Jersey, branches of the Socialist Workers Party and the New York Young Socialists.

Participating in the classes were more than 50 workers and youth from New York and Newark, as well as Boston, Philadelphia, Montreal, and Washington, D.C. They devoted the weekend to intensive reading, study, and collective discussion of Karl Marx’s pamphlet Wages, Price and Profit and the 1866 resolution of the International Working Men’s Association on “Trade Unions: Their Past, Present, and Future.” Participants also got out to working-class neighborhoods Saturday morning to campaign for the SWP candidates in the November elections and circulate the Militant newspaper, and joined a rally to support strikers at the Stella D’Oro bakery in the Bronx.

“This socialist educational weekend is the culmination of an intensive period of collective study here in New York,” said Debbie Lazar, the education director of the New York Headquarters branch of the SWP, as she welcomed participants to the class series. At the same time socialists have been campaigning on the streets and joining fights for legalization of undocumented workers and union struggles, “we’ve carried out a systematic study of the history and continuity of the world communist movement, holding classes in New York twice weekly throughout the summer,” she said.

The socialist summer school studied the Communist Manifesto by Marx and Frederick Engels; “On the History of the Communist League” by Engels; Socialism: Utopian and Scientific by Engels; The History of American Trotskyism by James P. Cannon; and issue number 14 of New International, a magazine of Marxist politics and theory. In the six months prior to the summer school, SWP and YS members, along with others interested in joining the communist movement, studied The First Ten Years of American Communism by James P. Cannon and The Third International After Lenin by Leon Trotsky.

Refuting capitalists’ arguments

“At this time of worldwide capitalist financial crisis,” Lazar explained, “we thought it would be appropriate and necessary to go back to 1865 and study Marx’s writings on political economy. We selected Marx’s Wages, Price and Profit because it refutes the capitalists’ arguments about why the working class must sacrifice, accept wage cuts, and tighten our belts.”

“Trade Unions: Their Past, Present, and Future” was chosen for study because it “shows why unions are an absolute necessity, and also why they must champion social and political movements and fight for the emancipation of the entire working class,” Lazar said.

In the weeks leading up to the classes, a syllabus, suggested readings, and questions were circulated to all participants, to allow ample time for study prior to the weekend. Meetings were organized for those making presentations to collectively think out how best to present the material and lead the discussion.

Dan Fein, a garment worker and SWP candidate for U.S. Congress in New York’s 10th District, introduced the first of two sessions on Wages, Price and Profit. He noted that Marxist education “is not light reading.” It requires concentrated, disciplined work. Ben O’Shaughnessy, a meat packer and organizer of the Young Socialists National Steering Committee, initiated the second session on the pamphlet. After each presentation participants broke into smaller groups for discussion.

The pamphlet is based on two talks Marx gave to the General Council of the International Workingmen’s Association, also known as the First International, in 1865. Marx’s talk answered the argument of the employers that wage increases harm the working class—and everyone else—because they force prices to go up. Within the First International, the bosses’ line against raising wages was supported by carpenter John Weston. Presenting extensive documentation on the trends in wages and prices, Marx showed that Weston’s thesis was completely false. He then explained how the capitalist exploits the worker, paying wages that represent only a portion of the value the worker produces and pocketing the rest as surplus value.

The employers constantly seek to drive down wages and lengthen the working day to boost their rate of profit, Marx wrote. What flows from this, he said, is that the labor movement cannot simply engage in struggle after struggle to raise wages and reduce work hours. The entire wages system must be abolished, he explained. This can only be done by workers taking political power out of the employers’ hands.

The discussion on “Trade Unions: Their Past, Present, and Future” was kicked off by Sara Lobman, a garment worker and SWP candidate for U.S. Senate in New Jersey. The class studied how the First International was founded out of the rise of working-class struggles in both Europe and the United States in the 1860s. Marx drafted the document to explain how trade unions arose and the role they must play, particularly in the political arena.

Future role of unions

The document ends on the future role of the trade unions: “Apart from their original purposes, they must now learn to act deliberately as organizing centers of the working class in the broad interest of its complete emancipation. They must aid every social and political movement tending in that direction. Considering themselves and acting as the champions and representatives of the whole working class, they cannot fail to enlist the non-society men into their ranks. They must look carefully after the interests of the worst paid trades, such as the agricultural laborers, rendered powerless by exceptional circumstances. They must convince the world at large that their efforts, far from being narrow and selfish, aim at the emancipation of the downtrodden millions.”

In addition to the classes, nearly 100 people attended a Saturday evening forum on “The Working-Class Fight for Political Power: Defending Workers and Farmers as the Capitalist Crisis Deepens.” The speaker was Steve Clark, a member of the SWP National Committee.

Participants first sat down to a delicious meal prepared by volunteers. Breakfast and lunch were also served on Sunday to allow those in the classes to concentrate on their studies and continue the discussion over meal breaks.

In his talk Clark said that Wages, Price and Profit is “not a primer of Marxist economics but a political weapon” that explains why the working-class movement must be part of workers’ struggles, including those by the unions and why, at the same time, the unions cannot advance the interests of the working class without a political instrument that fights to take political power out of the hands of the capitalist exploiters.

Among those attending the forum for the first time were two welders originally from Ecuador. They had met a team of socialist campaigners that morning and decided to hear more about the communist perspective.

Clark noted that the big-business press today echoes charges against workers that are similar to the slanders the factory owners directed against the proletariat in Marx’s time. He quoted an article in the October 18 Washington Post that said the Boeing strike, “if not resolved soon, could make it difficult for the world’s largest aircraft manufacturer to weather the recession, weakening a giant of industrial America.

“Last week, the Federal Reserve said the Boeing strike contributed to the 2.8 percent decrease in industrial production in September, the steepest drop in 34 years.”

Clark said it is not true the Boeing strike is responsible for the capitalist economic crisis, any more than workers who fight for wage increases are the cause of inflation. These problems are the result of the workings of the capitalist system.

The current financial crisis of world capitalism will not be resolved in a few months or even years, Clark said. Bourgeois economists themselves predict unemployment will increase to at least the levels of the early 1980s, when the official jobless rate hit almost 10 percent.

Clark said there is no “superimperialist” solution that will resolve the crisis. But as V.I. Lenin, leader of the Russian Revolution, pointed out, there is no hopeless situation for the capitalist class. It simply has to remain in power. That underscores the necessity of constructing disciplined, working-class parties today, made up of cadres steeled in Marxist education and engaged in the class struggle, so that the working class will have the instruments it needs to take political power when revolutionary openings do come about.


Obama flashes fascistic intolerance

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Questions about 'spread the wealth around' Marxism will not be tolerated

WFTV-Channel 9's Barbara West conducted a satellite interview with Sen. Joe Biden on Thursday. A friend says it's some of the best entertainment he's seen recently. What do you think?

West wondered about Sen. Barack Obama's comment, to Joe the Plumber, about spreading the wealth. She quoted Karl Marx and asked how Obama isn't being a Marxist with the "spreading the wealth" comment. "Are you joking?" said Biden, who is Obama's running mate. "No," West said.

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West later asked Biden about his comments that Obama could be tested early on as president. She wondered if the Delaware senator was saying America's days as the world's leading power were over.

"I don't know who's writing your questions," Biden shot back.

Biden so disliked West's line of questioning that the Obama campaign canceled a WFTV interview with Jill Biden, the candidate's wife.

"This cancellation is non-negotiable, and further opportunities for your station to interview with this campaign are unlikely, at best for the duration of the remaining days until the election," wrote Laura K. McGinnis, Central Florida communications director for the Obama campaign.

McGinnis said the Biden cancellation was "a result of her husband's experience yesterday during the satellite interview with Barbara West."

Here's a link to the interview: http://www.wftv.com/video/17790025/index.html.

WFTV news director Bob Jordan said, "When you get a shot to ask these candidates, you want to make the most of it. They usually give you five minutes."

Jordan said political campaigns in general pick and choose the stations they like. And stations often pose softball questions during the satellite interviews.

"Mr. Biden didn't like the questions," Jordan said. "We choose not to ask softball questions."

Jordan added, "I'm crying foul on this one."

What did you think of the interview?


Blue Dog Dem: Just a pro-union political hack

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Obama, Shuler want to end secret ballot

The right to a private, secret ballot is one of the basic tenants of a true democratic form of government. It prevents coercion and intimidation by those with differing points of view. The “Employee Free Choice Act” endorsed by both presidential candidate Obama and Congressman Shuler would eliminate the secret ballot for initiatives to unionize businesses.

This would be replaced by a card system where no ballot is taken, just a gathering of signature cards. It’s easy to see how this system would encourage the aforementioned “coercion and intimidation” and expansion of unions.

Taking away a right fundamental to the founding of this nation, what’s next on the list? Think about it before you vote Obama/Shuler.

- Barry Coombs, Saluda


Spread the wealth: It looks like a duck

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Shame on Obama's socialist cover-up apologists

Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and his allies bristle at the notion he is a socialist. But columnist Lewis Diuguid of the Kansas City Star took the left's angry objections to another level this week when he claimed Sen. John McCain and Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin are racists for tarring Sen. Obama with the socialist brush.

Mr. Diuguid claimed "socialist" was former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover's code word for black civil-rights leaders, specifically the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., NAACP co-founder W.E.B. Du Bois, and political activists Paul Robeson and A. Philip Randolph. "Shame on McCain and Palin for using an old code word for black."

No, shame on Mr. Diuguid for his clumsy playing of the race card to try to divert attention from Sen. Obama's agenda.

The Rev. King had many socialist/communist advisers and was himself a socialist who endorsed "a guaranteed minimum annual wage" that is "pegged to the median income of society" and "automatically increases as the total social income grows." From each according to his ability, to each according to his need.

The NAACP Web site says Mr. Du Bois "was a member of the Socialist party from 1910 to 1912 and always considered himself a Socialist." In 1961, he joined the Communist Party USA (CPUSA).

Mr. Robeson was a Stalinist. During the Soviet purges of the 1930s, he told a reporter for the CPUSA newspaper that from "what I have already seen of the workings of the Soviet government, I can only say that anybody who lifts his hand against it ought to be shot!" Upon the death of Josef Stalin, who was responsible for the deaths of at least 20 million Russians, Mr. Robeson wrote: "How consistently, how patiently, he labored for peace and ever increasing abundance, with what deep kindliness and wisdom. He leaves tens of millions all over the earth bowed in heart-aching grief."

In bestowing the Presidential Medal of Freedom upon Mr. Randolph, Lyndon Johnson called him a socialist who advocates "any political effort to redistribute society's wealth more justly."

If it quacks like a duck, ... Messrs. King, Du Bois, Robeson and Randolph were called socialists not because they were black, but because they were at the very least socialists. The same is true for Sen. Obama. He is the Senate's No. 1 liberal, and his voting record is to the left of Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the chamber's only admitted Socialist. Sen. Obama's agenda reeks of socialism, and he would use the power of government to confiscate the profits of family businesses so he can "spread the wealth around." Quack, quack.


Change that spreads the wealth around

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Obama, Dems, Media veer too far Left

The media’s subterfuge of shaping the news to promote left-wing candidates is reprehensible. After their coronation of Emperor Obama at the Democratic Convention, the media “reported” on the Republican nominating process. One early “report” featured this quote about Sarah Palin from some Democrat heavy: “I’m worried about having someone a heartbeat away from the presidency who has so little experience.” The media is still reiterating that message.

Palin has eight years executive/leadership experience in elected office as a mayor and governor. Obama has no executive experience of any kind — never run anything but his mouth. I’ve seen no media com-ment about his lack of experience, nor of Obama’s close ties to extreme, anti-American leftists and his pal, just convicted slumlord Tony Rezko, who has ties to organized crime.

The apparent goal of the left — read Democratic Party, Communist Party, et al, is to have government take care of us — that’s called socialism. Obama promises to do that. I should look forward to his socialist government taking care of me? No way! No thanks! NObama!!!

- Dennis Hart, Fort Collins


Weed the garden

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Socialism always takes root wherever prosperity can be found

Any gardener can tell you that if you leave even one weed it will spread and eventually consume the plot. Ignored, the pest will come to dominate the garden killing all the vegetables, fruits and flowers.

This simple, ancient truth is one we have refused to learn in America. The weeds of radical leftist socialism have been allowed to grow and spread and now threaten the very life of our Republic. It didn’t have to be. It was a decision made by our leaders, pandering to the “cultural elites” and segments of our national establishment who were themselves part of the problem.

Consider a little history. When FDR choose socialist Henry Wallace as his Vice President, many inside the Democratic Party knew he had an agenda that was as radical and as dangerous to America as anything dreamed up by our enemies. Wallace was so far outside the accepted traditions of America that Roosevelt replaced him in 1944 with Harry Truman. But for generations socialist apologists insisted Wallace had been treated badly and was only knocked off by an evil plot. They refused to accept that facts that Wallace was more aligned with enemy agents than he was with the interests of the United States.

But, we accepted the propaganda and went forward. Then, there was the case of the Rosenbergs. These were spies who handed the Soviet Union the secrets to the nuclear bomb. They were caught and punished as all spies should be punished, with their lives. But for decades the liberal left has insisted they were innocent and that a great injustice had been done. Of course, when the Soviet Union fell and the world gained access to KGB files we learned that the Rosenbergs were in fact spies for our enemies and they had gotten exactly what they deserved.

Still no repentance. No acknowledgment. And no punishment or recriminations toward the horde of liberals in the media and academia and government who defended the spies and traitors. We just let bygones be bygones, as a nation we made the decision to just ignore the fact that there was a well organized group of people in key positions who worked night and day to undercut the foundations of our nation.

The weeds were allowed to remain in the garden. Yes, every now and again a patriot would expose a particularly ugly and noxious example. But the virus was allowed to remain. And it grew.

Today we have yet another example of this suicidal policy. Bill Ayers is a terrorist. He bombed America. He led others to kill. He hates America and is proud of it. When America was attacked on 9/11, he blamed America while wishing he had done more treason in his youth!

Any rational, civilized nation would hunt this guy down and give him his well deserved reward. But instead, over 3,400 members of our elite - college professors and others in the gleaming ivory towers - have actually signed a petition in support of him. And what will we do? We will send our sons and daughters off to be “instructed” by these fellow-travlers of Mr. Ayers. We will willingly let our children be taught in public schools by people instructed and certified by these Quislings.

And there will be no price to pay. People who openly support and give comfort to an avowed enemy of all that is America will be treated as if nothing has been said or done. They will continue to receive their tenure. They will travel on our dime to conferences and gatherings of fellow leftists. They will be given awards, and testimonials and be quoted by their cronies in the media as impartial “experts.” Like weeds in the garden, they will be allowed to choke the life out of our nation.

It is a sign of just how far down the path we have gone that these people openly sign a statement of support for an anti-American terrorist. They have no fear. The first step to restoring the American Republic is to give them some.

Alumni should look to see if any of these people “teach” at their school. If so, perhaps their funds can be used in better places. As our young people go off to college, we as parents should look not at the football team of the school but at the faculty. If even one of the signers of the pro-Ayers petition is at the school, they should look for another one. You protect your children from all sorts of dangers. This is one that should be at the top of the list.

And as committed patriots regain their footing and begin the long march back, we should always remember these people and those who defend them. Going forward, there needs to be a commitment to weed the garden thoroughly.

- Bill Wilson is the president of Americans for Limited Government.


How to get blackballed by Obama

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Obama Rx: Trickle up poverty

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Meet the new boss

Here is a candidate who has the support of George Soros, Warren Buffet, the president of Google and, according to a WSJ poll, two-thirds of the voters with a net worth above $30 million.

He also has the solid backing of all the big labor unions, big media, all big-government supporters and all the big-city political machines. And large corporations give him half of their political contributions. So please tell me again how Barack Obama is for the little guy.

No, the little guy always does best under capitalism. Obama's old socialist policies are the same old trickle-up poverty proscriptions that have sapped the wealth of country after country from Argentina to Zimbabwe.

If we want real change, we should try free-market capitalism, which has a proven record of creating national wealth.

- Larry Newman, Sewickley


Obama: Fascism with a smiley-face

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Fabian 'progressive-style' socialism favored over radical change variety

Who is Barack Obama? No one seems to have a proper handle on this guy, yet millions of Americans are going to vote for a man about whom we have virtually no knowledge.

In the waning days towards November 4th, voters should ask what his connections are with Leftists and unrepentant Marxists. Does Obama share their objectives? Could he be a Fabian Socialist?

These are legitimate questions to which American voters deserve answers.

Since Obama’s papers are closed to the public, and he has little legislative record, we have to judge him by the companions he has kept for the last 20 years. So let’s have a look at him through the voices of his friends.

· Obama and Bill Ayers sat on several Boards in Chicago, including the Annenberg Challenge Fund that distributed monies to schools with strong Leftist leanings.

· His long association with the Church in Chicago where the radical pastor, Rev. Wright, preached Liberation Theology; Marxism wrapped in Christian jargon with a fiery anti-middle-class message, from the pulpit.

· In voicing the socioeconomic class theme, Michelle Obama, when asking her audience why they want to join the middle classes, reminds one of Karl Marx’s attacks on the bourgeois.

· And let’s not forget the radical Father Pfleger’s acid comments – Obama's Other Hateful Pastor – or Bernadine Dohrn: OBAMA: Bernadine Dohrn Overthrowing Capitalism 2007

The Fabians were an elite group of intellectuals who formed a semi-secret society for the purpose of bringing Socialism to the world. Whereas Communists wanted to establish Socialism quickly through violence and revolution, the Fabians preferred to do it slyly through propaganda and legislation. The word Socialism was not to be used!

Instead, Fabians would speak of benefits for the people such as Welfare, Medical Care, Higher Wages, and Better Working Conditions. In this way, they planned to accomplish their objective without bloodshed and even without serious opposition.

Does any of this sound familiar so far? Many Fabians kept close personal relationships with the Communists, because they had common goals – they only disagreed with their methods, as is written by Clement Attlee an avowed Fabian in his book “the Labour Party in Perspective” in 1937. In 1945 Clement Attlee became Prime Minister of the UK and proceeded to nationalize and tightly regulate much of Britain’s industry.

As a consequence the UK became know as the “Sick Man of Europe” because of poor economic performance. For 30 years Britain’s economy languished in comparison to other major European economies.

It was only when Margaret Thatcher became Prime Minister and freed the economy that rapid growth returned to Britain and her standard of living outstripped other major European economies who, in the mean time, had embraced Socialism.
Pundit Nehru of India was a proud Fabian. India languished in poverty until the early 1990s when Manmohan Singh became Prime Minister. Manmoham Singh had been Minister of Finance in Nehru’s government. Singh jettisoned much of Socialism and modernized India and ever since India has shown fantastic growth.

Although we recognize that India is the largest democracy in the world, they have not liberated their economy to the extent that China has, hence the difference in growth and economy.

The American public is entitled to know if Obama intends to lead the U.S. in the same direction as Clement Attlee and Pundit Nehru. Will the imposition of a trillion dollars of more government spending and more burdensome government interference with private industry have the same effect as Nationalization?

Throughout history, when a system allows people to be rewarded for their work, there has been great productivity and abundance.

Ireland is an example of one of the most successful Capitalist countries in the world that has gone from the poorest per capita GDP in the European Union to the highest GDP per capita by throwing out any vestiges of Socialism.

By contrast, when Social Engineers gain control of government and restrict people from being rewarded by the fruits of their labor, productivity falls, and scarcity becomes the norm.

In the early 1930s, Sydney & Beatrice Webb, early adherents of Fabianism, marched off the Soviet union and extolled what they saw … they said they saw the future and how beautiful it was. This was a time in Soviet history when six million Ukrainian peasants died as Stalin collectivized agriculture.

In the early 1900s Sydney Webb was one of the founders of The London School of Economics, in the true tradition of Fabianism.

(John Kennedy attended The London School of Economics from 1935 to 1936.)

Snobbish intellectuals chose the name “Fabians” because they felt that only those trained in the classics would make the connection. It referred to the Roman General Fabius, who defeated Hannibal. They believed that a small group of elitists (George Soros et al?) should lead society!

Why aren’t the media explaining why this possible connection could be very costly to the American people?

“How do you tell a communist? Well, it's someone who reads Marx and Lenin. And how do you tell an anti-Communist? It's someone who understands Marx and Lenin.” - President Ronald Reagan

- Sandra Carney is an Anglo-Burmese writer of British birth, born in India.


U.S. set for Great Leap Forward

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'Progressive' socialists herald end to Era of Prosperity

The mainstream media have downplayed the profound significance that an Obama presidency will have in combination with a Democratic congressional supermajority - the transformation of our country into a socialist state.

The U.S.A. will become the U.S.S.A., the United Socialist States of America. Capitalism, self-reliance, limited government, personal responsibility, Christian moral standards - all the key traditions that built modern America - will be swept away in a liberal tidal wave.

According to current polls, Sen. Barack Obama is poised to win the White House on Nov. 4. Democrats are also expected to increase their majorities in Congress. In fact, some polls indicate they can attain a filibuster-proof Senate of 60 seats. This will enable Democrats to pass almost any legislation without fear of Republicans blocking it. Democrats will control every branch of government.

The results will be not only "change," but a historic political shift to the left - one that will permanently alter America for the worse.

On taking office, Mr. Obama will focus immediately on passing universal health care. His plan calls for a national public insurance program modeled on Medicare, except it will be available to everyone. Most analysts predict it will shift nearly 50 million Americans from private coverage to government-run care and create a massive, new entitlement - the largest expansion of government since the Great Society.

Eventually, the program will evolve into what Mr. Obama says he truly wants: a Canadian-style, single-payer system, in which health care is nationalized. Socialized medicine will do in America what it has done in Western Europe and Canada: push politics permanently to the left. The program's vast size and immense cost will lead to rising taxes and the rationing of services. Moreover, once such a radical, complicated monstrosity is in place, it is almost impossible to dismantle it - no matter how poorly it performs (just look at Canada and Britain, where there are long waiting lines, substandard technology and poor treatment yet reform is consistently opposed by entrenched interests).

National health care will be the final piece in establishing a cradle-to-grave, liberal welfare state. America's social programs will resemble those of statist Europe; we will also resemble the Continent's anemic growth rates, lower productivity and higher unemployment. America's culture of entrepreneurialism and technological dynamism will degenerate into one characterized by economic dependency and social stagnation.

Mr. Obama will ram through Congress increases in the top rates for income taxes, capital gains and dividends. More ominously, he vows to lift or eliminate the cap on payroll taxes, which funds Social Security and Medicare. Hence, a tax designed to maintain a pension insurance system will be used for the redistribution of wealth. Democrats' class-warfare, soak-the-rich policies will deepen the economic downturn, kill job creation and discourage corporate investment. These policies will permanently expand the federal government's tax share of gross domestic product: Big government will become super-size government.

Led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Democrats are likely to pass a series of laws cementing their control of Congress for years to come. Their goal: to tilt the electoral playing field decisively in their favor. They will surely finally pass amnesty for the 20 million illegal immigrants in America. This will transform the Hispanic voting bloc into a key - and loyal - segment of the Democrats' coalition, and help to forge a new Democratic majority. Felons, too, will be given the right to vote. And the District of Columbia will be granted congressional representation - meaning more Democratic seats.

Also, Democrats hope to muzzle conservative talk radio. Liberals in Congress or an Obama Federal Communications Commission will attempt to reimpose the Fairness Doctrine - the pernicious notion that the public airwaves must have an "equal" and "fair" distribution of conservative and liberal views. The intent is to force radio owners to air unpopular liberal talk-show hosts, as well as empower the FCC to harass stations with potential lawsuits over allegedly "excessive" conservative content. Air America dismally failed in the marketplace of ideas. The progressive movement, however, plans to use state power to compel ideological conformity.

The Obama-Pelosi-Reid unholy alliance will complete the revolutionary project of the 1960s: a society stripped from its traditional Christian moorings. Mr. Obama has made no secret of his support for abortion rights. He is a radical, an extremist, on the issue. He opposes the ban on partial-birth abortion. As an Illinois state legislator, he even voted against a law to preserve an infant's life if an abortion is botched.

Finally, his administration will consolidate a liberal Supreme Court and thus advance the leftist social agenda of abortion on demand, gay rights, the decriminalization of prostitution, the legalization of marijuana and euthanasia. The culture of death will triumph. Democrats will finally attain the twin goals of liberalism: economic collectivism and moral anarchy.

President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal experimented with socialism. Mr. Obama's presidency will achieve it.

- Jeffrey T. Kuhner is a columnist at The Washington Times.


Getting to know Barack: Meet these FOBs

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Obama's collectivist cred checks out just fine, thank you very much

Despite endless months of campaigning, Sen. Barack Obama has avoided explaining his relationships with several groups, many stemming from the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), that surround his friend, unconvicted terrorist and distinguished professor Bill Ayers.

While much is written about Obama's 1995 political career launch from Ayers' home, shared with his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, too little is being said about their effect on the presidential candidate. Ayers and Dohrn were leaders of the self-proclaimed "revolutionary communists," who strategically bombed across America in the 1960s and 1970s. Their targets included the U.S. Capitol, police headquarters and stations, office buildings and the Pentagon. Both were fugitives and both have expressed only sparse regrets.

Obama should answer questions as to who else from Chicago's revolutionary groups participated in the launch of his political career. Was former SDS president Carl Davidson, now heading Progressives for Obama and a major figure in Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism (CCDS), there?

CCDS, founded by a splinter group from the Communist Party infuriated by the defeat of the "evil empire," remains hostile to America.

While CCDS is a small organization, it influences dozens of labor unions, city governments, academics and nongovernmental organizations. Some of its key activists are Heather Booth, Leslie Cagan, Angela Davis, Marilyn Katz, Merle Ratner, Mark Solomon and Manning Marable.

CCDS includes some of those with leading positions in the Black Radical Congress, the Institute for Policy Studies, United for Peace and Justice and, of course, Progressives for Obama.

And, naturally, CCDS has close ties to Cuba, the Venezuelans and other communist parties including in the United States.

Today, many of them claim that SDS was a "peaceful organization." Take Marilyn Katz, who oversaw SDS security during the 1968 Chicago riots.

During the "Chicago Seven" trials, a police officer testified that on one chaotic night in Lincoln Park, Ms. Katz briefed a group of protesters on a new addition to their arsenal of anarchy -- guerrilla nails.

"She had two types," the officer recounted. "One was a cluster of nails that were sharpened at both ends and fastened in the center. It looked like they were welded or soldered. She said these were good for throwing or putting underneath tires. She showed another set that was the same type of nails, sharpened, but they were put through a Styrofoam cylinder. There was a weight put through the middle, another nail, held together with something that looked like liquid solder."

Perhaps Katz will grace a future Obama regime as she now does that of Chicago Mayor Richard Daley, providing her public relations skills to a number of city departments, including police.

Today, Katz serves on Barack Obama's national finance committee, is a registered lobbyist and organized the massive October 2002 anti-war demonstration in Chicago with Carl Davidson of CCDS, where Obama first went public with his opposition to the Iraq war.

Of course, she has been close with Ayers and Dohrn throughout the years, saying in an August 2008 interview that she had "no regrets" about her actions in the 1968 riots.

Another old comrade of Ayers is Heather Booth, a veteran activist from SDS, the civil rights-women's rights anti-war movements and the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN). She was a co-founder and one-time president of the Midwest Academy, which trains in agitation and receives funding from the Woods Foundation, whose board included Obama and Ayers.

Chicago Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) have helped Obama's political career and have supported him. Its unions endorsed Obama's campaign, and DSA-linked figures such as Congresswomen Jan Schakowsky, who wants to be his secretary of Labor, and Congresswoman Barbara Lee have come out strongly for the senator.

While the iron-disciplined Communist Party USA (CPUSA) has committed itself totally to the Obama cause, the DSA is less obvious about its support, although several prominent DSA members, including Dr. Quentin Young, a board member in Chicago, support him.

Joelle Fishman, chairman of CPUSA's Political Action Commission and chairman of the Connecticut CPUSA, gave Obama a glowing endorsement in July and made it very plain that the CPUSA was a part of the Obama Unity for Change movement.

Joelle, the wife of CPUSA official Arthur Perlo and daughter-in-law of Victor Perlo, notorious as a spy for the Soviet Union code-named "Raider," knows of which she speaks.

Victor headed the Perlo Group of Soviet espionage agents in the United States, which included several important U.S. officials, including a Senate staff director, that supplied the Soviet Union with economic, political and military intelligence, including aircraft production during World War II.

Before World War II, Victor was a member of the Ware spy ring of some 70 economists and lawyers working against the U.S. government for Russia. He was and remains a hero to the Left.

Barack Obama has the full support of a strong and unified left wing.

Is that the kind of change we want in our government?

- Dateline D.C. is written by a Washington-based British journalist and political observer.


Bus drivers in long strike over forced dues

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Militant school unionists cite 'scabs'

Warm, late summer days have turned to the cold, gray of fall and the strike between unionized bus drivers and the Portage Area Regional Transportation Authority is entering its third month with no end in sight.

The strike started Aug. 25 and drivers represented by the Ohio Association of Public School Employees Local 037 marked 60 days on the picket line on Thursday. "We continue to remain diligent in fighting for a no-cost item that PARTA simply refuses to negotiation over," said union spokewoman Trina Molnar.

OAPSE Local 037 represents approximately 66 full- and part-time drivers.

"We continue to provide the transportation service that Portage County residents need," said PARTA spokesman Frank Hairston.

PARTA has augmented the drivers who have crossed the picket line since the strike's start with new hires.

Earlier this month, PARTA said it had 30 drivers crossing the line.

Molnar said not all of them are OAPSE members.

"To say 30 people have crossed the line is absolutely untrue. They have hired scabs, those scabs will be gone when the union comes back," she said.

The union and PARTA have been at stalemate over the concept of "fair share," or having non-union drivers pay a mandatory "administrative fee" to the union.

PARTA has repeatedly said it continues to oppose any contract provision that would require nonunion employees to pay such a fee. PARTA administrators have said fair share would have a negative impact on driver recruitment.

OAPSE said the provision won't cost PARTA, or the taxpayers who support it through a county sales tax, a penny.

Both sides last met on Oct. 2 with a federal mediator. It was the first meeting since before the strike.

PARTA offered lump sum payments of $575 for each full-time driver and $275 for each part-time driver for the union to ratify the contract offer by Oct. 10.

OAPSE offered three versions of a fair share provision that would have delayed the start of payments by non-union drivers and ended the strike, but PARTA rejected all three.

In turn, PARTA made a handwritten offer of lump sum payments to drivers for ratification of the standing contract offer.

"OAPSE came to the table with a prepared offer; we ended up with a handwritten thing after we had given them our proposal. I think they felt they had to do something," Molnar said.

The local's negotiating committee of four drivers and Molnar rejected PARTA's offer.

Pickets have settled in on the strike line in front of PARTA headquarters on Summit Road across from Kent State's Dix Stadium.

"We've got a nice heater and an enclosure with a generator," Molnar said.

"We're pretty comfortable. I don't foresee any major changes."


Marching against The Man

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UAW, Teamsters take dues hit in Michigan

More union-dues stories: here UAW: here Teamsters: here

Obama-Reid-Pelosi economic leadership rocks Great Lakes State

Layoff notifications filed with the state of Michigan show that 352 employees will lose their jobs as Diez Group winds down operations at three plants that are part of Lapeer Metal Stamping, a supplier of metal parts to the automotive industry.

Diez Group told employees in early September that it plans to close three stamping plants. At the time, the company did not say how many would lose their jobs. The layoff notifications filed with the state show that a plant in Lapeer employed 106, a plant in Sebawing employed 159 and a plant in Dearborn employed 87.

Darryl Bragg, vice president of UAW Local 9699, said employees are getting little in the way of severance. Employees at the Sebawing plant accepted a package that provides one month of health insurance but no additional payments or benefits; employees at the Lapeer plant voted down a similar offer Sept. 30.

"They thought it was a slap in their face for all the years they worked there," Bragg said.

Bragg said the Lapeer plant is almost completely shut down and is being run by about four employees. The Sebawing plant still employs about 120, but is scheduled to close by December. In a notice issued to employees, the company initially said all cuts would be complete by Dec. 1, but Bragg said one plant may continue operating into December.

Several calls to Diez Groupfor comment were not returned.

Many employees who work at Lapeer Metal Stamping's Dearborn plant were laid off in September, said Teamsters Local 247 Vice President Tom Ziembovic.

Ziembovic said the company had planned to issue checks this month to pay those employees their regular, 40-hour-per-week wages through the end of October in order to comply with a federal law that requires a 60-day notice before a company with more than 100 employees conducts a layoff.

In addition, employees who work at the Dearborn plant are to be paid for all unused vacation and sick time, and an additional $600.

Ziembovic acknowledged that the severance package is small, but said the company isn't required to pay employees beyond the 60-day notice.

"Under law, all they are obligated to do is negotiate with me," Ziembovic said. "So I am happy that they did give the union something, but clearly it is not enough."

In September, when it notified employees of Lapeer Metal Stamping's pending closure, Diez Group said it was compelled to sell its book of business, "due to sudden, dramatic and unexpected deteriorating circumstances in the automotive industry."

Some of Lapeer's equipment and work are being transferred to L & W Engineering Co. Inc. in Belleville.

Diez Group, owned by Gerald Diez, is a Hispanic-owned automotive supplier that consists of Lapeer Metal Stamping, April Steel and Delaco Steel. Diez Group posted revenue of $536 million in 2007, according to Automotive News.


Who is the union-backed candidate?

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Manchurian Obama protected by left-wing media

Who is Sen. Obama and why are so many blindly supporting him knowing little of his background. Obama attended Occidental College in California, Columbia University and Harvard. All his transcripts, activities and those he associated with are sealed. No one asks why and apparently it doesn’t matter or they simply don’t know.

Months ago our mainstream media agreed not to print anything negative about Obama and have openly suppressed facts and protected him in every case by choosing to ignore them. Getting information out to the voting electorate has been difficult because it has been left to McCain, Palin and conservative programming. The only problem is, whenever the truth is exposed, it’s called racist, a lie, diversion or smear so we have work to do.

Remember when John McCain’s citizenship was questioned since he was born in the Canal Zone where was father was in service? There’s no question of his citizenship but we don’t know of Obama’s because he’s never produced a birth certificate. Instead he has a “registration” of his birth which proves nothing.

So here we have this man running for president, but what proof do we have he’s even a legal citizen? By the way, all information regarding Obama in Kenya has also been sealed.

Sen. Obama has been able to hide his background through eloquence, promising the moon to the crowds and of course looking presidential. He’s not that man, however, and has been joined at the hip for many years to William Ayers, ACORN and left wing radicals. William Ayers is not a washed up old terrorist as John McCain recently called him but a very dangerous man who hasn’t bombed anything for years but his ideology lives on through his students.

The Annenberg Challenge both Barack and Michelle speak of were a source of millions for improvement of Chicago schools. These millions were not used for math and science and instead Obama supported William Ayers and his radical agenda which, by the way, is to create an entire generation of radicals. The question arose what makes a radical and on the list were “Hate America” and ”Kill Your Parents.”

Don’t you find it strange there has not been one neighbor, friend or colleague come forward to introduce Obama at his rallies attesting to his character and honesty?

It appears they don’t exist or truly have gone underground. Strange also: thirty attorneys descended on Alaska to dig up dirt on Sarah Palin and not one was available to look into Obama.

Obama is a constitutional attorney and taught Race and Rights in Chicago, yet, no students can be found which makes one wonder if his classes were as radical as Rev. Wright’s sermons.

Obama is very comfortable with the left wing radicals and last December was advising a radical Islamist in Kenya, a presidential candidate for Kenya.

Both Odinga and Obama belong to the same tribe. During our New Hampshire primary Obama went so far as to advise Odinga’s campaign and raised a million dollars in this country for him. Odinga wanted to enforce Sharia Law in Kenya and had many conversations with Obama who didn’t oppose the idea.

Fortunately, Odinga didn’t win the election but unfortunately went on a rampage and burned 800 Christian churches.

A few weeks ago George Stephanopoulos was interviewing Obama and there was one brief moment when Obama was concluding a sentence and said, “because of my Muslim faith.”

A split second later a very surprised George S. said, “You mean your Christian faith.” Obama replied, “Oh, yeah, yeah.” How can anyone believe he is not a Muslim hiding out in a radical church? Would any one of you forget what religion you are?

If Sen. Obama applied for a security clearance today, he would not pass the test because of his associations. Yet we’re very close to the presidential election and you need to ask yourselves if you want this man in the White House who would be privy to every defense secret and has extremist left wing connections.

Ask yourselves too, how could Obama protect this country from terrorists and be friends with them at the same time. If Obama wins, we’ll be well on our way to Socialism and I don’t believe the average American wants that.

They have not been given the opportunity to make a fair, honest and open decision thanks to our mainstream media.

- Mary Anderson, Henning


Bush orders federal probe of ACORN

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Crucial battleground state has been corrupted by Obama's union-backed shock troops

President George W. Bush late Friday asked Attorney General Michael Mukasey to investigate whether hundreds of thousands of newly registered voters in the battleground state of Ohio would have to verify the information on their voter registration forms or be given provisional ballots, an issue the U.S. Supreme Court weighed in on last week.

The unprecedented intervention by the White House less than two weeks before the presidential election may result in at least 200,000 voters in Ohio not being able to vote on Election Day if they are forced to provide additional identification when they head to the polls.

House Minority Leader John Boehner, R-Ohio, sent a letter to Bush Friday asking that he order the Department of Justice to probe the matter.

"I strongly urge you to direct Attorney General Mukasey and the Department of Justice to act." Boehner said in his letter "Unless action is taken by the Department immediately, thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands of names whose information has not been verified through the [Help America Vote Act] procedures mandated by Congress will remain on the voter rolls during the November 4 election; and there is a significant risk if not a certainty, that unlawful votes will be cast and counted. Given the Election Day is less than two weeks away, immediate action by the Department is not only warranted, but also crucial."
Independent studies have shown that phony registrations rarely result in illegally cast ballots because there are so many other safeguards built into the system.

For instance, from October 2002 to September 2005, a total of 70 people were convicted for federal election related crimes, according to figures compiled by the New York Times last year. Only 18 of those were for ineligible voting.

In recent years, federal prosecutors reached similar conclusions despite pressure from the Bush administration to lodge "election fraud" charges against voter registration groups seen as bringing more Democratic voters into the democratic process.

Some of the Bush administration prosecutors who refused to seek these indictments were then fired in 2006 as part of a purge of nine U.S. Attorneys deemed not "loyal Bushies."

This "prosecutor-gate" scandal led to the resignations of several senior White House and Justice Department officials, including Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. President Bush then asserted broad executive privilege to block testimony by Karl Rove and other top White House officials.

In a statement on his website, Boehner said starting today, "Ohio elections officials will begin removing ballots cast during the state's early voting period from their identifying envelopes, eliminating any possibility of catching fraudulently cast ballots."

"Franklin County officials yesterday tossed out a dozen fraudulently cast absentee ballots, and the Hamilton County prosecutor has appointed an independent counsel to investigate more than 200 ballots on which the name or address does not match to state records," Boehner said. "Prosecutor Joe Deters has asked that at least the questionable ballots remain in their identifying envelopes until voter registration information can be confirmed."

President Bush contacted Mukasey late Friday and told him to investigate Boehner's complaints. A report released earlier this month by the Justice Department's inspector general said Bush "spoke with Attorney General Gonzales in October 2006 about their concerns over voter fraud."

Federal investigative guidelines strongly discourage election-related probes before ballots are cast because of the likelihood that the inquiries will become politicized and might influence the election outcomes.

"In most cases, voters should not be interviewed, or other voter-related investigation done, until after the election is over," according to the Justice Department's guidelines for election offenses as revised in May 2007 during Gonzales's tenure as Attorney General.

Even though those May 2007 guidelines watered down even stricter language in previous editions, the Gonzales-era rules still cautioned:

"Overt investigative steps may chill legitimate voting activities. They are also likely to be perceived by voters and candidates as an intrusion into the election. Indeed, the fact of a federal criminal investigation may itself become an issue in the election."

In 2004, Ohio was the state where tens of thousands of votes cast on electronic voting machines intended for Sen. John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic presidential candidate, were handed to Bush. Additionally, tens of thousands of voters were purged from voter registration rolls. Exit polls on election night 2004 showed Kerry leading Bush in many Ohio counties. Bush carried Ohio by 119,000 votes.

The Nov. 4 presidential election may very well boil down to Ohio if Mukasey's DOJ gets involved.

At issue is a federal law that requires states to verify the eligibility of voters.

A federal appeals court recently upheld a lower court ruling and ordered Ohio election officials to help counties set up a computer system to ensure the veracity of voter registrations.

That would have required a total overhaul of the computer system just weeks before election and would have jeopardized as many as 200,000 voters, forcing them to cast provisional ballots that may go uncounted, Brunner said.

She said it was impossible to set up a new system or reprogram the existing one before the Nov. 4 election.

The appeals court ruling was in response to a lawsuit filed last month against Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Bruner, a Democrat, by the Ohio Republican Party. The lawsuit claimed voter registration information for hundreds of thousands of new voters did not match up with official government data, such as social security records and driver's licenses, and was evidence of voter registration fraud. More than 600,000 people registered to vote in the state in this election cycle.

But in court filings, GOP officials did not provide documentary evidence to back up their claims.

The Ohio Republican Party argued that the 2002 Help America Vote Act (HAVA), a law that grew out of the disastrous 2000 election between Bush and Al Gore, required Brunner to share any voter registration discrepancies with county election boards so they can identify voter fraud prior to vote counts.

Republicans faulted Brunner for her "steadfast refusal to provide the HAVA "mismatch" data to the county boards of elections in a meaningful way."

The Ohio GOP wanted Brunner to provide the lists of the newly registered voters whose voter registration information on did not match government records with 88 Ohio counties in an attempt to weed out voter registration fraud.

Republicans accused Brunner of violating federal election laws and that she was "actively working to conceal fraudulent activity."

Brunner said the lawsuit was "politically motivated." She said "misstated technical information or glitches in databases" was the explanation for some mismatched information on voter registration forms.

"Many of those discrepancies bear no relationship whatsoever to a voter's eligibility to vote a regular, as opposed to a provisional, ballot,'' Brunner said last week in a court filing. The mismatches "may well be used at the county level unnecessarily to challenge fully qualified voters and severely disrupt the voting process."

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court took up the case and, in a two-page unanimous opinion, dismissed the lower court's ruling on a technicality. The justices said lawsuits "brought by a private litigant" could not be used to enforce states to abide by federal laws.

"We express no opinion on the question whether HAVA is being properly implemented," the unsigned opinion said.

In a statement, Boehner said he wants Mukasey to intervene and enforce Brunner to comply with HAVA and verify votes.

"The Court ruled that the a private entity did not have the legal standing to enforce federal laws, leading Boehner to ask Attorney General Mukasey to compel Brunner to comply, which would mean providing access to a computerized statewide database, as required under HAVA," Boehner's statement says.

Rick Davis, Sen. John McCain's campaign manager, said Brunner is seeking to ``minimize the level of fairness and transparency in this election.''

Various polling data show McCain's opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, leading in Ohio by five to seven percentage points.

But Republicans, perhaps fearing a Democratic victory, have called into question the integrity of hundreds of thousands new voter registrations.

One of the most notable targets is the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN), a grassroots group that has registered hundreds of thousands of new voters this year. ACORN is reportedly under federal investigation for engaging in what Republicans believe is a nationwide voter registration fraud scheme.

Trying to salvage his campaign, John McCain has jumped into the ACORN case, too, citing it at the third presidential debate. He declared ACORN "is now on the verge of maybe perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in voter history in this country, maybe destroying the fabric of democracy."

However, the investigations launched against ACORN - now including the reported involvement of the FBI - have raised other concerns, especially that Republicans are flogging this issue in an effort to stir up anger, to revive McCain's campaign, and to intimidate new voters.

For its part, ACORN has insisted that its own quality control flagged many of the suspicious registration forms before they were submitted to state officials and that state laws often require outside registration groups to submit all forms regardless of obvious problems.

Boehner also wrote Bush on Wednesday asking him to block federal funding to ACORN.

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