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'No-vote' unionism ads airing in many states

Dems want 'card-check' instead of secret-ballot elections

Some unusual commercials with strong messages are on the airwaves targeting labor unions. They’re part of a nation-wide anti-union campaign. If you watch the ads, they don’t refer to any particular political candidate, but it is no coincidence they’re running in a state with a tight U.S. Senate race.

The ads hitting local (Kentucky) airwaves hard this week. At WHAS-11 alone, the non-profit organization, Center for Union Facts, has spent $19,500 dollars for a three day run. This is a pattern that is going on around the country. So this is not an isolated case.

The Center for Union Facts is a Washington-based organization supported by individuals and pro-business groups. The ads are running in states with close U.S. senate races, like the one between Bruce Lunsford and Mitch McConnell.

The non-profit group opposes a bill called the Employee Free Choice Act. The Center for Union Facts says that if it’s passed by the Senate, it would end secret balloting in the unionization process.

Roy Hunt isn’t affiliated with the group running the ads, but he fears the law would allow unions to set up shop in companies like his 27 employee heavy equipment business.

So far, the ads have run in 15 states. Chances are, you will see them or ads like them again between now and election day.

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