United States of Social Justice

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New inspirations, belief system, role model, morality for U.S.

Nov. 4 2008, a day that will live in infamy. When America’s self-absorbed zombies indulged their envy and resentments, anointing a hustling, jibber-jabbering performance artist to debase our highest office in his pathological frenzy to score approval from his Kenyan deadbeat dad’s ghost.

When America’s snotty cosmopolitans disdained quaint, outdated role models like Jefferson, Jonas Salk, Lincoln, Clara Barton, Edison, Washington, Bill Gates, Carnegie, Walt Disney, Madison, Einstein and Rockefeller.

When America’s inspiration became Jeremiah Wright, screeching out the anti-American, Caucasian-hating rants of Black Liberation Theology, which denies personal accountability and demands adoption of victimhood as the core of one’s identity.

When America’s belief system became Saul Alinsky’s, Marxist father of “Community Organizing,” employing “agitation” of the underclass to “rub raw the sores of their discontent” about “greedy capitalist oppressors.”

When America’s role models became cowardly twilight-zone sociopaths like Malcolm X, Che Guevera and Bill “Night Bomber” Ayers.

When America’s morality became that of vacant-eyed abortion ghouls, Hollywood pornography and violence peddlers, venal ambulance chasers and organized crime/labor thugs like Tony Rezko.

Remember Nov. 4, 2008 with shame. But remember with pride the USA of those preceding 232 years.

- Norman K. Carrier, Flat Rock


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