Union secret-ballot news - Nov. 17

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Stories-of-the-day concerning Organized Labor's #1 priority.

No mandate for union thuggery ... there's no call from the public for turning America into a European welfare state or beating our swords into plowshares ... and no call for the nation to buckle under to the union bosses and enact a card-check bill that would effectively deprive workers of private-ballot votes in unionization drives. (pittsburghlive.com)

Obama faces fight over economic growth ... Now, however, labor unions may become stronger and businesses are preparing for greater financial regulation, worker friendly policies and an emphasis on social spending ... many argue this is not the time to be passing such a bill since the economy needs big business and say Obama will not let an activist agenda get in the way of making the economy grow. (charlottesville.injuryboard.com)

President-elect caught between unions and business ... the issue poses a quandary for the president-elect. If he pushes for the law, he risks alienating business - which also contributed heavily to his campaign and his party and will be critical to his efforts to fix the crippled economy and overhaul the health-care system. ... Barry Broad, a Teamster lobbyist and attorney in Sacramento, believes the future of unions hangs in the balance. (gulfnews.com)

Obama cautioned on union favoritism ... When contract terms are imposed, it absolves the parties of their responsibility to compromise, a critical component of labor-management relations. Conflict resolution professionals rightfully claim that parties to a contract must have "buy in"; they must be part of a joint conciliatory process when reaching terms of a contract that governs their relationship. And what about the cost of EFCA to Main Street employers, already under pressure in this economy? With companies struggling to survive and the credit markets tightening, passing this bill does not guarantee widespread unionized employment or wage increases. (online.wsj.com)

Democracy double-standard ... according to Education and Labor Chairman George Miller, and to those same union bosses, the right to a secret ballot ought to be stripped, by law, from American workers. Instead, the union bosses should be able to monitor individual workers' votes on whether or not to unionize - in other words, whether or not go give those same bosses more power. How convenient for the union bosses, who will be able to strongarm workers to adopt the union label. And for liberal Democrats like Miller who act as their marionettes. (dcexaminer.com)

Leftist politicians set to deliver workers to unions ... Businesses and workers should be alarmed by the prospect of the enactment of the Employee Free Choice Act, sometimes called, "card check," which would, in union elections, end the secret ballot. The secret ballot is something Americans hold dear and is necessary for a healthy democracy. This would greatly strengthen the hand of labor unions, a core constituency of leftist politicians. It would also hurt the freedom of employees who oppose unions and may be subject to intimidation. (washingtontimes.com)

Union organizers invade Texas ... Mr. Obama expressed support for the free choice act during his campaign. His team has since deleted references to the bill from his Web site. An Obama spokesman declined this week to comment about the bill. ... "This is absolutely a game-changer," said Robert Chiaravalli, a West Bloomfield, Mich., labor attorney and consultant. "The lions' share of employers aren't going to be prepared for it." (dentonrc.com)

Organized labor bigs licking chops ... Union bosses know they can't raise their numbers the old-fashioned way - pointing toward bad management and lousy working conditions. That's just not the case these days. Imagine a colleague coming up, sticking a card in your face and telling you to sign it. Colleagues gather around, to watch what you do. Voting a secret ballot gives a worker a chance to vote his conscience; being forced to make a decision about signing a card in front of friends and co-workers is another thing altogether. A few disgruntled workers could drastically change not only the workplace, but the landscape across the state for attracting new industry and businesses.(al.com)

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