Union secret-ballot news - Nov. 13

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Stories-of-the-day concerning Organized Labor's #1 priority.

Post election thoughts ... If Obama starts out by rewarding his union thugs by pushing for a card-check organizing policy and legislation to prevent companies to hire replacement workers when strikes occur, this would be disastrous. If you think the economy is bad now, this would be devastating. It would give every company motivation to move operations to any country more cooperative to business. There is a long list of industries such as railroads, steel, shipbuilding, airlines and autos that have been decimated by outlandish union demands. (thesuntimes.com)

Group warns of job migration ... Millions of U.S. jobs may head overseas if a labor bill backed by President-elect Barack Obama passes, the head of the Consumer Electronics Association said. The Employee Free Choice Act, also known as the card-check law, lets employees form unions when a majority of workers sign cards, rather than only after employees vote in secret. Obama co-sponsored the legislation as a U.S. senator from Illinois. “A lot of our manufacturers have told us they’ll ship jobs overseas,” said Gary Shapiro, chief executive officer of the CEA. “In the tech industry, to be innovative and to be able to compete,” employers have to be able to freely hire and fire. (chron.com)

Editorial: Support the secret-ballot ... People deserve to be able to express their preference for or against unions in private. If secret ballot elections are eliminated, union leaders could apply maximum pressure on workers to unionize and workers would lose their right to express their will in private. Instead of a federally-supervised secret ballot election, the "card check" legislation would allow a union to be formed, without an election, if more than 50 percent of workers in a workplace or bargaining unit sign authorization cards. Unfortunately, the cards can be signed in the presence of others. (romesentinel.com)

Congressional Obamunists to end secret-ballot ... Labor bosses have long relied on residual good will from an earlier era. If millions of Americans learn the truth about forced dues and unions' history of broken promises, they will not stand idly by as their rights are stripped by a piece of one-sided and undemocratic legislation. (dcexaminer.com)

Labor Bigs meet to divide the spoils ... One sensitive topic likely to be discussed at the meeting: How the big unions can press their agenda aggressively right now, without being seen as publicly pushing the administration too hard at a point when it's just trying to find its footing. (tpmelectioncentral.talkingpointsmemo.com)

Unions slave Dems to Job Killer Act ... "Employers, as you would expect, are opposed to it for their own selfish needs," Sweeney said this week in an interview on Bloomberg Television. Unions "need to counterbalance the corporate power that corporations have in this country." (metrobostonnews.com)

Bush NLRB allowed decert via card-check ... In one case last year involving a nursing home, for example, the board allowed an existing union to be decertified not through secret ballot, but through a petition signed by a majority of nursing home employees. (ajc.com)

Prog thugs intimidate GOP over card-check ... It's no surprise that the GOP has put up such a unified fight. Many conservatives hold a visceral disgust for unions, in part because they counterbalance the party's big business constituents. But from a strategical standpoint, fierce opposition to card check could be a disaster for the GOP's long-term electoral prospects. (progressillinois.com)

The Perfect Storm is Coming ... Thirty years of downturn in the number of unionized employees in the American workforce is about to end as two powerful forces converge to form the perfect climate for unionization: a global financial crisis affecting workers nationwide and pending Federal legislation known as the Employee Free Choice Act ("EFCA"). (hospitalitynet.org)

The Era of Obama ... The Nov. 4, 2008, election is not only a bellwether for the country's "red to blue" political shift, but it also signals a significant swing in the federal government's role in the relationship between U.S. business and its employees. For over 20 years, (including to some extent even during the Clinton administration), the emphasis of the federal government has been to extricate itself out of the relationship between U.S. business and its employees and let the states take over a more active role. Some significant "conservative" Supreme Court decisions also impacted federal and state labor laws, further diminishing the impact of these laws on the business front. That is certain to change in 2009 when Barack Obama takes office. The legislative and executive branches will both be under Democratic control, and it is only a matter of time before the Supreme Court will lean more toward the left of center as new appointments of justices are made by the new administration and ratified by the Congress. The impact will be felt in the following areas: There will be an expansion of the federal workforce in employment law enforcement agencies, such as the OFCCP, EEOC and the NLRB. This expansion will be "paid for" by punitive fines collected by these agencies for violations of federal employment laws by businesses, rather than taxes. Congress will pass new laws and regulations and mandates in the areas of health care benefits, pension plans. Fines on employers will become more prevalent as enforcement increases of those regulations. Significant concessions to organized labor, including the card signing bill which forces collective bargaining without secret elections on businesses in this country will revive the union movement and increase labor organizing ... (thejackonline.org)

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