Union bigs buy NFL season tix with dues

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Fascistic union is a fierce opponent of worker-choice ballot measure

According to reports filed with the U.S. Department of Labor, over the past two years the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 7 union spent more than $150,000 of its budget on “entertainment” that included season tickets to Denver Broncos home games.

Since 2006, the UFCW has spent $61,600 on football tickets, about half of which was on two years worth of season tickets to Broncos games. Now who do you think is getting access to the seats? While the cashier at your local grocery store - most likely required to pay union dues as a condition of employment - has ponied up for the tickets through mandatory dues, we're guessing he hasn't gotten to enjoy the view from Invesco Field.

Broncos tickets range from about $39 to $110 per game depending on the location of the seat, and ticket prices were increased in February.

That UCFW cashier's dues have also been used to build a $3 million war chest to fight Amendment 47, a ballot measure that union President Ernest Duran admits would substantially hurt the UFCW’s membership. If passed, Amendment 47 would prohibit requiring mandatory union dues as a condition of employment.

"There are a lot of ways union officials waste the money they take from their members," said Patrick Semmens, director of legal information for the National Right-to-Work committee. "The people are forced to pay dues as a condition of their jobs, if they see their dues being wasted they should be allowed to stop paying. That is why you need a right-to-work amendment [like Amendment 47]."

As Face The State has also reported, many UFCW members often do not have a choice about joining and paying dues. Former member Dominic Brazzale worked at a local Safeway for 4 ½ months earning minimum wage. Two months into the job, Brazzale's boss told him that he had to sign a union contract. The UFCW then tried charging Brazzale $250 for representation and benefits he says he never received.

During these tough economic times, the UFCW should learn to tighten its belt and say goodbye to season tickets. Instead, Duran and his fellow union bosses are fighting to make sure the till that funds their expensive tastes stays filled with the money of its hard working members.


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