Union bigs blackmailing Baltimore

AFSCME cannot afford to have things change

Politicians in Baltimore crave endorsements from unions. The unions know this and they come up with long questionnaires where they get politicians to agree to give them all sorts of ridiculous benefits at the expense of the Baltimore tax payer. No current office holder would dare say what I am saying. The unions are sacred to them. The unions help them get votes by appearing at rallies with them, knocking on doors for them, and making phone calls for them.

The crazy thing is that numerous ( maybe most) union members who work in Baltimore actually live outside of Baltimore. A huge chunk of Baltimore voters do not even work let alone belong to unions. Politicians are basically agreeing to give all sorts of people who live outside of Baltimore (and sometimes outside of Maryland) high paying jobs and contracts with great benefits in Baltimore.

The work that police and firefighters do is admirable but their union bosses are blackmailing Baltimore. We need to worry about employing our own citizens and balancing our own budgets instead of worrying about how soon a Pennsylvania resident qualifies for his police pension.

The unions do not even try to hide their power in Baltimore. Sixth district Councilwoman Sharon Green Middleton is married to Glenn Middleton the president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 44. AFSCME is a powerful union that politicians from all over the Baltimore area love to suck up to. Sharon Green Middleton was unanimously selected by the City Council to take Stephanie Rawlings-Blake old seat in 2007. They would not dare go against her husband.

Unions had a time and a place in the past. They long ago stopped caring about their workers and now take financial advantage of tax payers everywhere. It is no coincidence that unions usually endorse incumbents in Baltimore elections. They can not afford to have things change.


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