Social Justice: The new capitalism

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Does Prez Bam know any normal folks?

A recent letter in Fence Post referred to Bill Ayers as "a distinguished professor." Distinguished? Just two years ago, he was with Hugo Chávez in Venezuela praising his radical "anti-American capitalist" education system.

And in the '60s, this man discussed in his group, The Weather Underground, the need to murder the 25 percent of citizens who may not go along with the overthrow of the United States government.

Tell me, between Louis Farrakhan (who refers to Barack Obama as the "Messiah"), Ayers, Father Pfleger, Rev. Jeremiah Wright - did Obama associate with any normal people?

Aren't we judged by the company we keep and the friends or mentors that we choose?

As a tax accountant, I know something about numbers. It is impossible for Obama to achieve his quadrupling of foreign aid, social programs and wealth redistribution programs which top over a trillion dollars by taxing only the top 5 percent in this country. The middle and upper classes' taxes will go up.

It will be chilling when over half the people in this country pay no taxes, we have a nonfunctioning republic and taxpayers will live under the tyranny of those who take their money.

Isn't it a bit scary that someone who questions Obama face to face can be investigated and smeared - private citizens? U.S.S.R., China, North Korea anyone?

As Obama said in 2001, he wants the Constitution to be reinterpreted (destroyed) for achieving "economic justice" aka socialism, which destroys our liberties laid out by our founding fathers.

I cannot understand how the masses of people are being seduced by this man with the devil's charm.

- Andrea Koshaba, Elk Grove Village


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