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Union-backed group still a threat to free and fair elections

Here we are two weeks after the election and we have forgotten the ACORN activities we heard about in October.

In Ohio, they delivered vanloads of people from homeless shelters to polls where they could register and vote on the same day, no proof of residency or citizenship required. A van driver admitted on-camera in Cleveland that she told her passengers how to vote. In North Carolina, they brought disabled adults to the polls, and ACORN employees were allowed to go into the voting booth with them to assist. In more than 15 states, the FBI was investigating ACORN's illegal activity to determine whether it was part of a coordinated effort to steal an election or just isolated incidents. In Florida, election officials stopped cross-checking signatures on new voter registrations against absentee ballots because there were just too many to challenge. Other states where the FBI was called in to investigate were similarly overwhelmed. All this seems to be forgotten.

I know it won't change the outcome of the election, but I wonder if I am the only one who is curious about whether ACORN actually did influence the election. I wonder how much more ACORN will grow because they have gone unchallenged in 2008.

- Jane Kenny, Bluffton


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