Raul Castro, Chávez snub Barack

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Obamunists wanted Castro to visit U.S. first

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has said that Raul Castro is to make his first visit to Venezuela since assuming the Cuban presidency, regional media reported on Wednesday.

"Raul Castro told us that he intends to visit Brazil, China, Russia and other countries, but first of all he will visit Venezuela," the Venezuelan president said at a pre-election meeting of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela. The visit will occur "in the next few days," the Venezuelan leader added.

Chávez has long been a close ally of former Cuban president Fidel Castro, who stepped down earlier this year at the age of 82 in favor of his younger brother.

The Venezuelan president earlier said that his country planned to hold a summit dedicated to ways of tackling the ongoing financial crisis, an event he described as an alternative to the recent G20 summit in Washington.

The event is expected to take place in Caracas on November 26, and will involve the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA), an international cooperation organization in Latin America and the Caribbean, and Petrocaribe, a Caribbean oil alliance.


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