Payback for Organized Labor

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Fascistic union bigs lean on Prez Bam

President-elect Barack Obama won't have to wait long before his mettle is tested. Big Labor has made it clear it will not postpone its attack to deny workers the right of a secret ballot.

If Mr. Obama allows the union-backed and deceptively titled Employee Free Choice Act to become law, union organizers would be more likely to hound any worker until he signed a card authorizing his support to form a union. Employees no longer would have the right to close the curtain and vote their conscience regarding unionizing.

Related video: "Employee Forced Choice Act"

By stripping workers of their right to vote privately, the balance of power between employers and unions would heavily favor organized labor. Even voters in banana republics have the right to vote in secret.

Obama claims his first priority is to create jobs and revive the economy. If he's a man of his word, he will stand up to this shameless pressure group. If he does not, the unions' job-killer bill will make a bad economy that much worse.

Will it be business as usual whenever a Democrat president is browbeaten by unions that want to cash in for helping to elect him, no matter what the cost to the nation's economy?


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