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Getting to know Barack: Meet Michael Klonsky

In the 1960s Michael Klonsky, Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn, Marilyn Katz and others formed Students for a Democratic Society. During the '60s-'70s they participated in bombings, robberies and violent protests. Ayers, Dohrn and others split from the SDS and formed the Weather Underground. Klonsky formed the October League, which later changed its name to the Communist Party (Marxist Leninist). From 1977 to 1981 Klonsky was a regular guest of the Chinese government.

In the 1980s Klonsky returned to college and earned a doctorate in education. In 1991 he and Ayers formed the Small School Workshops in Chicago. Its purpose was to teach communist and socialist principles. From 1991 through 2002 while Obama sat on the boards of The Woods Fund, The Joyce Foundation and The Annenberg Challenge he became friends with Ayers and Klonsky and diverted $2 million to the Small School Workshops.

In 2007 Klonsky joined Obama's presidential campaign as its chief blogger for education politics and teaching for social justice. He did this until June 2008 when Steve Diamond started asking questions about Klonsky. After that the campaign scrubbed their Web site of all traces of him.

Ayers said he prefers a socialist government while Klonsky said he wants a communist form. Socialist and Communist governments have been tried in Europe, China and the former Soviet Union and are failures. We don't know how much Obama embraces their ideology, but it appears we are going to find out.

- Mike Terwilliger, Brooktondale


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