Job providers petition against EFCA

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Union bigs' fascistic forced-unionism scheme is a job-killer

That didn't take long. Six Maryland business groups, including the Maryland Retailers Association and the Restaurant Association of Maryland, put out a statement opposing the Employee Free Choice Act, which seems quite likely to pass the new Congress. The measure would let employees check a card to vote on whether to certify a union. Now they have to vote by secret ballot in elections supervised by the Feds. The letter, to Maryland's congressional delegation, reads:
On behalf of our over 10,000 member businesses, we are writing to express our strong opposition to the Employee Free Choice Act (H.R. 800). While this legislation failed in this session of Congress, it will be before the Congress next year and we want you to know our position.

Commonly referred to as "Card Check" bill, this legislation would bypass the current secret-ballot process to form a union as regulated by the National Labor Relations Board. Whether voting for President of the United States or President of the student body, Americans have relied upon the private ballot to protect voters from undue influence or harassment. Current law protects the independent views of workers by providing for a federally supervised private ballot election. Under the Employee Free Choice Act, the private ballot would be replaced with a vote in-the-open process that would subject independently minded workers to coercion and harassment.

Additionally, this sweeping legislation would take wage and benefit negotiations away from employees and managers and instead rely on a single federal arbitrator with likely little or no prior knowledge of the company to make those decisions.

The Card Check legislation is a game changer and of the utmost concern to our member employers. We cannot overstate the strong feelings of our members against this legislation. Amidst the worst financial and economic crisis since the Great Depression, enactment of card check could not be more ill timed. Our members have enough challenges just trying to keep the doors open and meet their payrolls.

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