'Good start' to labor-state teachers strike

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Pennsylvania - #1 in the nation for teacher strikes

As the snow flurries began to fall Monday morning, the 70-plus Northwest Area teachers stamped their feet a few extra times, pushed their hands deeper into coat pockets and continued picketing in front of the Junior/Senior High School for the first day of their strike.

It was a good start to the strike, said Northwest Area Education Association President Gary Hasinus, which could last 17 days, pending word from the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

“I’m hoping to get the board to realize that we want to get back to the bargaining table,” Hasinus said. “... The only way to come to a solution is face-to-face.”

Now that the strike has begun, the Department of Education will check the Northwest Area’s schedule and inform the union how many days it can strike and still complete 180 days of class by June 15.

Until that information comes in or the strike is called off, Superintendent Nancy Tkatch said, all classes and extracurriculars for the district’s approximately 1,400 students are cancelled. At that time, the school board will meet to make a decision on what extracurriculars and events to continue during the strike.


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