Editorial: Support the secret-ballot

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Fascistic unionists stand four-square against American traditions

Will Congressman Michael Arcuri support the secret ballot? We will soon find out. The so-called "Employee Free Choice Act," H.R. 800, will remove the free choice that a secret ballot gives when deciding whether or not to support a union.

People deserve to be able to express their preference for or against unions in private. If secret ballot elections are eliminated, union leaders could apply maximum pressure on workers to unionize and workers would lose their right to express their will in private.

Instead of a federally-supervised secret ballot election, the "card check" legislation would allow a union to be formed, without an election, if more than 50 percent of workers in a workplace or bargaining unit sign authorization cards. Unfortunately, the cards can be signed in the presence of others.

Related video: "Employee Forced Choice Act"

Will there be intimidation? Who knows? Can there be intimidation. You bet!

The bill would also require binding arbitration after a short period of time — 120 days. That decreases incentives to bargain in good faith. With the arbitrator setting the contracts, union workers would lose the right to vote on proposals.

The Card Check Bill would increase penalties for employers, but not for unions or others, who violate union organizing laws.

Rep. Arcuri just won a very close re-election to a second term.

Now he has to decide to follow principle or partisanship.

He can toe the party line and support the legislation that stands four-square against American traditions, or he can show independence and his support of the freedom for which America stands.


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