Community organizer faces challenges

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Student of power is a disciple of late Chicago socialist - agitator

So, despite being warned repeatedly, the American people have decided to give "The One" the keys to the Oval Office. I certainly hope this assuages, finally, our national angst over our segregationist past.

The biggest challenge of Barack Obama's presidency lies not in solving our economic crisis — which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's stimulus package will have little effect on — but rather in somehow making his extreme liberal-socialist views palatable to mainstream America. Somehow he has to convince us that it's really in our best interest to give up a rather large chunk of our hard-earned paychecks to fund all his "spread the wealth" social programs. But wait, didn't he promise 95 percent of us a tax cut? To some people, Obama's breaking of his tax-cut promise will come as a complete surprise.

Yes, if Obama can somehow pull this off and convince the American people that his brand of socialism is better than sliced bread, he'll be a shoo-in for the "Saul Alinsky Community Organizer of the Century" award.

- Gary Porter, Yorktown


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