ACORN's bad actor: Wade Rathke

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Co-founder of union-backed voter- and social justice fraud group also founded SEIU

They're dispensing big dollops of hand sanitizer at ACORN these days. But it's doubtful that any anti-bacterial agent can kill the infection that's raging through the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.

ACORN is being investigated by the federal government and is suspected of perpetuating a massive nationwide voter registration fraud. But before all those nuts hit the fan, ACORN had a giant internal scandal: Founder Wade Rathke kept from the group's board the fact that his brother, Dale, had embezzled more than $1 million from ACORN a decade ago.

Once revealed, ACORN named an interim management committee to investigate. But when accountants refused to open the books, several board members on that committee sued. Now, CNN reports that two board members -- Karen Inman and Marcel Reid -- have been fired.

ACORN says the pair was speaking untruths and had no authority to go to court. Ms. Inman bluntly says "the sheriff's coming."

The ACORN mess is so serious that a prominent benefactor has balked at supporting the group. The Catholic Campaign for Human Development, which has given ACORN more than $7 million in the last decade, froze contributions in June, CNN reports. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops last week severed all ties because of the growing scandals.

Alleged fraud. Hidden embezzlement. Firing those impaneled to investigate. It's time for the feds to step up their probe of ACORN.

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Joe McCaffrey said...

So far the only thing raging about this "scandal" is the republican right-wing echo chamber that keeps repeating the unproved allegations against ACORN. If there were crimes committed, let's see somebody charged with a crime before all the shrill lamenting and finger-points starts. Was there a "voter registration scandal?" Show us some evidence. One of the places the Republicans screamed loudest about, Lake County Indiana, reported after the election that there were probably four or five registrations out of the thousands put aside where people tried to vote -- and they were more likely honest mistakes rather than intentional fraud. That's hardly a wide-spread scandal.
And we will probably see that same pattern elsewhere -- republicans screaming about fraud and scandal, and then when the evidence accumulates, there is nothing there.

ACORN's big crime, as far as I can tell, was registering poor and black citizens as Democrats, which put them in the gun-sights of the Rove-Republican smear machines. And once the Rove-Republican Smear Machine started cranking out its slime, the various right-wing echo chambers in the media took up the drumbeat.

Catholic charities was intimidated and cut off funding before the evidence is in. But the Catholics lately have been ultra-sensitive to negative publicity, especially since their own pedophile scandals.

If there was a crime, charge somebody, for Pete's sake. Or shut up already.

Anonymous said...

Why would ACORN fire 2 board members who dare ask questions? That's the same way they treat their workers who 'misbehave' by refusing to go along with the Rathke brothers' orders.

Don't listen to the MoveOn talking points regurgitators. Listen to the insiders who actually want to reform ACORN:

Check out Speaking Truth To Power. Gregory Hall.



Joe McCaffrey said...

You ask "why?" Mr. Alinskyite; I too ask "why?"

Let us not accuse before that "why" is answered. I'm for a full and open investigation; let's hold off our accusations of criminal behavior, or inferences of criminal behavior, before we know the answers. To do otherwise would play right into the hands of the Rove-Republicans.


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