ACORN stonewalls judge over embezzlement

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A pair of ACORN board members trying to get a hold of some of the group’s financial records were back in court Friday to try to workout a method for getting that information.

Karen Inman and Marcel Reid said they are seeking the records after discovering that the brother of the group’s founder reportedly stole $1 million. The alleged incident occurred eight years ago, but wasn’t made public until this past summer.

Inman and Reid’s lawyer met with attorneys for ACORN and its accounting firm, Citizens Consulting Incorporated, in the chambers of Judge Michael Bagneris to work out a procedure for transferring the documents.

“I feel like it’s being sent out in small amounts and a lot of it is unusable,” said Reid.

ACORN attorney Andrew Lemon believes the matter should remain private.

"There was a lot of mistrust among people who maybe didn't know each other so well and the policies, the ACORN policies weren't written specifically. Now we have written policies, the documents are going to be provided," he said.

A protective order was also issued in this case so that the documents would remain private within the organization.

Lemon added that ACORN would look into the matter internally.

In response to today's developments, Vanessa Gueringer, chair of the Lower 9th Ward Chapter of ACORN and a national board member, said, "The board has asked for the removal of these two women...(They) are trying to secure jobs with ACORN as CEO's at double the salary of any tenured employee."


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