Worker-choice scheme in Colorado exposed

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Colorado's Amendment 47: Prohibition on mandatory labor union membership and dues

What the question asks: "Shall there be an amendment to the Colorado constitution concerning participation in a labor organization as a condition of employment, and, in connection therewith, prohibiting an employer from requiring that a person be a member and pay any moneys to a labor organization or to any other third party in lieu of payment to a labor organization and creating a misdemeanor criminal penalty for a person who violates the provisions of the section?"

What it means: If Amendment 47 passes, employers would no longer be allowed to require workers to be a part of a labor union or pay union dues. Employers who violated the new law could be charged with a misdemeanor criminal offense.

What supporters say: Supporters of Amendment 47, including the group A Better Colorado, say the initiative protects workers' rights to choose whether to join a union and pay union dues, which often pay for political causes rather than negotiating better salaries and working conditions. They also argue the amendment will strengthen the economy.

What opponents say: Opponents, including the group Protect Colorado's Future, say the amendment is divisive and would pit workers and employers against one another.


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