Will Obama support social justice within ACORN?

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Progressive reformers seek to remove stain of social justice fraud at union-backed ACORN

Today, Gregory Hall, founder of the Truth To Power campaign aimed at reforming corruption of top ACORN executives, issued the following statement in response to remarks by Sen. Barack Obama explaining his relationship with the community organization:

"ACORN's hard-working organizers are glad Sen. Obama is starting to defend them against attacks that would be better directed against ACORN's management.

"ACORN organizers believe they have had a long, proud relationship with Sen. Obama and are doing everything they can to support his campaign to bring change to America. He's trained them, he's been their lawyer, and he's been their ally. He should be as proud as they are.

"At the same time, we hope that on his way to winning on election day Sen. Obama will help reform ACORN, which has been beset by embezzlement and voter fraud this year. His ideals have been forgotten by corrupt ACORN leaders.

"Like the professional ACORN organizers seeking to reform ACORN, I will personally be voting for Sen. Obama on election day. I hope he will give a vote of confidence in our campaign to clean up ACORN."

About Truth to Power:
Truth To Power is a national campaign to reform and strengthen our movement of social-justice organizers from the bottom up. With our allies, supporters, and members we are going to earn respect on the job and reform and strengthen our organizations at the same time.

Contact: Gregory Hall
Email: gregory.hall@speakingtruth2power.org
Phone: 919-721-7363
Web site: http://www.speakingtruth2power.org/acorn/


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