Voter fraud group returns to Palmetto State

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Union-backed voter fraud group pulls out all the stops for Obama

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, also known as ACORN, is still operating in South Carolina but is focusing more on tax assistance and foreclosure assistance than on voter registration. Head organizer Jean Busby said what voter registration work the group is doing is under the umbrella of the S.C. Progressive Network.

The national activist group has made headlines for its controversial voter registration drives in several other states, though election officials across South Carolina say they haven't heard of any similar issues here this year. The deadline for registering voters was Oct. 4.

However, two years ago, two ACORN workers were arrested in the Columbia area after they used a phone book to register people who didn't even know they were being put on the voter rolls. "They didn't do their job. There were just two of them, and they were arrested," Busby said. Their cases are still pending.

The Post and Courier reported earlier this month that the group was no longer in the state after repeated calls to its Columbia office were met with a busy signal, after an operator said there was no Columbia listing for the group and after a worker in its national office in Washington said the group had no presence here.

Busby, who uses her cell phone, said ACORN still has a Columbia office but is waiting to get a new phone line there.


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