Tree-killers for Obama

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In the tank for social justice fraud

I have been reading more and more fill articles from the "in the tank for Obama media" such as the Associated Press, New York Times and Los Angeles Timse that The Grand Rapids Press uses articles and columns from. In the Oct. 17 paper was an article, "Joe the Plumber's credibility is plunging" written by Los Angeles Times reporters (the paper has endorsed Obama).

Imagine my surprise at the second page article which I felt was filled with half truths and smears on Joe the plumber and completely left out the main point of the story which was that Obama revealed his decidedly leftist policies of tax-raising, wealth distributing liberal Robin Hood policies to Joe's question on higher taxes.

Apparently, Sen. Obama knows how to spend your money better than you and the ACORN vote-registering fraud in many key states will help his chances to get elected.

No wonder many of the print media are continuing to drop in readership, along with big networks news programs because of such biased reporting. I have given up on The Grand Rapids Press and their race to the bottom level of the National Inquirer.


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