Shame on The Denver Post

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Colorado's partisan pro-union news organ

It’s a shame. The Post philosophically supports Amendment 47. You acknowledge that Gov. Bill Ritter started this labor-business fight. You note that Amendment 47 will do no harm and that its opposition is promoting a campaign of misinformation. And most importantly, you empathize with workers who are forced to pay union dues against their will — something Amendment 47 will fix.

Yet there is no endorsement? I’m baffled.

The editorial says that healing the “business-labor rift” is more important. But why should the proponents of Amendment 47 sacrifice their principled fight to appease an opposition that was the catalyst for what we are seeing today?
Amendment 47 deserves a “yes” vote this election for all the reasons The Post stated in its editorial. It’s just too bad The Post is not willing to fight for what’s right if it’s not politically expedient.

Shirley McClintock, Englewood


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